Friday, January 30, 2015

I Respectfully Disagree

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 A most excellent blog. (Photo: Courtesy of/Infidel753)

There's a blog I like to read; a recent topic: Greece
And how its new government announced that it will cease
Efforts at austerity imposed by the E.U.
Author felt that was the sanest thing the Greeks could do.

Mounting unemployment; their economy's a wreck...
Greeks feel like the E.U.'s hung a noose around their neck.
Article blames Germany (who finances the debt)
But, though I respect this blogger - whom I've never met,

That seems too simplistic to me; see the Germans' side.
Why are they responsible for stopping Greece's slide?
Germans work and save and squeeze a Deutschmark 'til it squeaks;
They don't want to finance better lifestyles for the Greeks.

Puts the German Chancellor, Frau Merkel, in a bind;
Can't ignore her voters or they'd fire her behind.
I agree austerity is not the way to go
But, do I believe it's fair to blame the Germans? No.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Members of the Media; I'm Begging You...

 New Meme Please?!

With elections 2 years off, the race is underway;
Candidates are lining up.  I wish they'd go away.
Please don't give them airtime now.  Why cover them at all?
Who cares what they have to say - at least until next Fall?

We've just held elections.  Work is waiting to get done.
It's not news that Donald Trump's deciding if he'll run.
That's not journalism; it is gossiping, at best.
Members of the media, please give the race a rest.

Aren't there more important things the country needs to know?
Don't waste time reporting on their dog and pony show.
If you can't find things at home, there's plenty overseas.
Wait another year before you talk elections, please.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thank You Barry

Blizzard Of 2015 Leaves 2-To-3 Feet Of Snow In Southern New England ...
(Why do Meteorologists call it "hitting the jackpot?"  Doesn't that imply winning?)

Made it through the blizzard safely - never lost our heat -
But we got so much snow that they've measured it in feet.
We got over 30 inches...  That's a lot of snow.
We'd begun to shovel it but our progress was slow.

Suddenly, a mighty roar was heard above the wind
And our neighbor (on whose grass our dog has often sinned)
Carved a path across our yard - snow blower set on high -
Coming to our rescue because he's that kinda guy.

Hours worth of digging out...  In minutes, he was done.
His machine's amazing.  I have got to get me one.
Even more amazing is our neighbor, Barry Moore.
Thanks to him we're shoveled out and our old backs aren't sore.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Battening Down The Hatches

funny snow blizzard warning sign. Get beer
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 Forecast for New England? Major blizzard's on the way.
"This could be historic," local weather people say.
Having lived through these before, I offer this advice:
Stock up now so you're not driving in the snow and ice.

Plan on losing power (though, I'm praying that we won't.)
Make sure you've got water, bread, and batteries.  I don't.
Sitting in the dark while cold and hungry isn't fun
So, I hope that you'll forgive me but I've gotta run.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Embrace The Hate

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Hard to love a sports team every other city fears...
Now I know how Yankees fans have felt for all those years.
I've cheered for New England since the Grogan Super Bowl;
Now the country hates my Pats, according to a poll.

64% of them believe the NFL
Ought to ban the Patriots from Glendale...   What the hell?
Let's all take a breath here and, as Rodgers said, "Relax."
Even if we're guilty, it's a misdemeanor... Max!

Belichick and Brady said that they were unaware
Footballs used to beat the Colts were down 2 pounds of air.
Brady threw the balls they gave him and, once they were switched,
Pats scored 28 more points...  Still, Chuck Pagano bitched.

Mr. S., my Yankees' fan, reminds me - there are perks.
Who cares if the country thinks my Patriots are jerks?
I can learn to live with that and just embrace the hate;
Knowing it's the price you pay for dynasties this great.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

(Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night)

Working on a jigsaw puzzle; progress has been slight.
It's 2,000 pieces worth of Van Gogh's Starry Night. 
I had planned to glue and frame the puzzle when we're done.
Out of all of Vincent's works, this was my favorite one.

Edges have been put together; did the glowing moon,
But the middle won't be finished any time too soon.
Random blobs of color smeared together...  Mostly blue.
Swirls of purple, green and yellow - browns of every hue.

No straight lines of any kind; chaotic strokes of paint.
This jigsaw would even try the patience of a saint.
Now I get why other artists thought poor Vincent mad.
Someone must have dropped him on his head as a wee lad.

Van Gogh's moon, up close...  And this was the easy part.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Patriots - "Say It Ain't So, Joe"


What's an old New England fan like me supposed to do
Learning accusations made against the Pats are true?
We used footballs that were not the legal PSI.
Hoped it was an accident but now I wanna cry.

Didn't change the outcome of the game; the best team won
But, 'though other quarterbacks admit it's often done,
This makes us look dirty...  And for what? A stupid ploy.
It has made this Super Bowl much harder to enjoy.

Scandals haunt Bill Belichick; they're calling him a cheat.
(No one but a Pats fan loves a coach who won't be beat.)
Even if we crush Seattle, Belichick can't win.
He will only be remembered for another sin.

I don't think Head Coaches check the balls; it's not their job
But, because he's arrogant and rude (and he's a slob)
There are calls to fire Belichick...  That's really dumb.
Bill has won so many rings he wears them on his thumb.

I believe the Patriots will win with any ball;
It's our year and, although pride goeth before the fall,
Knowing that our reputation's underneath this cloud
Means I needn't worry that I'm gonna feel too proud.