Monday, June 18, 2012

Secret Citizens United?

I am not a fan of Mitch McConnell's...  Never was.
Think a major reason we're in trouble now's because
He made it his mission that Republicans would not
Give Barack Obama and his policies a shot.

Now - just like Mitt Romney - he has gone and flipped a flop;
Thinks that full disclosure of donators needs to stop.
Likened it to "Watergate" and "targeting your foes."
What made Mitch McConnell change his mind, do you suppose?

Citizens United, though a lofty sounding name,
Has already undermined the fairness of the game.
Said that money equals speech and speech, of course, is free.
(Lately, though, it's gotten quite expensive, seems to me.)

Even if I grant you that - to speak one must be heard.
Now they want a secret speech? That strikes me as absurd.
When you buy elections, let the voters know your name.
If Republicans should win, then we'll know who to blame.

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