Monday, June 04, 2012

Across the Pond - The Diamond Jubilee

Londoners who braved the cold, the traffic, and the drips
Got a chance to see the face that launched a thousand ships.
Yesterday, Elizabeth the Second, England's Queen
Sailed upon her royal barge - creating quite a scene.

Trailing in procession, down the River Thames they came.
Not since Charles the Second have the British done the same...
But a Diamond Jubilee - Good heavens! 60 years! -
Does deserve some pageantry. Forget the cynics' sneers.

We do not have royalty - the Kennedys don't count -
And you couldn't pay us to, no matter the amount.
Still, I'm glad the English do. In good times and in lean,
They have had Elizabeth and May God Save the Queen.

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