Friday, February 16, 2018

Parkland, FL - Just Another Massacre

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Thoughts and prayers. (Photo courtesy of

I guess all our "thoughts and prayers" from last time weren't enough...
You don't like school shootings every 60 hours? Tough.
Can't infringe on rights the Constitution guarantees.
Think some more dead children come before that? Honey, please.

We've become like moving targets on a shooting range.
NRA has bought the Congress... Nothing's gonna change.
Maybe if we found some way to siphon off their wealth;
Taxed gun sales and used the cash for funding mental health...

But - of course - we won't do that...  Or anything at all.
Only tired "thoughts and prayers." The writing's on the wall;
This is our new normal and it's likely to persist.
Just another massacre. We'll add it to the list.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Making King Converts

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I love it when people say they don't like Stephen King;
That a "scary monster" story ain't their kinda thing.
I just smile and - maybe - ask which novels that they've read
And I recommend his mainstream books to them instead.

In the past, Shawshank Redemption always changed their mind.
Now (although I much prefer the scary monster kind)
Stephen's latest trilogy is what I recommend...
Where you don't discover there are monsters 'til the end.

My mom is a recent convert... Working on my spouse
But he's kind of busy doing work around the house.
After he's retired though, and has some time to spare
I suspect my love of Stephen King is one we'll share.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

PyeongChang 2018

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Mr. S. can hardly wait until tomorrow night;
He loves the Olympics and has threatened that he might
DVR the whole darn thing and watch it night and day.
Doesn't want to miss a second of the Games they'll play.

After years of living with him, I no longer grouse
Even though the Winter Games, which so enchant my spouse,
Strike me as insanity...  A bunch of crazy kids
Hurtling down mountainsides on greased and fragile skids.

I feel for their mothers, holding their collective breath,
Fearing their beloved off-spring might be courting death
Flipping, flying, floating, freezing out there in the cold
Pushing past their limits in a quest to win the Gold.

I hope all the athletes who participate have fun;
Just the fact they're all in South Korea means they've won.
I'll be watching - cheering - warm and safely in my chair,
Wishing all the best of luck to everyone who's there.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dear Non-New England Patriots Fans; Really?

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I find it amusing when the fans of other teams
Think there's a conspiracy because New England creams
Almost every football franchise that we have to play.
"NFL has rigged the game," the latest losers say.

Is there really anybody who believes Goodell
Doesn't think New England's why his ratings went to hell?
It's not 'cause the players took a stand and took a knee,
Not because the fans are worried about CTE.

Ratings fell because New England almost always wins;
Patriots are favored before training camp begins.
When a team's as dominant as we are it's no fun
For the fans whose teams are not on this amazing run.

If we don't get penalized as much as others do
Could it be because we are more disciplined than you?
I'd think - were there bias from officiating crews -
They, like you and Roger, would prefer to see us lose.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The New England Patriots are #NotDone

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I'm aware I won't convince the fans of other teams
That they shouldn't mind it when New England's crushed their dreams.
If I'm being honest, I suppose I'd feel the same...
But, you must admit, the Pats deliver quite a game.

With Tom Brady on the field the outcome's not in doubt.
Even when the team is down, you never count them out.
You all get exciting football.  We just get the win.
Oh, no! Did I just commit the sports gods' cardinal sin?

I don't want to taunt nor gloat lest they they exact a toll;
Have to mind my Ps and Qs before the Super Bowl.
We're not done...  The Eagles wait and then, I guess, we'll see.
But you'll get outstanding football...  That, I guarantee.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For Casey and Luis

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Old Sturbridge Village

Going to another wedding - this one's for my niece.
Now I have to find a gown to wear that's made from fleece.
Wedding's at Old Sturbridge Village; part of it's outside.
There's a horse drawn wagon for the guests who need a ride.

All the rest of us will walk down quaint - but muddy - streets;
Forecast says it's gonna rain (unless, of course, it sleets)
And we'll miss a play-off game; the Pats play Tennessee.
I suggested they postpone... The bride did not agree.

I pray that the happy couple has a happy life.
Hoping that this journey they begin as man and wife
Leads to years of joy and love together for these two...
(If I have to freeze than it's the least that they can do.)

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Monday, December 04, 2017

The Best Tax Plan Money Can Buy


Looks like the Republicans' new tax bill's a done deal.
It will give big corporations licenses to steal.
They get permanent relief for sitting on their butts;
Middle class gets screwed, again, with temporary cuts.

Corporation leaders have no plans to reinvest;
They've said that they'll buy back stocks and pay down interest.
No new jobs or higher wages on the drawing board.
Still, they'll get a tax break that the country can't afford.

Bernie Sanders called it "looting..." I tend to agree.
Debt grows by a $1,000,000,000,000.00.  (Trillion, with a T.)
GOP says wealth will "trickle down" and help the poor
Even though that's never worked when we've tried it before.

I fear it's too late to stop it... Pointless to resist,
Since the wealthy donors to Republicans insist
That, if they don't pass this bill, the money well runs dry.
Now they'll get the best tax cuts their lobbyists could buy.