Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For Casey and Luis

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Old Sturbridge Village

Going to another wedding - this one's for my niece.
Now I have to find a gown to wear that's made from fleece.
Wedding's at Old Sturbridge Village; part of it's outside.
There's a horse drawn wagon for the guests who need a ride.

All the rest of us will walk down quaint - but muddy - streets;
Forecast says it's gonna rain (unless, of course, it sleets)
And we'll miss a play-off game; the Pats play Tennessee.
I suggested they postpone... The bride did not agree.

I pray that the happy couple has a happy life.
Hoping that this journey they begin as man and wife
Leads to years of joy and love together for these two...
(If I have to freeze than it's the least that they can do.)

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Monday, December 04, 2017

The Best Tax Plan Money Can Buy


Looks like the Republicans' new tax bill's a done deal.
It will give big corporations licenses to steal.
They get permanent relief for sitting on their butts;
Middle class gets screwed, again, with temporary cuts.

Corporation leaders have no plans to reinvest;
They've said that they'll buy back stocks and pay down interest.
No new jobs or higher wages on the drawing board.
Still, they'll get a tax break that the country can't afford.

Bernie Sanders called it "looting..." I tend to agree.
Debt grows by a $1,000,000,000,000.00.  (Trillion, with a T.)
GOP says wealth will "trickle down" and help the poor
Even though that's never worked when we've tried it before.

I fear it's too late to stop it... Pointless to resist,
Since the wealthy donors to Republicans insist
That, if they don't pass this bill, the money well runs dry.
Now they'll get the best tax cuts their lobbyists could buy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Music in November Is Bad for Your Health


Recent scientific research proves that I've been right
All along when I've insisted that "Oh, Holy Night,"
"Dominic the Donkey," "Jingle Bells," and "Drummer Boy"
In November makes you sick instead of filled with joy.

Yes, I'm feeling "Bah humbug-ish."  Sure... You're all prepared;
Decorated, presents bought and wrapped while carols blared.
All this Christmas music in November makes me tense
Since I haven't done a thing...  I mean you no offense

But, I need 2 weeks (at least) before I'm in the mood.
Right now, I can understand the Grinch's attitude.
I'm glad all you Whos are happy - jingling away -
Me? I'd like some "Peace on Earth" until the holiday.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Have We No Shame?


As the list of women who've accused Judge Roy Moore grows,
Some in Alabama's GOP have hit new lows.
They still plan to cast their ballots for a pedophile
Rather than a Democratic moderate...  How vile.

One guy used the Bible, claiming Mary was a teen,
Joseph was an adult...  Jesus Christ! I feel unclean.
Others tried to weasel out by saying that "if true"
Then Moore needs to step aside - which he's refused to do.

Have we really reached the point where people will excuse
Child abuse from Senate candidates who share their views?
Please tell me that there are still some standards that we keep...
If not, then we're truly lost and I can only weep.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Too Soon?


Still too soon for talking about gun control, I guess...
Haven't finished cleaning - yet another - tragic mess.
Now is not the time to ask why 26 more died.
Maybe we're supposed to wait until the blood has dried.

At the rate that things are going though, there's one small hitch,
When we say we're too close to the situation - Which?
Were we still too close to Vegas?  When's the proper time
To discuss prevention of the next mass shooting crime?

There'll be lots of "thoughts and prayers" and silences observed
But, we future shooting victims would be better served
If, instead of waiting, in respect for all our dead,
We insist that Congress passes gun control, instead.

Universal background checks...  Is that too much to ask?
It gives us a fighting chance by helping to unmask
People who should not have guns...  Like guys who beat their wife;
If someone is dangerous they should be banned for life.

Thursday, November 02, 2017


(Do Not Feed The Trolls)
Knowing that the Russians have been weaponizing memes
With results that far exceeded Putin's wildest dreams
Leads me to a question that's been haunting me with doubt;
Is my opposition only helping Putin out?

Once I thought the worst damage had already been done -
On the morning I discovered Donald Trump had won;
Sowing seeds of bigotry, discord and discontent,
Which has only gotten worse since he's been President.

But, the fact that Trump has demonstrated he's a jerk
Doesn't mean that Russian trolls are not still hard at work
Judging by the Senate testimony from this week...
Ship of State is foundering - no paddle - up the creek.

Twitter couldn't tell our Senators how many "bots"
Might be on their service, echoing each others' thoughts.
Facebook isn't sure how many rubles Russia paid
Buying ads to influence decisions voters made.

Now we've gotten to the point where how somebody votes
Turns into a culture war aimed at each others' throats.
We all need to take a breath and find some common ground...
And remember Putin's Russian trolls are still around.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Another Prayer to the Sports Gods

I still can't believe New England traded Jimmy G.
What will happen if there's - gods forbid! - an injury
To the GOAT, Tom Brady, and it's worse than just a bruise?
I can tell you what will happen then... We're gonna lose.

I'm aware Garoppolo would like a chance to play
As the starting quarterback before he's old and gray.
At the rate that Brady's going, that won't happen here...
Still, I wish the Patriots had waited 'til next year.

I know Belichick's a genius...  Yes, in Bill I trust.
But, it's still a lot to ask some new guy to adjust
To the Pats, where he'd require more than just an arm...
Please dear sports gods, hear my prayer and shelter Tom from harm.

(Not that I am not already praying for the team
But the sports gods haven't listened to me, it would seem,
With so many crucial players on the injured list.)
Still... Good luck Garoppolo! I hope you won't be missed.