Friday, October 31, 2014

I Miss Trick-or-Treaters

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No one in our neighborhood comes here to Trick-or-Treat.
There are just 3 houses down our long and private street;
There are some coyotes and no streetlights where we live.
We aren't worth the walk, despite the full-sized bars we give.

I remember Hallowe'ens when we would take the boys;
Autumn winds would rustle leaves and make a spooky noise.
Flashlights weren't a lot of help 'cause there's a lot of woods
On the way back home from other people's neighborhoods.

Thus, I cannot blame the costumed children who decide
There's too many places for a ghost or 2 to hide.
If I didn't live here, I would take one look then leave...
Maximize my chances somewhere else All Hallows Eve.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank God for DVRs

Midterms are 5 days away - 'though not too many care.
Hard to miss the fact they're coming; ads are everywhere.
T.V. spots and mailings, phone calls; my in-box is full.
There is not a soul who isn't sick of all this bull...

Thank God for our D.V.R. or else I'd be insane.
These commercials for the candidates are such a pain.
They've become a running joke as we go zipping by;
Coakley hates our children, Baker's not our kind of guy.

Scott Brown is a carpet-bagger, Jean Shaheen's a stooge...
And the campaigns' advertising bills have gotten huge.
Still, I'd bet they haven't reached as many as they'd planned;
Voters without D.V.R.s have switched to On Demand.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

Are imposing quarantines because we've gone insane.
Fearful of the people most deserving of our praise...
I don't think the homeland's looking very brave these days.

This is not Liberia; with many dead or dying
And it only serves to keep the help they need from flying.
We stuck one nurse in a tent out in a parking lot
Without any proof Ebola's really what she's got.

Only one man treated in America has died;
Still, our politicians feel the need to pick a side.
Never mind what experts say; when everyone's afraid
Chickens roam the land where deer and antelope once played.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear ISIL Girls... Really?

Women Abducted by the Islamic State Feared Trapped in Sexual Slavery

Had a recent spate of random terrorist attacks - 
Soldiers killed in Canada; a nut case with an axe -
ISIL doesn't know their names, and neither do they care;
Without even common ideologies they share.

It sure isn't Islam that these idiots fight for,
Nor is it for territory on some foreign shore,
Nor is it for human rights or common decency;
Only thing in common is barbaric lunacy.

ISIL's p.r. makes their war with Syrians and Kurds
Look as if it might be fun for Call of Duty nerds;
Guys who live in mother's basement and do not have friends,
Open to the nihilistic message ISIL sends.

What I do not understand, however, are the girls.
Knowing that these guys are rapists, murderers, and churls;
Holding females in contempt and selling them as slaves,
Why on earth would women choose to join them in their graves?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Teenage Boys Are Stupid


Bomber of the marathon in Boston's college friend,
On trial and now waiting 'til deliberations end,
Has to hope the jury members know some teenage boys
Or of all the brain cells that their smoking pot destroys.

This kid didn't help police; at least, not right away.
Phillipos seemed slow to realize it's not okay
Sticking to the rule that college friends don't talk to cops...
When your friend's a terrorist, the code of silence stops.

Even though the part he played, in fact, was rather small
He tried hard to cover-up he was involved, at all.
So he started lying - which you shouldn't oughta try
When you're being questioned by police and FBI.

Didn't get the details right, he said, 'cause he was stoned.
Wasn't sure his friend was guilty or he would have phoned.
Now he could get 16 years because of what he did.
Though he might be guilty, I feel sorry for the kid.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Building an Ark

It's cold and it's windy and wet
So, as I've explained to our pet,
No walks in the park...
I'm building an ark,
'cause we're gonna need one, I'd bet.

I fear that our dog is upset
For there's not a puddle she's met
That she doesn't mark.
She's starting to bark
But I haven't given in yet.

Uncaring how drenched we'll both get
The dog's still insisting I let
Her out in the dark.
Refusing to hark...
Perhaps we'll go visit the vet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Massachusetts' Governor's Debates - 2014

State Seal of Massachusetts.

2 weeks 'til the Midterms so I'm watching the debates,
Like the one last night between the leading candidates
For the state's new Governor (on local PBS)
Moderated by respected members of the press.

Format was a conversation; there weren't many rules.
Pointed questions led into some heated, verbal duels.
Baker had a hard time looking Martha in the face.
Both were pressed for details and allowed to make their case.

Martha Coakley did appear a little less uptight;
Baker seemed to come across a lot like Bill Weld Lite.
Both were very well prepared.  It's hard to say who won;
But, in recent polling, Charlie's pulled ahead by 1.

I'll be voting Coakley 'cause her values match with mine
(Though, if Charlie Baker wins, I think we'll still be fine.)
I just cannot make myself support the GOP;
They will never - ever -  get another vote from me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goosing Turkey

Turkey shoots down helicopter at Syrian border… – via  

 As Kobani's Kurds - with help from the United States -
Hold off ISIL fighters, Turkish forces shut the gates;
Haven't let the Kurds from Turkey reinforce the town,
And it isn't just their borders Ankara's shut down.

They've been less than useless - even bombing local Kurds.
Were their promises to help with ISIL only words?
Erdogan's demanding more than we're prepared to do;
(He wants us to promise that Assad's a target, too)

Taking on another foe before we've crushed the first.
Assad is a tyrant, true...  But ISIL's still the worst.
Let's take care of ISIL before adding to our list.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vlad the Great?

Czar Vladimir I
(Portrait/Courtesy of

Putin and his cronies are attempting to suppress
Journalists in Russia who must toe the line unless
They would like a visit from some functionary who
Makes sure that the day they crossed the line is one they'll rue.

Not so subtle clues that Russian media's not free.
If a visitor's harassed, imagine what it's like
Living in the shadow of a looming Putin Reich.

So much for the freedoms that the Russian people gained.
Not since in the days when Tzars (or Joseph Stalin) reigned
Has there been a press less free and fearful of the State,
Forced to sing the praises of their leader - Vlad the Great.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday Night Football - Whew!

Patriots are 5 and 2.  Last night we beat the Jets
And I can be happy 'cause I'm not someone who bets.
For, although New England won, we didn't win by much.
Luckily the Defense, finally, came through in the clutch.

Didn't cover point spreads, though. We gave up lots of yards.
New York had no trouble getting players past our guards.
Any time they got the ball they marched it up the field...
But they, mostly, settled for the 3 points field goals yield.

Only one thing pains me now; I have to eat my words
Since I've said that Danny Amendola's for the birds.
Last night he did everything and did it very well.
Still, at least I'm not the Jets - whose season's shot to hell.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Freaking Out About Ebola

ebola virus now airborne getty images ebola virus now airborne getty ... 

Here in the United States, with people freaking out,
(Even though there's just two cases we're concerned about)
I cannot imagine how West Africans must feel
Knowing their Ebola epidemic's all too real.

With so many sick and dying they've run out of beds,
They don't have clean water - never mind the latest meds.
I can see why they'd be freaking out...  I would be, too.
They've got cases in the thousands.  We've just had a few.

Still, I can't believe the CDC's phone help-line guy
Told the second, Dallas nurse that she was cleared to fly.
That seems rather feckless in the face of this disease.
Let's be much more careful of the public's safety, please.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unsolicited Advice Regarding Ebola

ebola virus now airborne getty images ebola virus now airborne getty ... 

Texas Presbyterian reports a second case;
One more health-care worker caught Ebola from the place.
Both took care of Thomas Duncan who has, sadly, died.
Both say that they followed all procedures - or, they tried.

Lacking the equipment and the training that they'd need
Nursing staff might not be ready - yet they take the lead
In the care of patients so the risk to them is high...
I believe it's time we gave a new approach a try.

We need staff whose specialty's contagion and disease;
Centers where procedure's stricter than the CDC.'s.
When someone is diagnosed you ship the patient there
Where they can receive the most experienced of care.

With the newest treatments and equipment for these fights
There's no need to panic or to shut down all the flights.
Meanwhile, thoughts and prayers go out to those who've gotten sick;
Hoping their recoveries are smooth, complete, and quick.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to Plymouth State - A Limerick

Image result for plymouth state university images

Our eldest was home on a break
So now we're preparing to take
A journey up North;
We must sally forth
If he is intending to make

The first of his Plymouth State classes
(Near New Hampshire's high mountain-passes.)
But he won't wake up.
Does he need to? Yup.
We have to start moving our... uh... bums

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Nebbishy Patriots Fan

Though, of course, I'm happy that New England beat the Bills
It was at the cost of 3 important sets of skills.
Mayo (who's the leader of our Defense) left the game;
Stevan Ridley tore his ACL and now he's lame;

Connolly's concussed - and we still have to play the Jets.
Lucky that our quarterback's as good as someone gets.
Even with the changing line of players they throw in
Brady almost always finds another way to win.

Thursday night we play New York and those guys hate our guts;
Nothing would give them more pleasure than to kick our butts.
Once again I'm worrying...  Despite the fact we won.
Could someone remind me why I thought football was fun?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday Darlin'

Happy Birthday darlin' boy...  Today you're 17
And, although you cannot seem to keep your bedroom clean;
'though you turn the "music" up when listening to rap
(Trust your mother darlin' - that's not music...  That is crap.)

Even though I don't approve of one kid in your group,
'though you do not walk your dog enough (or clean up poop)
You have always been a gift I've given to myself.
Who cares if you've never learned to put things on a shelf?

It's not just your height that puts you far above the crowd,
It's the little things you do that make your parents proud.
Thoughtful, kind, and funny - you are sensitive and smart -
And your mother loves you from the bottom of her heart.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

To Protect and Serve - Not Fix Windows

"Broken window" policies, adopted by police,
Mean that petty crime arrests have seen a sharp increase.
It's supposed to help improve our quality of life,
But the bottom line is that it leads to racial strife.

Black, they say, is beautiful but when it comes to cops
It makes you the target of more "random" traffic stops.
Black makes cops suspicious and more likely to arrest
People they've subjected to a much more stringent test.

I believe that when police pursue a petty bust
They become the last one who a young, black man would trust.
Cops should be protectors - there to serve the public good -
Not someone whose job is to harass the neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Is Turkey Chicken?

Even though the Turks agreed to help us hunt them down
ISIL fighters are about to seize another town.
Feet across the border into Syria, it sits
But, 'though U.S. airstrikes have been blowing them to bits,

ISIL (with its heavy, hand-held  weapons) will still win
If the town can't get some reinforcements coming in.
U.S. wants the Turks to help...  So far, they've said "No thanks"
Even though the border's lined with Turkish troops and tanks.

Since Kobani's Kurdish there are people who believe
Turkey thinks its residents deserve what they'll receive.
I think it's more complicated - but it's also time
Turkey does its part to help us stop a new war-crime.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

(Image/Courtesy of

Here in the United States our highest court just said
Same sex couples in 11 states could go ahead;
Send the invitations, pick the cake, and rent the hall.
The Supreme Court Justices decided that they'd stall.

Seven cases pending they've elected not to hear;
Justices have put the issue off another year.
Groups in opposition to an equal marriage right
Say that they're preparing for a lengthy, legal fight.

Meanwhile, there are 30 states where what you do in bed
Doesn't make a difference in who you choose to wed.
So, for those who - when bouquets were tossed - forgot to duck,
May I wish the newly wedded couples lots of luck.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Patriots 43 - Bengals 17; Any Questions?

Last night in New England, 'neath a perfect Autumn moon,
Rumors of the Patriots' demise appeared too soon.
Era isn't over yet...  In Belichick we trust;
Confident the Hall of Fame will, one day, house his bust.

Patriots were pilloried in media and blogs,
Coming in to Sunday's game at home as 1 point dogs.
After this past week they've had of listening to crap
The New England Patriots were just about to snap.

You could not have paid me to be in the Bengals' shoes;
There was not a chance in hell the Patriots would lose.
Any stupid questions now about Garoppolo?
Just don't ask Bill Belichick...  He's on to Buffalo.

Friday, October 03, 2014

The Pottery Barn Rule - Belabouring a Metaphor

At Pottery Barn, if you knock over a lamp, you have to glue it back together, even if when you're done it looks terrible and it doesn't work. Oh, and you have to stay in the store forever. Oh, and it's an exploding lamp.  - Stephen Colbert

"If you break it then you've bought it;" so we've all been told.
Even though the cost is high (and I ain't talking gold.)
Even when the thing was damaged long before we came;
Even if it isn't - ever - gonna be the same.

It's not like we were not warned 11 years ago
That the thing could shatter into pieces...  Now we know
It's not just a single item that we went and broke;
We've brought down the whole damn store in flames and toxic smoke.

Now the rats are scurrying throughout the neighborhood;
We're obliged to go back in and clean them out for good.
But, while we are hunting them, let's try hard not to make
Any major purchases of something else we break.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sincerest Sympathies to the Secret Service

Us Secret Service Wallpaper ...

President Obama's had some unexpected guests;
Normally his visitors must pass strict background tests.
Secret Service agents put their bodies on the line
Making sure that all of the Obamas will be fine.

Recently, however, they've been sleeping on the job;
Let a felon with a gun and some poor, crazy slob
Get too close for comfort and then missed it when one guy
Took shots at the White House...  Didn't see the shrapnel fly.

Congress grilled Director Pierson; made her eat some crow.
Found the Secret Service's responses much too slow.
(Only when it's someone else does Congress seem to mind)
But they had some valid points so Pierson's just resigned.

Her replacement - Clancy - was Obama's bodyguard
And I wish him lots of luck because his job is hard.
Doesn't matter that Obama's hired someone new;
No-one can predict what random lunatics will do.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hong Kong and China's National Day

Hong Kong - Umbrella Revolution - Banner

China's grown impatient with the island of Hong Kong
Where police gassed demonstrators who'd done nothing wrong...
In the streets to protest an abridgment of their rights;
Unaware that Beijing pulls no punches when it fights.

Hong Kong doesn't like that China's limiting their choice
In the next election; leaving half without a voice.
Demonstrators, mainly students, peaceful and polite,
Tried to make it very clear that they don't want a fight.

They just want a vote with meaning; one that's not a sham.
Candidates who'll stand for them and will not try to cram
Mainland China's policies down Hong Kong voters' throats...
Beijing doesn't like when people start demanding votes.

China's being patient - so far - hoping this will pass.
Thinking that these demonstrations will run out of gas.
If they keep on growing though, as others join the ranks,
Let's all pray that China won't, again, resort to tanks.