Friday, October 31, 2014

I Miss Trick-or-Treaters


No one in our neighborhood comes here to Trick-or-Treat.
There are just 3 houses down our long and private street;
There are some coyotes and no streetlights where we live.
We aren't worth the walk, despite the full-sized bars we give.

I remember Hallowe'ens when we would take the boys;
Autumn winds would rustle leaves and make a spooky noise.
Flashlights weren't a lot of help 'cause there's a lot of woods
On the way back home from other people's neighborhoods.

Thus, I cannot blame the costumed children who decide
There's too many places for a ghost or 2 to hide.
If I didn't live here, I would take one look then leave...
Maximize my chances somewhere else All Hallows Eve.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank God for DVRs

Help Your Students Analyze Political Ads from @MindShift on Twitter ...
(Cartoonist Joe Heller/Courtesy of

Midterms are 5 days away - 'though not too many care.
Hard to miss the fact they're coming; ads are everywhere.
T.V. spots and mailings, phone calls; my in-box is full.
There is not a soul who isn't sick of all this bull...

Thank God for our D.V.R. or else I'd be insane.
These commercials for the candidates are such a pain.
They've become a running joke as we go zipping by;
Coakley hates our children, Baker's not our kind of guy.

Scott Brown is a carpet-bagger, Jean Shaheen's a stooge...
And the campaigns' advertising bills have gotten huge.
Still, I'd bet they haven't reached as many as they'd planned;
Voters without D.V.R.s have switched to On Demand.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

The Ebola virus.
New York and New Jersey, Illinois and, maybe, Maine
Are imposing quarantines because we've gone insane.
Fearful of the people most deserving of our praise...
I don't think the homeland's looking very brave these days.

This is not Liberia; with many dead or dying
And it only serves to keep the help they need from flying.
We stuck one nurse in a tent out in a parking lot
Without any proof Ebola's really what she's got.

Only one man treated in America has died;
Still, our politicians feel the need to pick a side.
Never mind what experts say; when everyone's afraid
Chickens roam the land where deer and antelope once played.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear ISIL Girls... Really?

and elsewhere of women being led away and women enchained
(Photo/Courtesy of

Had a recent spate of random terrorist attacks - 
Soldiers killed in Canada; a nut case with an axe -
ISIL doesn't know their names, and neither do they care;
Without even common ideologies they share.

It sure isn't Islam that these idiots fight for,
Nor is it for territory on some foreign shore,
Nor is it for human rights or common decency;
Only thing in common is barbaric lunacy.

ISIL's p.r. makes their war with Syrians and Kurds
Look as if it might be fun for Call of Duty nerds;
Guys who live in mother's basement and do not have friends,
Open to the nihilistic message ISIL sends.

What I do not understand, however, are the girls.
Knowing that these guys are rapists, murderers, and churls;
Holding females in contempt and selling them as slaves,
Why on earth would women choose to join them in their graves?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Teenage Boys Are Stupid

robel phillipos
(Photo of Robel Phillipos/Courtesy of

Bomber of the marathon in Boston's college friend,
On trial and now waiting 'til deliberations end,
Has to hope the jury members know some teenage boys
Or of all the brain cells that their smoking pot destroys.

This kid didn't help police; at least, not right away.
Phillipos seemed slow to realize it's not okay
Sticking to the rule that college friends don't talk to cops...
When your friend's a terrorist, the code of silence stops.

Even though the part he played, in fact, was rather small
He tried hard to cover-up he was involved, at all.
So he started lying - which you shouldn't oughta try
When you're being questioned by police and FBI.

Didn't get the details right, he said, 'cause he was stoned.
Wasn't sure his friend was guilty or he would have phoned.
Now he could get 16 years because of what he did.
Though he might be guilty, I feel sorry for the kid.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Building an Ark

It's very difficult for me to say "no" to this face. (Photo/Courtesy of Kate Corr Walsh)

It's cold and it's windy and wet
So, as I've explained to our pet,
No walks in the park...
I'm building an ark,
'cause we're gonna need one, I'd bet.

I fear that our dog is upset
For there's not a puddle she's met
That she doesn't mark.
She's starting to bark
But I haven't given in yet.

Uncaring how drenched we'll both get
The dog's still insisting I let
Her out in the dark.
Refusing to hark...
Perhaps we'll go visit the vet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Massachusetts' Governor's Debates - 2014

Massachusetts Governor's Council

2 weeks 'til the Midterms so I'm watching the debates,
Like the one last night between the leading candidates
For the state's new Governor (on local PBS)
Moderated by respected members of the press.

Format was a conversation; there weren't many rules.
Pointed questions led into some heated, verbal duels.
Baker had a hard time looking Martha in the face.
Both were pressed for details and allowed to make their case.

Martha Coakley did appear a little less uptight;
Baker seemed to come across a lot like Bill Weld Lite.
Both were very well prepared.  It's hard to say who won;
But, in recent polling, Charlie's pulled ahead by 1.

I'll be voting Coakley 'cause her values match with mine
(Though, if Charlie Baker wins, I think we'll still be fine.)
I just cannot make myself support the GOP;
They will never - ever -  get another vote from me.