Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump Leads in ABC/WaPo Poll? Seriously?

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Donald Trump supporters, in their search for something new,
Want to find a person who will share their point of view.
Since The Donald changes his positions on a whim,
Voters can project their own opinions onto him.

But, with far more disaffected voters than I'd dreamed;
I, who thought that Trump was just a joke - that he'd get creamed
By someone responsible I'd trust to do the job,
Find this vulgar bully playing to an angry mob.

Can't believe they really plan to nominate this jerk...
I can understand some anger; Congress doesn't work.
That's why we need adults who will work across the aisle...
Seems to me, diplomacy is not The Donald's style.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Little Bit Pregnant?

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Never thought I'd grow to miss the Seussilitis bug.
Swore that if the CDC developed some new drug,
I would volunteer for trials pursuant to a cure
Yet, now my obsession's gone, I find I'm not so sure.

It was kinda fun to think my thoughts in metered rhyme,
Didn't mind the fact it was a massive waste of time.
Now that I no longer have the fevered urge I had,
I've been thinking that a relapse wouldn't be so bad.

Maybe just a limerick, a little verse or two.
See if neural pathways will remember what to do.
Right now they are pretty rusty so we'll have to see...
But, if symptoms do return, it still ain't poetry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Decision Made

Youngest son has picked a college; he chose Worcester State.
We just took the tour with him and thought the school was great.
It's the perfect place for him; somewhere he can excel...
If he puts the effort in, which only time will tell.

This bright apple of our eye fell not far from the tree.
 I know our son's really smart but he's a lot like me;
I am a procrastinator... Lazier than hell.
I'm afraid he may have those genetic traits, as well.

If so, I don't envy him.  His major, unlike mine,
Takes a lot of planning, work, and math but he'll be fine
If he got a single gene for logic from his dad
He will be the brightest star that Worcester State has had.

Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools?

I've got all my fingers crossed that this will be the day
Most of Donald Trump's supporters laugh at us and say;
"April Fools! We didn't mean it...  This was all a joke.
No one sane would vote for Trump; we've just been blowing smoke."

"Donald Trump for President? Do you all think we're nuts?
"Donald Trump, who's clearly demonstrated he's a putz?
"Ha ha...  We sure fooled you guys.  You really fell for it."
Got me good. Congratulations.  Now, could you please quit?

Joke is over and it isn't funny anymore;
Not with talk of rioting on the Convention floor.
No one's laughing now - not even Democrats like me -
Watching as the Donald tears apart the GOP.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Apathy v. Seussilitis

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Haven't written rhymes in months... You know the reason why?
Possibly because I'm giving apathy a try.
I'm not reading books or e-mails; haven't been on-line.
All my time and energy reserved for me and mine.

Kitchen renovations (now completed) left me stressed.
Nightly news and politics were making me depressed...
Donald Trump was only funny when I thought he'd lose.
I'm not laughing now that he's been beaten by Ted Cruz.

Even football got distressing. It's been hard to cheer
When the scientific evidence has made it clear
Football players hurt their brains on every single hit -
I still watched New England though, 'cause I'm a hypocrite.

But, today, I felt some stirrings - got the urge to rhyme -
And, if you are reading this, I thank you for your time.
Hope that you and yours are well and you'll check back to see
If the rhyming bug can help defeat my apathy.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Unsolicited Advice to Those Who'd Honor Our Troops

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Pentagon is paying sports teams honoring the troops;
Patriots got $700,000.00...  Oops.
That's not very patriotic, if you're asking me,
(Even though, I've heard, they let the Navy in for free.)

Shouldn't we be paying them when troops show up to sing,
Or when they unfurl the flag or fly some massive thing
Over our sports stadiums before we play a game?
Charging for the privilege to honor them is lame.

Ought to donate all that money - and some more, as well -
Put it in to causes that will really honor vets...
 (Wonder if it's cheaper to get honored by the Jets.)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Not Taunting... Gloating

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P-A-T-S... Pats, Pats, Pats just won against the Jets;
Game was very close (New England didn't cover bets.)
But, despite a fifth of all his passes being dropped,
Brady's proved he's on a mission and will not be stopped.

I won't use the "U" word that's been bandied here-abouts,
I know - in regards to sports gods - people have their doubts
But I, still, remain convinced the sports gods DO exist
And that cockiness is on their Thou Shalt Not Do list.

I'll just count my blessings, with Tom Brady being first.
Thank them for Bill Belichick and pray I haven't cursed
Us before the Dolphins game we're playing Thursday night...
Careful not to boast or make predictions as I write.

Go ahead and call me superstitious if you want
But prior experience has taught me not to taunt.
Still, the sports gods can't begrudge Pats' fans the right to gloat;
Even they must recognize Tom Brady is the GOAT.