Friday, July 20, 2012

Going on Vacation - I Really Mean It This Time

I am heading to the beach with rabid Red Sox fans.
14 of us watching games and working on our tans.
Mr.S. (my New York spouse) is staying just a week;
Any more and I'm afraid that we'd no longer speak.

When it's just the two of us our differences are small;
Only argue if the ump has made a lousy call.
But my family isn't quite as tolerant as I.
When he wears his Yankees' cap I worry for the guy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shhh! I Really Shouldn't Be Here

Associated Press Photo/Centre Daily Times, Nabil K. Mark

Yes, I've said we'll be away; that I will not be here,
(And I really shouldn't be - I have to make that clear.
Right now I should probably be cleaning up the house
Getting ready to go on vacation with my spouse.)

But, I had to take the time to wish Big Papi well...
Didn't I just pray to you dear sports gods? What the hell?
Also have to say I think Wes Welker's gotten screwed.
(Pardon me young readers - Usually, I'm not so rude.)

Though I know the money's good if you've been franchise tagged
Thought the lack of loyalty to Wes should've been flagged.
As for Joe Paterno and his statue? Let it stay.
Put it on a swivel so it always looks away.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Countdown to Vacation

I need a driver of this size.  Maybe then it won't matter if I "stand up on the ball."

Next few weeks are busy ones. We're traveling a lot.
We'll be in Vermont to play some golf.  It will be hot...
And, not in a Paris Hilton way, I'm talking heat.
Awful lot of sweating just to get my toches beat.

After that it's home to pack.  We're heading to the beach;
Where, I fear, our internet connection doesn't reach.
Therefore, Dr. Seussilitis symptoms have to wait.
'til I'm back; take care, have fun.  I hope your summer's great.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Health Care and The 112th - Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

You would think Republicans have nothing else to do,
(Roads and housing, tax reform, or jobs - to name a few).
Why else would they spend the day re-fighting ACA
When they still don't have a plan that's better anyway?

Yet the Congress wonders why approval ratings stink.
When folks see a silly stunt like this we tend to think;
What a total waste of time. Why can't we just move on?
Is there hope for compromise? Are all the chances gone?

Work on something you can pass...  And watch that fiscal cliff.
Wall Street doesn't do well when it's dealing with "What if?"
That creates uncertainty against which bankers hedge.
Congress still keeps pushing us right to the very edge.

Last time that they did this country's credit rating fell...
Meanwhile, they're re-legislating health care for us. Swell.
Isn't there a single issue where both sides agree,
Or will they just spend the summer barking up a tree? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The One Hundred and Twelfth - Oh, Never Mind.

Maybe summer weather makes jobs easier to shirk?
Hear there's rain in Washington, though;  Congress - Do some work!
Racing towards a fiscal cliff like lemmings to the sea;
Wish they'd learn to work together, 'cause it seems to me

Wait until November; push it to the very end?
We'll all hang together off that fiscal cliff, my friend.
Keep up with a daily blog that's focused on the news
Or go out and play some golf? If you were in my shoes

And the day was sunny - about 82 degrees -
What would you decide to do? .... If you'll excuse me please?
I choose to go out and play, then grab a bite to eat.
Much too nice a day... The summer's short but, oh, so sweet.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Yankees. Damn.

Coming to the All-Star break, the Red Sox tied for last;
Found the weekend painful but my husband had a blast.
For he is a Yankees' fan while I support the Sox...
Latest series nearly put our marriage on the rocks.

43 and 43 - it isn't looking good.
Meanwhile, Youk's the hero in his newest neighborhood.
Almost all our stars are beaten up - except Ortiz.
Sports gods, keep him healthy. I am asking nicely. Please!

Poor old Bobby Valentine is struggling, but still
Manages to do the best with what he's got.  He will,
One day, be forgiven for the Kevin Youkilis trade...
Clearly, I am one of those who wishes Youk had stayed.

I know I am not alone - Obama learned it too
When his joke about the trade was greeted with a "Boo!"
Shouldn't tease a Red Sox fan who's team's not doing well.
If you do then be prepared to turn and run like hell.

Sense of humor tends to fade, as Mr. S. just learned
Offers of affection - made by him towards me - were spurned,
After he had dared to wish that Youk became a Yankee...
Not a chance that he was getting any hanky-panky.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Race for the White House - Mitt Romney's New Best Friends

gty charles david koch thg 120315 wblog If They Had a Billion Dollars ...
The Koch brothers - Mitt Romney's new best friends

Pure as his objections claim to be
Sure don't come across that way to me.
Health  Care? Romney says we got it wrong.
Wealth is pouring in. He's going strong.

Brothers Koch are financing the fight.
Others spoke. They said we got it right.
Court supports Obama's Health Care law.
Short of any penalties, the flaw

Is that states won't have to implement.
'tis not meant as any compliment
To assert that I fear that will stink
You may disagree with what I think

Still, I hope you'll read up on the bill.
Kill it and I think the problem will
Grow into an even bigger mess.
So, let's celebrate Barack's success.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dr.Seussilitis - Drinking Disrupts Symptoms

On the 4th I had too much to drink
And, therefore my efforts to think
Of something to rhyme
That won't waste your time
Are fruitless. The ones I wrote stink.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Birthday America - A Little Bit Early

Happy Independence Day!  I'll be at the parade
Where I'll stand and cheer each time the anthem's being played,
Stand again - salute the flag whenever she goes by,
Make sure I get up for vet'rans, so I don't know why

I bring any chairs to this - I'm always up and down.
Thank God it's a short parade we have in my small town.
(By the way, I know today is really just the 3rd
But I have potato salad on...  It must be stirred.)

Didn't want to miss the 4th, but I won't be around.
When you live where I do, opportunities abound.
Many people pack a lunch and go to see the Pops
Playing on the Esplanade - They pull out all the stops.

When they do The 1812 the Old North Church bells ring.
We will watch it on TV 'cause - not for anything -
Could I drag my darlin' spouse back to the river Charles;
He was not a fan of the post-concert traffic snarls.

We'll pursue our happiness at home on our back deck.
That means I'll be busy because, right now, it's a wreck.
(Cannot let the guests suspect their hostess is a slob)
Then I have some ears to peel for our corn on the cob.

So, I'm sending wishes now to you and all of yours
Happy Birthday everyone - on all our shining shores,
'cross the amber waves, on purple mountains - out of reach.
Yikes! I've started sounding like a bad Mitt Romney speech.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Student Loan Debt Reform - I Think I Have A Thought


If you ask a college student what's the biggest thing
They think that their higher education's gonna bring
I'd be more than willing now to offer you a bet;
10 to 1 their answer is a huge amount of debt.

(My 2 sons are fortunate 'cause we can help them out.
Lucky them, because with recent grades I sorta doubt
They'll be getting scholarships to any decent schools.)
Congress passed a compromise, but I don't think it fools

Students into thinking all their problems have been solved.
As the problem grows, my own position has evolved.
Had a driveway moment and I think I have a thought...
Let's expand Academies where Sciences are taught.

I was in the Navy and my father is a grad...
I am here to tell you that the brightest of our best
Choose to serve their country and give pocketbooks a rest.

Why don't we train scientists and doctors in this way?
Give them educations and use services to pay?
Industries are begging for some well trained engineers.
We are wasting talent.  We've been doing it for years.

Families who can't afford to pay the soaring cost
For a college education - don't... Their kid gets lost.
Think of all the minds that languish in the talent pool.
Time that we recruit them to a U.S. Service School.