Friday, March 16, 2018

The New England Patriots - Fire Sale!

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I wish I knew what's been happening inside Gillette:
We don't know the story behind Malcolm Butler yet,
Or if there's a power struggle really going on,
Or if Rob Gronkowski has decided that he's gone.

Amendola, Lewis, Butler, and Nate Solder are;
Jimmy G's in San Fransisco and a rising star.
(I have never liked the fact New England always cuts
Players who deserve a raise for working off their butts.)

I'm aware that there are caps on salaries, but still
If we do not pay them what they're worth, then others will.
This feels like a fire sale where everything must go...
I'll admit that I'm concerned. I haven't panicked though.

This is not the first time and I'm sure it's not the last;
We have gotten through upheavals like this in the past.
With Tom Brady at the helm we'll - once again -adjust.
Just keep on repeating to yourself; "In Bill we trust."

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thank You National Grid, et al.

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Massachusetts just survived a pretty tough two weeks;
Three Nor'easters blew through here, as Mother Nature sneaks
One last blast of winter in - with two more feet of snow
Covering the broken trees that fell six days ago.

 'though there is a lot of shoveling I must complete,
Once I'm done I get to come inside to lights and heat
'cause we got our power back before this latest storm
And we made it through unscathed... I hear we're not the norm.

Lots of people on the Cape are sitting in the dark
As the temperatures descend below the freezing mark.
Thank you to the power crews who came from out of town,
Hard at work replacing all the lines these storms brought down.

I know we'll all get through this because we always do...
Blizzards in New England in the Spring are nothing new.
Doesn't mean we have to like it though - unless you ski -
Most of us are sick of winter here... Including me!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

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(Can you believe this woman is 80?)

My mom is extraordinary. Don't take it from me;
Anyone who's ever met my mother would agree.
She raised six kids on her own.  She's always in the loop.
She holds us together and we're still a tight-knit group.

Mom is a retired nurse. I'm told that she was great.
It was her vocation and, although she started late,
All her patients loved her because she would start to sing
Anytime a phrase reminded her of anything. 

She is warm and nurturing; a "Mom" to many strays...
Strangers she would welcome to our home on holidays.
It's a compliment when someone says I have her face.
(She was once a beauty queen who finished 2nd place.)

And my mom's still beautiful, although she's 80 now.
When we went to school together, I remember how
Handsome, younger men would flirt with her - 'cause she was fun...
Never mind the fact they weren't much older than her son.

My mom is a lady though; she oozes upper class.
Always gracious - even dealing with a horse's ass.
Calm in any crisis.  I am always filled with pride
When I have this stylish woman walking by my side.

She's been slowing down of late, but I still can't keep up.
Do her loved ones know we're lucky that we've got her? Yup!
Happy Birthday Mom!  May you have many, many more:
Healthy, happy, knowing you're the one we all adore.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

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I've been on a diet and I lost a little weight.
Family and friends have told me that I'm looking great.
I appreciate their compliments but can't agree...
Bathroom mirror tells a very different tale to me.

Numbers on the bathroom scale say I've lost 60 pounds
But the mirror still reflects the way my belly rounds
Into folds of flab and fat - a sad and saggy gut...
'though I will admit I'm not as wide around the butt.

I'm not sure how bad things were; tried not to look before.
Now I wonder how I got my fat ass through the door.
I may not be happy - yet - with what the mirror shows
But, at last, I don't need one of them to see my toes.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Arming Sister Margaret!

If the GOP agrees to sticking out their necks:
Call for comprehensive, universal background checks,
Give police authority to take somebody's gun,
Raise the legal age to purchase them to 21,

I think we should let the teachers in a school decide
If they want to have a loaded pistol by their side...
If they did - and if they're trained on how to use their guns -
I'm prepared to compromise and let them arm the nuns.

(Sister Margaret was armed... She had her rosary.
She'd begin to swing those beads when she was mad at me.
With that heavy, metal cross that dangled from the end
She was not a woman you would argue with, my friend.)

'though, not everyone is Sister Margaret - Thank God! -
My sons had two State cops coach their Varsity Wrestling squad;
I'd trust guys like them with guns if they brought them to school.
I would make that bargain any day...  I'm not a fool.

If the President's sincere and starts to back away
From positions long supported by the NRA
I think that he'd see his polls dramatically increase.
He would have my full support...  Will wonders never cease?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Resistance Is Still Futile

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I agree with Donald Trump. 'though, normally, I'd scoff;
I think that the Russians must still laugh their asses off,
Gleeful that the couple million rubles that they spent
Bought them such a "useful idiot" for President.

One who won't impose the sanctions that the Congress passed.
One whose foreign policy decisions are half-assed.
One with a well-documented tendency to lie.
One who doesn't trust his NSA or FBI.

They had so much fun the last time that they're back at work;
On-line trolls pretending they're an ordinary jerk.
Then their "bots" start amplifying those extremist views -
Spreading their conspiracies, supported by fake news.

It is kinda funny - in a tragic sorta way;
I've been doing Putin's job for him (without the pay)
Each and every time that I start kicking up a fuss...
That is worth a couple laughs, except the joke's on us.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Arming Sister Margaret?

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(The stuff of nightmares.)

 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students give me hope
That the NRA has finally got sufficient rope
To go hang themselves. As A+ members call their bluff,
It feels like the tide has turned.  The country's had enough.

Where the politicians feared to tread, these students dare.
Long time donors mailed in checks made out for "thoughts and prayer."
Companies are pulling their support as pressure grows
To do something - even though the lobbyists oppose.

Maybe, when the worst already happens (if you live)
You begin to find inaction harder to forgive.
Maybe all that righteous anger aimed at us adults
Has a halfway decent chance of getting some results.

I'm afraid to hope for much...  I wouldn't bet the store.
NRA has weathered many storms like this before.
I pray it's the tipping point and we'll get something done
(Anything but giving Sister Margaret a gun.)