Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Africa - I'd Take ISIL Any Day

(Photo/Courtesy of Frontline)

Hemorrhagic fever in West Africa has spread.
Thousands are infected now; 2,000 plus are dead.
Doctors there were overwhelmed - the system broken down -
As Ebola moved from rural village into town.

This outbreak got out of hand 'cause locals didn't trust
Guys in plastic suits insisting quarantine's a must.
Scary strangers came to take their relatives away
Since, without a cure, there's nothing else to do but pray.

Doctors Without Borders were the targets of these fears.
Villagers threw stones, sometimes, at health-care volunteers,
Lied and said they weren't exposed and they were feeling great;
Hiding any symptoms of disease until too late.

President Obama, in a speech he'll make today,
Will announce he's sending U.S. troops into the fray,
Plus supplies to aid the victims of this dread disease...
I think I'd feel safer bringing ISIL to its knees.

Yes, of course we have to help in any way we can.
They need our assistance; I support Obama's plan.
But I know if I were still in uniform today;
Africa, I'd think, should merit hazard duty pay.

Monday, September 15, 2014

#WhyIStayed With the NFL

(Image/Courtesy of jezebel.com)

We're big fans of football here (the kind the U.S. plays)
'though it's much more difficult to be a fan these days.
All the news about the sport is not, at all, the same;
It's about the violence inherent in the game.

With the Ray Rice video (the guy who punched his wife)
There is now a spotlight on the football way of life.
What we've found ain't pretty...  Once you've cut through all the noise,
Turns out that the NFL believed boys will be boys.

Didn't care if players got in trouble off the field;
They'd let athletes play before their girlfriends' bruises healed.
Why I stayed with football?  It's because I didn't know.
Focused on the passes that my quarterback would throw.

Once, I'd be ecstatic that my team - New England - won...
But we won, in part, because a Viking beat his son.
This October let's replace pink arm bands on the sleeve
With a vow:  Abusers play? The fans get up and leave.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Whacking Moles

 Whack-a-Mole demo

Critics are complaining that Obama's stated goal -
Going after ISIL - is like playing "Whack a Mole."
First we hit al Qaeda hard - invade Afghanistan;
Hit again when they reorganize in Pakistan.

Hammer them in Africa; they pop up in Iraq.
When they crawl out of their holes we take another whack.
'though the critics have a point, it isn't quite the same...
These moles want to hurt us and the fight is not a game.

True, these guys are vermin who we'll have to hunt and kill
And this infestation will keep spreading there until
Countries in the region put their differences aside;
Muslim leaders find a way to heal their great divide.

If they cannot pull together things will fall apart...
Still, our coalition to fight ISIL is a start.
Enemies of enemies could, possibly, be friends;
That's the only way extremist terrorism ends.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Supporting The President's Strategy

President Obama, with his Nobel Prize for Peace,
And determined that we not become the world's police
Did his best to extricate us from the Middle East...
Give the poor man credit for attempting it, at least.

'though we tried to walk away from it - they've dragged us back.
The Islamic State is where we'll focus our attack.
With a coalition, some who wish to not be named,
Fearful that, when things go wrong, their governments get blamed.

Countries who believe we lack the will to see this through;
Betting that Americans are sick of war...  That's true.
What they haven't counted on, however, is the fact;
We are very good at war once we decide to act.

Congress must support Obama; give him all he needs.
Our words aren't enough right now.  They must be backed with deeds.
We can't fix the Middle East...  Of that there's ample proof.
But, we can find ISIL and put missiles through their roof.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Massachusetts' Primaries

Yesterday I went to vote; there wasn't any line.
Only 3 were casting votes while I was casting mine.
(Turnout for a primary election's never great
Even though it helps decide who's gonna run the state.)

To the shock of no-one, after all was said and done,
Most of the front-running candidates for office won.
There is one incumbent shocked; a Congressman who's out.
Relatives' shenanigans brought Tierney's fall about.

Candidates for Governor were narrowed down to 5;
'though it's only 2 campaigns with any chance to thrive. 
Democrats chose Martha Coakley while the GOP
Cast their votes for Charlie Baker overwhelmingly.

I'm a likely Coakley voter with an open mind.
Need to do more research and assess the facts I find,
Watch debates and listen to what candidates will say...
There is still a lot of time before election day.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Mrs. Ray Rice

Embedded image permalink
Watch the video Mrs. Rice.  Then, get a lawyer. (Photo/NBC News)

TMZ released a tape of Baltimore's Ray Rice;
Video that shows him punching his fiancée - twice.
Fighting in an elevator; with a mighty clout
Ray hit Janay hard enough to knock the woman out.

'though the incident was almost 7 months ago,
It was only yesterday the Ravens let him go.
Said they didn't realize how bad the beating looked.
Thought that, since police released him after he was booked,

Ray's 2 game suspension would be punishment enough...
That teams aren't at fault when players treat their women rough.
I guess girls need video before somebody cares.
(FOX and Friends believe it proves that girls should use the stairs.)

I don't plan to blame the victim - who's now Mrs. Rice -
I'd just like to offer unsolicited advice.
Any man who'd hit a woman isn't worth her time.
She should get a lawyer and sue Ray for his last dime.

Monday, September 08, 2014

New England Patriots, 0-1?


All through Spring and Summer I've been waiting for the day
Football season started... I could watch New England play.
Yesterday it happened; 'twas their first game of the year.
By the end, the reasons I'd missed football weren't clear.

'though at first it seemed that we had dominating stats -
23 unanswered points...?  The Dolphins beat my Pats.
Our Offensive line had gaping holes they couldn't shut;
Brady spent the second half of football on his butt.

Defense did no better for they couldn't stop the run.
Patriots looked awful 'neath that hot Miami sun.
(Hopefully, it's not a sign we've made the sports gods mad.)
Belichick's got work to do, 'cause yesterday was bad.