Friday, June 29, 2012

SCOTUS and The ACA - Hurrah!... Maybe.

John Roberts
To the surprise of many, Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding vote in favor.
Mandate's constitutional. The A.C.A.* will stand.
There is great rejoicing throughout - at least half - the land.
(Here in Massachusetts we've got health care anyway...
Very much like what the Court approved of yesterday.)

Could have knocked me over with a single feather stroke
Wouldn't call it Commerce; said he viewed it as a tax.
Still, now's not the time to let the Democrats relax.

GOP is fired up and ready for a war.
President Obama has more battles yet in store.
Romney's raising money; coming in hand over fist.
Meanwhile Super PACs were told to not cease and desist.

Wonder if the President now wishes that the Court
Hadn't gone ahead and given Health Care its support?
With donations lagging far behind the GOP
He'd have raised more money if he'd lost it 6 to 3.

* A.C.A. - Affordable Care Act

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mother Nature is a Witch

Florida got too much rain.  Out West there's not enough.
Seen the pictures on TV? Apocalyptic stuff.
Residents of Florida might need to build an ark.
So much smoke in Colorado, daytime skies are dark.

We have had our share of floods...  My sisters got hit twice.
Watching as the waters slowly rise; it isn't nice.
But, I can't imagine how it feels to watch as flames
Devastate whole neighborhoods. There're no insurance claims

That could ever cover such a terrifying sight.
Country's heart is breaking for the people in this plight.
Puts the whole Supreme Court thing, and Congress in their place.
They're just small potatoes when disaster's face to face.

Student loans, the Health Care Act, the Highway Spending Bill...
Issues we can work out should our Congress find the will.
Mother Nature doesn't care which side you might be on.
When she says "You're out of here" my friends, then you are gone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Across the Pond - Syria. Stop the Presses!

Syrian President Bashar Assad

Stop the presses! Assad says that Syria's at war.
After 16 months of heavy shelling I'd have swore
Anyone who's paid attention has to recognize
That Assad's announcement isn't much of a surprise.

He insists that terrorists who want him overthrown
Are behind the killings, yet protests have only grown.
Just shot down a Turkish jet...  That sounds like war to me.
Assad's on a pace to top his father's killing spree.

Now the Russians want to meet - including with Iran -
Turkey, the United States; discuss the Annan plan.
Problem is that they insist Assad should get to stay;
Something opposition fighters won't accept.  No way.

There's been too much killing.  There's too many babies dead.
No-one can forgive the way Bashar Assad has led...
Greeted Arab Spring by using bullets and some tanks.
If Assad's a precondition, have to say - "No, thanks."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Race for the White House - Are You Kidding Me?

Cartoon credit - Mike Keefe, The Denver Post
Although I can understand the people who believe
Government's supposed to make illegal people leave...
Folks who worry that it's bad to not enforce the law,
Think the President is wrong to do so...  Blah, blah, blah.

Okay, fine...  I get the point. But, here's what blows my mind;
They're the guys who made a compromise so hard to find.
Romney claims the President has never even tried...
Don't believe the word of those who tell you that. They've lied.

Dream Act was an early loss.  Republicans refused.
Filibustered everything; yet now they've all accused;
President Obama acted unilaterally.
I am, frankly, staggered by the rank hypocrisy.

Do I think the current stop-gap measure's very good?
No, of course it isn't.  Should we fix it?  Yes, we should.
But, for now, we're stuck with this and I would be surprised 
If, under Mitt Romney, any Dreams get realized.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Yoouuuk! The View From the Pink Hat Camp

Pink at heart.

Red Sox team's performance lately's been beyond rebuke -
Only thing that makes me sad? They've gone and traded Youk.
So, another Red Sox hero showing signs of rust,
Joins the list of stars the management's left in the dust.

Nomar, Moe and Pedro...  Okay - Manny? Not so much.
Just this year it's Wake and Tek with whom the fans lost touch.
Here in Boston, if you use your heart and not the stats,
Sports announcers have a name for you...  We're called "Pink Hats."

(That name is a reference to a game they like to play;
Find the drunkest girl in pink and see what she will say.)
My B hat is blue and red and yet - my heart is pink.
Every time we lose a guy I love my spirits sink.

Yes, I know that modern payment structures need the trade;
That it's how today's enormous salaries get paid,
And I also know Will Middlebrooks' been playing great, 
But I'll miss the yells of "Yoouuuk!" when he stepped to the plate.

Going to Chicago - Switching Sox from Red to White...
Took his name-plate down before the game was through last night.
Call me Pink Hat all you wish but I think that's just wrong.
Glad he heard the cheers he's earned before he moved along.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Across the Pond - Egypt: Pay Attention!

Cartoon by Robert
If you haven't paid attention lately, then you should;
As go the Egyptians also goes the Arab Spring.
I'm afraid that you won't like the news this rhyme will bring.

Military has dissolved the Parliament and now
Won't announce the President...  They'd rather kiss a sow.
Probably because the Muslim Brotherhood has won;
Who, until a year ago, were not allowed to run.

Now, although there's uproar, it's more quiet than you'd think
Mostly because younger folks believe both options stink.
What was there to choose from? Either old way or far right?
Not the kind of candidates for whom they fought the fight.

We will have to wait and see by whom that country's led
(And how many more times that Mubarak will be dead.)
Don't know how much longer that the Generals can stall.
Hope the Arab season hasn't turned from Spring to Fall.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holy Crap!

Profile Picture
Skate boards weren't dangerous enough?
 Drivers of the world, I would suggest you start to run;
Massachusetts gave a license to my eldest son.
Not that he is dangerous but, speaking as his mom,
The alarming prospects leave me feeling far from calm.

Even though he has my trust - I've seen that he can drive -
I know that most teenagers will crash...  Some won't survive.
Seems a little while ago he learned to ride a bike...
Everything is moving faster than I'd really like.

Now he towers over me and asks to use the keys.
What am I supposed to do?  The boy remembered "Please."
So, he's gone and here I sit - no car and just one prayer -
Please dear God look out for him and get him safely there.

(And home again...  Home again.  Jiggety jig.
I know he's older and gotten quite big;
Still he's my baby and, to his dismay,
Even at 6'2" I see him that way.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank You WBUR - My Local NPR Station

 WBUR is at 90.9 FM in the Greater Boston Area

Every day, whenever I am driving in my car,
Guarantee the station's always set to BUR.
Programs keep me well informed; there's always something new.
Frankly, without them, I can't imagine what I'd do.

Having Dr. Seussilitis is already bad
But, without the news to rhyme, I'm sure that I'd go mad.
Thus, I have to thank them for they've saved my sanity.
Without them and NPR, what's left? Sean Hannity?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paul Krugman's New Book


If you've won a Nobel Prize, I think we can assume
You would be amongst the smartest people in the room.
Why, when Economics whiz Paul Krugman says that he
Knows a way for us to fix this bad economy,

(Krugman says we have to spend on infrastructure now.
Interest rates are zero and investing in the Dow
Hasn't helped the middle class who badly need some work.)
Doomed? Because Republicans think Krugman is a jerk?

Maybe he's abrasive, but the best Professors are...
Shouldn't we all listen, maybe take a closer look?
I am on my way right now to buy his latest book.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Secret Citizens United?

I am not a fan of Mitch McConnell's...  Never was.
Think a major reason we're in trouble now's because
He made it his mission that Republicans would not
Give Barack Obama and his policies a shot.

Now - just like Mitt Romney - he has gone and flipped a flop;
Thinks that full disclosure of donators needs to stop.
Likened it to "Watergate" and "targeting your foes."
What made Mitch McConnell change his mind, do you suppose?

Citizens United, though a lofty sounding name,
Has already undermined the fairness of the game.
Said that money equals speech and speech, of course, is free.
(Lately, though, it's gotten quite expensive, seems to me.)

Even if I grant you that - to speak one must be heard.
Now they want a secret speech? That strikes me as absurd.
When you buy elections, let the voters know your name.
If Republicans should win, then we'll know who to blame.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day

Photo credit:  Getty Images

 I don't envy fathers.  I wouldn't want their jobs
(Meaning those who do it right and not the worthless slobs).
Those who haul their tired butts up off the couch and go
Off to coach their children's teams - despite the ice and snow.

Those who do their part each day to keep the family fed,
Make the efforts to insure that their kids get ahead.
I've been very fortunate; the fathers that I know?
Every day there's something makes my admiration grow.

Husband, brother, father, and my sister's husband, too;
Their kids have it pretty good.  I hope that's true for you...
Hoping that your off-spring wash your car or mow your lawn
Giving you a little peace...  The U.S. Open's on.

Tiger's looking dangerous - I'm sure he'll make the cut.
Bubba and Phil Mickelson are way behind now, but
Watson's a new father and - as fathers can attest -
Best way to be celebrating Sunday?  Get some rest.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Race for the White House - Hillary - 2016

WELLESLEY, Mass. — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton poses with a gathering of delegates at the Women in Public Service Institute at Wellesley College Monday. (AP)
Secretary of State Clinton and international delegates to Women in Service Institute at Wellesley. (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Hillary at Wellesley is like Benedict in Rome;
On that lovely campus, Madame Secretary's home.
Wasn't too surprising that they're urging her to run.
In 4 years, after our current President is done,

I would love to see that too. She'd have my full support.
Something that she didn't have, I'm sorry to report.
Thought her choice of husband proved her judgment badly flawed
So, back then I chose, instead, to give Barack the nod.

On his Team of Rivals Mrs. Clinton's headed State;
Where I've gained a great deal of respect for her of late.
Thoughtful and articulate...  She's funny and she's smart.
Guess it's not my problem if her husband broke her heart

Sorry she's retiring but hoping that it means
She intends to use the time to work behind the scenes
Getting ready for a run for President, 'cause then
I'll be voting Hillary - despite her taste in men.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Another Curse?

Picture credit:

Lately Boston's Red Sox haven't been a lot of fun.
On a brighter note however, yesterday they won.
Snapped a 4 game losing streak with Buchholz on the mound
And I'm feeling hopeful that the team will come around.

Still, I think the dug-out hasn't found its happy place.
Valentine can't seem to stand the sight of Youkilis' face.
Shopping him to other teams - Not getting any bites.
I would bet that tension's led to arguments and fights.

Call me superstitious but, I sense another curse
As the situation seems to go from bad to worse; still leads you to the Yankees' site.
Think the owners of the park have got to make it right.

"Sports gods? That's just crazy," says my Yankees' loving spouse
(Which can lead to stressful conversations at our house.)
"Sox need runs... That's all it is," my most beloved said.
Easy thing for him to say...  His Yankees are ahead.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Occupy Wall St.; WTF? (Want To Finance?)

occupy brooklyn bridge wall street march protest
(Photo credit: Sacha Lecca for
Heard about an old idea that's morphed to something new,
People helping other people - this is what they do;
Rather than a painful trip to beg some giant bank
For a loan, they're asking strangers.  Internet's to thank.

Someone with a good idea will post the thing on line
Looking for investors and - so far - it's going fine.
Catching on in Europe, where it's known as "Peer to Peer".
Wondering if Occupiers ought to try it here?

I believe the movement, if it wants to change a thing,
Has to now agree upon a single song to sing.
(Maybe it's not peer to peer but fixing our campaigns...
Super PACs are dangerous.) We have to use our brains.

I know smarter folks than I - more actively involved -
Must be trying very hard to get this problem solved.
Hope that they're more organized than first impressions seem;
That the Wall Street Occupiers don't run out of steam.

Pick a single issue.  Stay on message.  Talk it up.
Find a worthy Kool-Aid and then pour us all a cup.
(Want some proof we need to have a single message sent...?
Ask the poor Egyptians how their last election went.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Race for the White House - With Friends Like These...?


President Obama has some interesting friends
Who, perhaps responding to some recent polling trends,
I bet David Axelrod wants all the leakers shot.

Senator McCain - who I supported (Not of late...
Stood up in the Senate and accused the President;
Said it wasn't only drones and Stuxnet that he'd sent,

But a message - loud and clear - that he's the man in charge
I think John McCain forgot that we already know
President Obama has been heading up the show.

Seems a rather sneaky way to change the story line.
But, to say the President - who's prosecuted more
Leakers than has any other President before

Wanted secrets spread across the front page of The Times,
Or that he's behind the people who've been dropping dimes
Proves to me Republicans will go to any ends...
Enemies like that?  The President needs better friends.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Boston Celtics - A Prayer to the Sports Gods

Celtics face game 7 and I'm praying I was wrong;
That the sports gods do not plan to string us fans along.
Hoping that the era of our Big 3 isn't dead;
That the Celtics win the series they so lately led.

Luck will have to favor us to stave off a defeat.
Last night, it was pretty clear, the sports gods chose the Heat.
Nothing seemed to go our way - we couldn't catch a break.
Don't know how much more of this my Celtics' heart can take.

Basketballs can seem to jump through hoops...  But, sometimes not.
Last night, in the Garden, Celtics couldn't make a shot.
Pierce would throw it up and it just rattled off the rim.
Plus, let's not forget LeBron... There was no stopping him.

Garnett, and now Rondo, have both proven that they're tough.
(Have you tried those knuckle push-ups? Trust me, 1's enough.)
Garden fans sent up a cheer that sounded like a prayer;
"Let's Go Celtics!" Please, dear sports gods, help us out down there.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Across the Pond - Syria and the Russians

Putin to Meet With Ahmadinejad Before Nuclear Talks
Putin and Ahmadinejad must be so proud.
Really wish that I'd been wrong but, sadly, I was not
Yet another battle against babies has been fought.
Youngest victim - 3 months old - they stabbed him through the head.
Assad will not stop 'til every rebel Sunni's dead.

I cannot believe the Russian people are aware
Of what Assad's doing with their weapons or they'd share
In the world's revulsion...  Then they'd back a U.N. vote.
Russian people I have met would not sell him a coat...

All I can imagine is that Putin plain forgot
Russia's a democracy and citizens won't stand
For supporting monsters who have gotten out of hand.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Vatican - Are They Crazy?

(Warning: YouTube clip is PG13 and contains
some "Filthy mouths and  bad attitudes.")

First, I'd like to make it clear - I'm not an atheist,
It's only religious dogma I tend to resist.
I believe there's Something...  What It is I cannot tell.
My poor father's pretty sure I'm going straight to Hell.

I was raised a Catholic. I went to Catholic schools.
I'm no longer Catholic; I didn't like their rules.
Why not blame it on the nuns? The Vatican sure does.
Don't like when a Sister will not shut her mouth because

Women are subservient, according to the Church.
Men are meant to rule and nuns are joggling their perch.
I think that's ridiculous. It's past time to ordain
Women. Besides, telling nuns to "Shut up" is insane!

Maybe Rome could look at it like this; As Jesus' spouse,
Nuns should be responsible for cleaning up His House.
It's been looking dirty lately...  Make the Pope a nun.
Give it to a woman when you must get something done.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Transit of Venus - And Boy, Am I Bummed

Venus is in transit; it will pass across the sun.
More than half the world will get to see before it's done.
If you get a chance to, then you really ought to look.
(Do not use binoculars or else your eyes will cook.)

Those who can are fortunate; but I won't get a glance;
Forecast is for clouds with rain an 80% chance.
Next time Venus transits is a hundred years away...
I'm not gonna make it folks, 'cause I'm already gray.

Transit was when scientists - 300 years ago -
Used triangulation to determine distance... No.
I'm not good enough with math to turn it into rhyme.
Here's the link on how they did it, if you have the time.

Guess I'll have to settle for the pictures on T.V.
But I'm very envious of those who get to see;
Step outside and look up at the early evening skies.
If you do, remember though, be careful of your eyes.


It's started! (Photo credit: Discovery News)

Monday, June 04, 2012

Across the Pond - The Diamond Jubilee

Londoners who braved the cold, the traffic, and the drips
Got a chance to see the face that launched a thousand ships.
Yesterday, Elizabeth the Second, England's Queen
Sailed upon her royal barge - creating quite a scene.

Trailing in procession, down the River Thames they came.
Not since Charles the Second have the British done the same...
But a Diamond Jubilee - Good heavens! 60 years! -
Does deserve some pageantry. Forget the cynics' sneers.

We do not have royalty - the Kennedys don't count -
And you couldn't pay us to, no matter the amount.
Still, I'm glad the English do. In good times and in lean,
They have had Elizabeth and May God Save the Queen.

Friday, June 01, 2012


 A Boston court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional.
(Photo credit: Eric Risberg/AP)
Unanimous decision; the Defense Of Marriage Act
Isn't Constitutional...  It breaks the law, in fact.
Massachusetts led the way; we sued - which I support.
Now the case is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

I don't understand what they're defending anyway;
Why the government lets churches tell them what to say.
No one would compel a church to change their rigid stance,
But our Constitution makes it clear, with just a glance,

We're about protecting rights; at least we say we are.
As a Massachusetts native, promise you - so far -
Sky's not falling; there's no rape and pillage in the streets.
We don't care what married couples do beneath their sheets.

If our fellow citizens can't get equality
Something must be very wrong in Washington D.C.
Justice may be blind, my friends, but she is not some clown.
DOMA?  Meet the SCOTUS... SCOTUS? Strike the DOMA down.