Friday, April 18, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Polar Plungers


Oldest son, in college, soaks up knowledge like a sponge
And was smart enough that he declined the Polar Plunge.
Several friends have called him out ('though I'm not naming names)
And, 'til someone dies, I'm sure it's all just fun and games.

Sadly, in New Hampshire, yesterday, somebody did...
Jumped into the water as the on-line challenge bid.
Now his friends and family grieve the loss of this young man.
Prompting local colleges to institute a ban.

Just because your friends jump off a bridge, it doesn't mean
You should dive in with them and be dead before 19.
Find another stupid thing to challenge friends to do;
One that doesn't leave you dripping wet and turning blue.

Taking the Polar Plunge (Photo/Courtesy of WMUR)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Question Authorities

The mother of one of the missing victims of the ferry disaster in South Korea. (Photo/

Hundreds are still missing and the hopes for rescue shrank
As a second night descended on the tragic scene.
I feel my heart breaking...  I'm the mother of a teen.

There are some survivors.  They ignored what they were told;
Left their cabins, put on vests, and braved the bitter cold.
Those who were obedient went back into their room;
Listened to authorities who sent them to their doom.

On the day the towers fell they also said to wait.
Those who listened to instructions left it 'til too late.
Maybe we should teach our kids the first thing to be done
If the shit has hit the fan - drop everything and run.

Don't let someone tell them things are going to be fine.
When the threat is serious don't meekly fall in line.
Question the authorities 'cause they're not always right.
Run goddammit! Save yourself - and me - from such a plight.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Russian FOX News

The Russian version of  Bill O'Reilly; Dmitry Kiselyov

In a propaganda war it's hard to know what's true.
Both sides may be lying...  We know Putin's told a few.
Russian news claims Nazi sympathizers rule Ukraine,
Backed by U.S. Special Forces.  Clearly, that's insane.

Russians must believe it though 'cause many of them call
For new annexations in Ukraine...  Don't want it all.
Just the eastern bits (the part with mines and rich farmland)
And, if we don't like it, we are welcome to pound sand.

Russians seem to think their country's only lending aid,
It's as if they're trying to form rational world views
When their only source of information's like FOX News.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Boston Marathon Bombings' One Year Anniversary

Marathon survivor and Chelmsford native, Jeff Bauman, just released a new book.
Just a year since Boston was attacked - but it feels longer.
Terrorism didn't win...  It only made us stronger.
'though we saw the worst of man we, mostly, saw the best.
Cowardice of 2 young men made heroes of the rest.

Strangers rushed to render aid to victims of the blast;
I have never seen so many people move that fast.
We will always mourn the three who died that April day;
That's a sense of loss and grief that hasn't gone away.

Yet, how many more were saved by strangers from the crowd
Rushing in to help the wounded?  They made Boston proud.
Didn't hurt that local hospitals are world renowned;
Better care for trauma victims couldn't have been found.

On this anniversary I dedicate my rhyme
To those brave survivors; praying that they'll heal with time...
Knowing that - for them - a single year is not that long;
Hoping they will lean on us, 'cause we are Boston Strong.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Russian Example - Watch Your Step Canada
Ukraine.  (Courtesy of/

Ukraine is preparing for the Russians to invade,
Just like in Crimea - where they "intervened," then stayed.
Ethnic Russian speakers have invited Putin in
Which would start a war that the Ukrainians can't win.

Putin may decide it's worth the cost and go ahead.
There's already fighting in the streets, with people dead.
This provides the pretext that the Russians may yet use,
Having calculated that they don't have much to lose.

Well aware the West won't go to war to save Ukraine,
They're prepared to suffer future, economic pain.
I don't think they realize how bad that pain could get
But I know that sanctions haven't stopped the Russians yet.

Right now it's not money that they're thinking of - it's pride.
Tried to see the situation from the other side;
But, it's like we'd seized Toronto, threatened Montreal,
And planned to take Southern Canada before the Fall.

Saturday, April 12, 2014



April 15th's coming up - when taxes will be due -
So I don't have time to write a silly rhyme for you.
Hope you have an easy time with filling your forms out.
I, however, find myself about to swear and shout.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Republican Women... Seriously?

(Courtesy of

GOP insists that Democrats are playing games;
Want to make Republicans the ones a woman blames
When she can't get equal pay for doing equal work.
Say it's just a ploy to leave them looking like a jerk.

They weren't gonna fall for that they said, and voted no.
They don't have to worry though, 'cause I already know
I would rather punch myself about the head and face
Then vote for Republicans in an upcoming race.

I am also sick of games that politicians play,
But it's not a game when we are talking equal pay.
Fairness in the workplace keeps the country growing strong.
GOP's position is insulting and it's wrong.