Friday, April 24, 2015

Flying Pigs?

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If you're watching Congress then you've noticed something strange;
Senators and Members have been working (for a change.)
They confirmed Loretta Lynch and even passed a bill.
Maybe they've remembered why we sent them to the Hill.

Maybe easy votes will get the Congress on a roll,
Help them focus on their jobs and not on how they'll poll.
Could it be they're ready to give compromise a try?
Maybe Congress isn't broken...  Maybe pigs can fly.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear EU; Good Luck With That

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As the thousands try to flee the hell holes where they live;
Put to sea upon a boat that's leaking like a sieve,
Drowning by the hundreds...  Know the dangers - do not care.
Willing to risk anything to get away from there.

If you were in their position, you would flee as well.
They've come from a situation that's a living hell.
Half the region's population is a refugee.
Many leave from Libya and try for Italy.

The Italians say they need more help from the E.U.
They're now meeting, trying to decide what they should do.
Nothing that the E.U. does will change the basic fact;
Staying in the region's the more death-defying act.

No one wants to see more over-crowded boats go down.
We can't stand aside and watch more desperate people drown.
We might stop the traffickers exploiting human prey,
But we won't persuade those refugees to want to stay.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Touring Becker

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Going on a college tour today. Our youngest son,
In his Junior year of high school, hasn't chosen one.
Looks like it's a pretty day and, hey, you never know,
This might be the place where he decides he wants to go.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dragging My Feet On TPP

Drag Your Feet
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President Obama wants to pass the TPP
(That's the Trans-Pacific Partnership to you and me.)
Says it levels playing fields for U.S. companies
In the Asian markets but not everyone agrees.

Unions fear it lowers wages; workers earning less.
Some say new rules will leave the environment a mess.
Wiki-Leaks has pages showing bankers get a break...
I think that a "fast-track" for this bill is a mistake.

I agree we need a deal but this might not be it.
Don't we want more time to stop and look at it a bit?
NAFTA killed the middle class so, though I favor trade,
There are problems I want fixed before this deal gets made.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Justice Served

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One-time, rising football star for my New England Pats
(Feared he might be trouble when I saw his "gangsta" tats)
Will spend all his days in jail for killing Odin Lloyd;
Quite a different life-style than he, formerly, enjoyed.

Two more murder cases pending for Hernandez still;
Solid evidence connecting Aaron to the kill.
Some believe the justice system didn't work. Not me.
I think he's too dangerous to ever set him free.

Aaron thought he'd get away because he played a game
Well enough it brought enormous wealth and growing fame.
All of which he threw away.  Now justice has been served.
I believe Hernandez got the sentence he deserved.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sincere Apologies to NaPoWriMo-2015 Participants

Thursday, July 05, 2007
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I was so enthusiastic when the month began;
"30 poems, 30 days?" I thought, "Of course I can."
I'd already done it twice before and it was fun,
Loved the feeling of accomplishment when I was done.

Registered my blog on-line...  The next day I got sick,
Thus I fell behind on my commitment pretty quick.
I tried writing 2 a day in hopes of catching up.
Is the challenge harder than I had remembered? Yup.

I salute the many poets who are still on track
(Thanks to those who "Followed" me...  I  tried to"Follow" back.)
But, I think it's only fair that I should let them know;
Will I be amongst the people still competing? No.

I am now so far behind that there is not a prayer
I will reach the goal I set and so it's only fair
That I warn real poets, I'm withdrawing...  I'm a jerk.
30 poems, 30 days is simply too much work.

I believe I'll stick to silly rhymes 5 days a week
Lest the rusty gears inside my head begin to squeak.
I don't want to work that hard - unless they offered pay.
Best of luck to those of you still writing once a day.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lines In The Sand

The Middle East and northern Africa circa 1914. (Courtesy of/

Middle Eastern borders, once imposed, are breaking down.
Saudi forces bombed another Northern Yemen town.
Libya has splintered; there are Syrians "in hell."
I can't name a single country where it's going well.

ISIL's killing refugees who've fled from Palestine.
It's not safe no matter where you draw some borderline.
Mix religion, history and tribal loyalties
And you get a situation where no side agrees.

I predict it won't get better 'til it's gotten worse
Meanwhile, we're the common enemy that many curse.
Every time we pick a side we make the others mad,
Angering established allies we might once have had.
We aren't winning hearts and minds and I have little doubt
Only if the countries in the region sort it out
Will they make a peace that has a chance of being kept.
Wish we'd thought of consequences there before we leapt.