Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's Happening? Part 3

Donald Trump did everything except bestow a smooch
Right on Putin's Russian ass - completely screwed the pooch.
Dancing like a puppet to the tune that Russia sings...
Makes me wonder why Trump's letting Putin pull his strings.

Trump said that he couldn't understand why Russia would
Meddle in U.S. elections and that Mueller should
End the witch hunt... Never mind that everyone agrees
Presidents leave politics behind when overseas.

Presidents don't disregard the briefings from their staff,
Don't ignore indictments, then explain it as a gaff.
They trust their intelligence reports and don't agree
With the word of former members of the KGB. 

I don't know what's happening or how we reassure
NATO allies in the region, but one thing's for sure
Putin got the guy he wanted - Trump as president -
And he's proving more than worth the rubles Russia spent.

Monday, July 09, 2018

The Celebrity President

 Image result for the apprentice

I don't watch Big Brother; I don't watch The Bachelorette.
There are no Real Housewives fighting on my TV set.
I can't stand the kind of shows they call "reality."
I don't find them entertaining; nothing there to see.

I do not like any shows where judges make a choice -
If someone is talented, can dance, or has a voice.
Not the target audience at which the Networks aim;
I don't want to see somebody's dreams go down in flame.

It's the kind of TV genre that the president
Loves the way that he loves FOX & Friends, because he spent
Years when his own program, The Apprentice, was the rage.
Sadly, he has brought this genre to a larger stage.

Tune in for the big reveal, tonight at 9 PM,
When Trump names his SCOTUS pick; his second one of them.
'though I'm a Survivor, I feel Naked and Afraid...
Sure that I'm not gonna like whatever choice he's made.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Choosing Sides in the Culture War

 Image result for team trump meme

I am almost 60 now, but I have never seen
Anything like this before; the differences between
Those who like the way that Donald Trump has done his job
And the folks, like me, who look at him and want to sob.

'though I've tried, I cannot understand the people who
Still believe the president says anything that's true.
Any time his lips are moving or he's typing tweets
He lies (or insults the global leaders whom he meets.)

I find that disqualifying; Trump supporters cheer.
Think "elites" are only crying in our craft-brewed beer.
Claiming "incivility" when someone argues back,
Screaming there's a "culture war" and they're under attack.

I can't see how they feel threatened; aren't they the ones
Who hold all the power now (and almost all the guns)?
I can't wrap my head around it, though I've really tried...
I'm convinced Team Trump will land on history's losing side.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The SCOTUS Blues

Image result for scotus kennedy memes

Funny (I mean funny "strange" and not the "ha ha" kind)
How fast Mitch McConnell can completely change his mind
About how elections matter when you choose a judge...
I can understand why Democrats may hold a grudge.

Donald Trump will get to pick his second nominee
For a seat on SCOTUS. They're a lifetime appointee;
Meaning that for 30 years or more the court will lean
To the right as it's deciding what our laws should mean.

I guess I cannot be shocked by this hypocrisy;
Just one more of many wounds to our democracy.
Maybe it's the weather for, although I should be mad,
I can barely muster up the energy for sad.

Monday, June 25, 2018

TDS - Getting Sicker by the Day

Image result for trump derangement syndrome

"You've got Trump Derangement Syndrome," diagnosed my son...
I'm afraid he's right because I tend to come undone
Anytime I hear what else our current president
Said (while his supporters claim "that wasn't what he meant.")

With this new, post-factual environment we're in
I'm becoming deafened by the ever present din
From the White House... Now I've got a ringing in my ears,
My blood pressure's through the roof. I'm frequently in tears.

I am prone to bouts of screaming when I watch the news;
My head spins at diametrically opposing views,
And I'm having trouble seeing how we fix this mess...
Crap! On top of Seussilitis, I've got TDS. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

FLOTUS on a Mission

 Image result for melania trump, really I don't care

"I really don't care. Do U?" Melania's coat read.
Wonder what was going through the First Lady's staff's head.
That is not the message that I'd think they'd want to send.
Even if the White House doesn't care, can't they pretend?

Donald Trump claims she was just expressing her disdain
For the "main-stream media" and not for children's pain.
That strikes me as just another presidential lie...
I don't trust a word he says but, if not that, then why?

Why on earth would anyone emblazon such a phrase
On their back? Their lack of sense continues to amaze.
That's the kind of thing I'd be expecting from a troll.
Never thought I'd live to see the FLOTUS in that role.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Suffer the Little Children...

Image result for crying immigrant children separated from parents
(Photo courtesy of The Washington Post)

I've been hearing Donald Trump's supporters justify
Tearing little children from their parents when they try
Crossing at the U.S. border, hoping to obtain
Safety and asylum here...  They're making me insane.

How dare they start spouting scripture at me? In God's name
Have these so called "Christian people" got so little shame
That they'd countenance the use of children to advance
Funding for a border wall?  That seems to be their stance.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump keeps lying; blaming Democrats
And his friends on FOX have claimed the whiny, little brats,
Torn away from parents' arms are "acting" when they cry.
Is there nothing sacred to the folks who back this guy?