Thursday, March 26, 2015

Failing in Yemen

Saudi Arabia Launches Air Strikes in Yemen
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No one wants to say that Yemen's failing as a state
But the situation on the ground ain't looking great.
President has fled the country; Houthis hold the streets...
I'd say the criteria for failing's one it meets.

Saudis and Iranians engaged in proxy war;
Former leaders want to loot the country even more.
Sunni fighting Shia with al Qaeda in the mix
Yemen's problems may yet prove impossible to fix.

On the brink of civil war - the final coffin nail -
What else would you call this if it's not an epic fail?
U.S. forces left already; writing's on the wall
As another sign of Arab Spring becomes its fall.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Readying for Reno

 My house isnt messy

The adjustor's coming here in order to assess
If our home insurance plan will cover for the mess
Winter left behind it with its snow and wind and ice;
Taking out our stairs and dripping through the ceiling... Twice.

So, I have to clean the house - again - a task I hate.
We've sure had a lot of strangers visiting of late;
Coming by in preparation for the reno start...
There's a lot of work before they tear your house apart.

This place hasn't looked so neat since we had both the boys
And we filled it up with our accumulated toys.
But, I can't have people here discussing future jobs
Learning that they're working for a bunch of lazy slobs.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Tsarnaev Defense

Tsarnaev Boston trial
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Prosecution's wrapping up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial
And, although we know he's guilty, it took them awhile.
His defense will make their case in just a day or 2.
They've already said the allegations made are true.

All that's left to argue now is if the boy should die
Or if he's a victim, too...  Manipulated by
Tamerlan, his older brother, and the crimes he did
Do not merit death because Dzhokhar was just a kid.

Mother was deported and divorcing his sick dad;
All alone - his parents gone - his brother all he had.
Thus, despite the horrors at the Boston Marathon,
Defense plans to argue that Dzhokhar was just a pawn.

As the mom of teenage boys, I'd buy that argument...
If my older son jumped off a bridge, as down he went,
Right behind - I'm pretty sure - his "little" brother would
Follow without pausing to consider if he should.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Cruz Conspiracy

Joke :: Ted Cruz is expected to announce he's running for Prime ...
(Courtesy of Warren Holstein)

Like a late-night comic's gift from heaven comes Ted Cruz,
Saying he's put on his Presidential running shoes.
Cruz, who is Canadian, claims Texas as his home;
Land where the conservatives and long-horned cattle roam.

He's the guy who's so far right, the right thinks he's a nut;
Same guy who insisted that the government be shut.
He's the guy who filibustered; reading Dr. Seuss...
He's the guy who looks like he's got 2 or 3 screws loose.

Due to all the secret Super PACs we'll never know
If Ted Cruz contributors include The Daily Show.
But, since there's no Sarah Palin (though there's always Trump)
Cruz provides the perfect target on which they can jump.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Nigerian Voters

(Mr. Jones' artwork/Courtesy of

There is an election in Nigeria next week;
Yet another term that Goodluck Jonathan will seek.
Vote has been postponed for weeks 'cause fighting grew intense
When the army finally came to the North-east's defense.

Boko Haram's terrorized Nigeria for years.
Thousands died but only as this new election nears
Has the fight grown serious, 'cause controversy swirls
As the whole world questions why they can't Bring Back Our Girls.

General Buhari (the opposing candidate)
Stands a chance to make Goodluck a former Head of State.
Suddenly his war on terror has new urgency.
Jonathan's now interested in security.

It sure took him long enough...  And still more girls are gone.
6 years he's ignored the fighting that's been going on.
'though I'm glad he's ordered Boko Haram be attacked,
If I were Nigerian I'd vote to have him sacked.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Problem With Hillary 2016

nightmare cartoons, nightmare cartoon, nightmare picture, nightmare ...
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Lately I've become convinced that I don't have a choice;
I can argue politics until I've lost my voice...
Won't convince Conservatives to change their point of view.
So I've started thinking that it's time for someone new.

Since there is no compromise, our government is broke.
All the plans Obama has are going up in smoke.
Nominees are languishing and sex slaves have to wait
Because they don't like Barack...  But, Hillary they hate.

If you think that things are bad right now then wait and see
Just how bad it gets if we elected Hillary.
Knowing Clinton represents the sum of their worst fears,
I don't know if I can stand 4 more contentious years.

I could vote Republican to spare myself the pain;
If someone like Snowe, their former Senator from Maine,
Were to be the GOP's selected nominee
They might still convince me not to vote for Hillary.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Israel

Obama is being "nasty" to Netanyahu says the Anti-Defamation League

Bibi Netanyahu's won a clear majority
Because most Israelis trust him with security.
Wants a coalition formed with parties to his right
Making any chance for peace with Palestine seem slight.

Bibi's withdrawn his support for the 2 state solution
Even though his new position could spark revolution...
Even though the world believes there's gotta be 2 states
Bibi wants to keep on building walls and closing gates.

'though I'm not from Israel and don't walk in their shoes,
I can't see how that improves security for Jews.
Killing hopes of Palestinians still talking peace
Seems to guarantee that fighting there will never cease.