Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Kitchen Renovation - Baby Steps

baby steps
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"First step in the reno process," Dave the builder said
"Meet with a designer" who will take what's in my head
Put it down on paper, help me order what we'll need...
Turn my kitchen from a thought I've had in to a deed.

Wish me luck; my kitchen renovation's underway.
Looking forward to what Green Design Group has to say.
My mom's coming with me because I don't trust my taste.
She will be here shortly so I've no more time to waste.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Bibi's Bid To Congress

Netanyahu Gives Obama a Wedgie © Daryl Cagle, ...
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Bibi Netanyahu was invited to address
Congress by Republicans...  A diplomatic mess.
Many Democrats say they aren't planning to attend;
Partisan divides that may be difficult to mend.

President Obama isn't meeting with the man - 
Well aware of Netanyahu's feelings on Iran.
It's not some State secret that I'm telling out of school;
Saying the relationship between the 2 is cool.

Neither leader likes the other yet they have to work
With a guy that they're convinced is acting like a jerk.
This speech may help Bibi with elections in 2 weeks
But Israelis' cause gets damaged with each word he speaks.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Bad, Bad Vladimir Putin

... takes the nerdiness one step further: Six Degrees of Vladimir Putin
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Leroy Brown was bad so no one messed around with him.
Meaner than a junk-yard dog...  'though, meaner still was Jim.
Jim looks like a pussycat, however, when compared
To the Russian President.  Heck, even Big Jim's scared.

Putin's not a man the opposition wants to cross,
As their leader, Boris Nemtsov, learned - to his great loss.
Murdered by the Kremlin's wall; they shot him in the back.
Cameras weren't working at the site of the attack.

No one knows who pulled the trigger but the point is clear;
Russian opposition leaders have good cause to fear.
Do not spit into the wind or tug on Putin's cape...
Not unless they've also started planning their escape.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Done Procrastinating

 Procrastinators-Unite-Tomorrow-funny-slacker-tshirt-college-shirt-mens ...

I am a procrastinator who, for several years,
Has ignored (because of kitchen renovation fears)
Broken drawers and peeling floors - accumulated grime.
Now, despite my nature, I believe it's finally time.

Something in the oven blew...  We heard a muffled whump.
It's the final straw.  I have to renovate this dump.
Builder comes tomorrow; when he's ready we can start.
Then his crew and he will begin tearing things apart.

I need a designer's help with cabinets and floors,
Counter-tops and lighting, choosing which appliance stores.
There's so many choices and decisions to be made...
This is such a daunting task.  No wonder I've delayed.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Defunding DHS?

Budget Battle Begins — Countdown To Defund Obamacare or Government ...
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As the Friday deadline looms to de-fund DHS,
Is the Congress hard at work on compromising? Guess.
If you thought; 'Of course they are... They don't dare drop this ball,'
Sorry to inform you - that was not the proper call.

GOP Conservatives say funding's gonna halt
If they do not get their way, and it's Obama's fault.
All because the President set new priorities
For illegals we deport from our communities.

Focusing on criminals - not kids and moms and dads.
Won't spend shrinking budgets to deport new high-school grads.
That's enraged Republicans enough they say they will
Take a stand on it ('though not an Immigration bill.)

So much for their party's claim of strongest on Defense...
Put us all at risk to build a longer, border fence?
We face bigger threats to our Homeland's Security.
How dare they not pay the folks protecting you and me?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Taken Hostage By Republicans

America Held Hostage (Cartoon)
(Cartoon/Courtesy of

Hostage threat's been issued and the terror level's high,
'though you'll be surprised at who the threat's been issued by.
Not the goons of ISIL... They just want to see us dead.
Isn't al-Shabab (though they've made malls a place to dread.)

Boko Haram's hostages are children, sold as slaves.
Threat's not from the people who'd love spitting on our graves.
We've been taken hostage from within.  The GOP
Say that they'll refuse to fund Homeland Security.

In a world where we confront new dangers every day
That's so irresponsible it takes my breath away.
Want to block Obama?  Fine. But pick another bone.
Leave the people working to protect us all alone.

Monday, February 23, 2015

FOX Trolls and Foreign Policy


FOX News brand conservatives have all been up in arms;
Angry at Obama - claiming his discretion harms
Our war on extremists who use violence as their tools.
They insist he use the word "Islamic" but they're fools.

Make this a religious fight and world consensus fades.
Countries in the region, who remember the Crusades,
Want to join a war on terror - not one on Islam.
Why would he offend our strongest ally - the imam?

Most imams say terrorists are  un-Islamic thugs
Murdering in Allah's name... Not worthy of the rugs
Where they kneel for daily prayers or else they would have heard
With their gruesome actions they're perverting Allah's word.

We're all hunting brutal killers, call them what you will.
President Obama's showing diplomatic skill
Using nuanced language to achieve a common goal.
I guess that's too subtle for your average FOX News troll.