Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Common Ground?

Trump continues proving that he hasn't got a clue
What it is the country wants its President to do.
Most of us do not want chaos - don't want World War III.
Don't like governance by tweet or - worse - Sean Hannity.

But, a large minority of voters think it's fine...
Don't see any reason for the Donald to resign.
Do not care that he's disruptive... Feel that it's a plus.
They applaud whenever Trump starts kicking up a fuss.

Maybe they are entertained by him but I am not.
I am in a state of deep despair.  My nerves are shot.
I can't understand why Trump's supporters aren't afraid...
Unless they do not believe the statements that he's made.

That is something we agree on... Maybe there is hope?
Could it be that they're aware the President's a dope?
If they do not trust him either, that could be a start.
It would mean Americans are not that far apart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shocked At The Gamble


Tennessee Republican Bob Corker said that he
Fears that Donald Trump will get us into World War III.
Claims his colleagues know it, too...  Well, isn't that just great.
Nice of them to realize it now that it's too late.

With their trumped up culture war the heartland chose to back
Someone who was only qualified at "talkin' smack."
Like Claude Rains in Casablanca, now they're shocked to find
That they gambled on a man who isn't sound of mind.

Now we get to wait and see which way the dice will fall;
If we're in "the calm before the storm" that kills us all.
I sure wish the usual suspects would grow a pair;
Take a stand against the "chaos..." Get Trump out of there.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy 20th Birthday

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and indoor

Happy birthday darlin'...  May you have a hundred more.
Hope you smile so much it makes your facial muscles sore.
That still wouldn't make us even...  These last 20 years
You have made me grin and laugh until I was in tears.

You have brought such joy to us, my love, that we'll forgive
Those few times I wasn't sure if we would let you live.
But, I'm really glad we did...  Especially today.
Who wants peace and quiet from their children anyway?

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Dear Congress... Spare Us

 Image result for sarah huckabee sanders

Spare me the condolences and useless thoughts and prayers,
Lowered flags and silent moments...  No one really cares.
I'm so sick and tired of the empty gestures when
Nothing ever changes...  And it's happening again.

"Now is not the time to talk about it," Sanders said.
We should "come together" for the wounded and the dead.
Background checks and gun control would not have stopped this crime,
Therefore, we should just do nothing, like we did last time...

And the time before that and the all too many more
When they've offered thoughts and prayers in speeches from the floor.
Lowered flags?  I'm sure that - this time - that'll do the trick.
I think I might go and vomit now...  I'm feeling sick.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


 Image result for graying roots memes

I just got a dye-job on my hair - erasing years.
Hadn't realized how ancient graying hair appears.
Problem is that, once you start, it's kinda tough to quit...
When gray roots start growing back, it's gonna look like shit.

I don't tend to bother with appearances that much;
Don't wear make-up, jewelry, accessories, and such...
But we're going to a wedding with a "hipper" crowd
For my sister's daughter... She said, "frumpy's not allowed."

So, I'm getting all dolled up...  I even did my toes.
Went out shopping with my Mom and bought some sexy clothes.
Don't think I can keep this up 'cause it's a lot of work.
Frumpy is much easier and I'm a lazy jerk.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Taking a Knee

 Image result for patriots taking a knee during national anthem meme

Football players take a knee to demonstrate concern;
Waiting, praying for an injured player 'til they learn
If the guy will be okay or if he's badly hurt
While he's lying there in pain and writhing in the dirt.

They don't kneel in disrespect...  The opposite is true.
Now they're worried for our body politic (Me, too!)
With a sitting President who's chosen to attack
Free speech from a former San Fransisco quarterback.

I know there are people who will not agree, and yet
Even Robert Kraft, who is as pro-Trump as you get,
Said he's "deeply disappointed" by the Donald's "tone..."
Judging by the NFL's response, Kraft's not alone.

I served in the military 30 years ago
And don't find it disrespectful when the players show
Their concern in peaceful protest when they take a knee.
Why that should insult our troops or flag's a mystery.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear Mrs. May... US, Too

Image result for theresa may on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
(Photo courtesy of ABC News', This Week with George Stephanopoulos)

As United Nations leaders gather in New York,
I sure wish our President would learn to put a cork
In it, because any time that he shoots off a tweet
He steps into - yet another - scandal with both feet.

I watched poor Theresa May, the Brits' Prime Minister,
Asked what her reaction to the Donald's comments were
As she stiffened up her lip, kept calm and carried on,
And, politely, said it wasn't helpful of the Don.

She (like all our allies) is unsure of what comes next...
Will Trump start a war with North Korea via text?
Are we in or out of Paris?  What's Trump gonna do?
Join the group Theresa...  We're all wondering that, too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Castle Rock in Chelmsford?

Image result for castle rock

I had yet to hear the news and so it was a shock
When location scouting agents stumbled on my block.
They were looking here and in some other neighborhoods;
Said they were from Warner Brothers and they liked our woods.

They are shooting Castle Rock - a Hulu TV show -
Based on books by Stephen King.  But, now I wanna know
What is it the scouting agent saw that made her think
Our woods would be suitable?  Now I'm afraid to blink.

Did she see a rabid Saint Bernard or scary clown?
Are there monsters roaming through my quiet, little town?
It's a little disconcerting when somebody looks
At your house and thinks it's like something from Stephen's books.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Do The Math

 Image result for climate change deniers meme

How is it, as millions try to flee from Irma's path,
Climate science's deniers still can't do the math?
This is what the scientists predicted coming true.
Ocean's gotten warmer; now the bill is coming due.

Storms that only happen every thousand years or so
Hitting the United States for two weeks in a row?
Catastrophic floods in Houston; Florida's up next.
It seems evident to me that Mother Nature's vexed.

If our prayers aren't answered - if the hurricane won't turn -
I hope Mar-a-Lago floods.  Then, maybe, Trump will learn
It's not just the "little people" global warming hurts,
Businessmen like him are also gonna lose their shirts.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

 Image result for dreamers daca memes

Dreamers got a rude awakening from Donald Trump;
He kept campaign promises he made while on the stump.
He's eliminating DACA which protects a kid
Who was not responsible for what their parents did.

95% of them, in college or employed,
Will not have the luxury they formerly enjoyed
Of not fearing deportation from the only place
They have ever known.  This is a national disgrace.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, Dreamers registered.
ICE knows where to find them now that action's not deferred.
I guess when the President said he would show some heart
He meant that he'd give Dreamers a six month running start.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Move-In Day - Part 6

Image result for college move in day memes
(I believe it's "Freshmen.")

Youngest son is back at school and he'll be sorely missed.
This year, though, I didn't get my panties in a twist.
Didn't weep on move-in day...  Just helped him make his bed,
Put away his clothes and took him out to lunch, instead.

Gave the standard "Carpe' diem" speech and then we left.
This is our 6th move-in day and so we've gotten deft
At the process.  We were in and out in half a day;
Only got a little "misty" when we drove away.

Mostly, I'm just happy for him. This will be his year.
All he has to do is focus (and lay off the beer.)
We have known forever that our youngest son is great.
Now he has to prove it to the folks at Worcester State.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Making a Comeback

 Image result for zipping jeans meme

Have a pair of jeans I struggled getting past my hips...
Put them on this morning and - Voila! The zipper zips.
Now they even seem a little baggy 'round the butt;
Evidence of progress from the calories I've cut.

I've still got a lot to lose before I reach my goal
But at least I'm down to just a single belly roll.
Weight's been piling on for years. It's bound to take a while.
(Probably around the time that disco's back in style.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thoughts and Prayers to Texas

Image result for houston flooding memes

Floods of Biblical proportions struck the Texas coast.
Rain's still falling; Harvey's back... It looks like Houston's toast.
They've got snakes and alligators swimming up the street.
Rainfall's being measured now in multiples of feet.

People in their thousands fled but have no place to go.
Everybody's offered help (including Mexico.)
If you'd like to join the effort, please donate on-line
Or text "HARVEY" and send to 909-99.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Noooo! Not Edelman.

Image result for julian edelman and wes welker memes

I have got this thing for slot-receivers; guys like Jules.
Edelman, who's one of Brady's most essential tools,
Tore his ACL in Friday night's pre-season game.
Out before I even wore my jersey with his name.

It is a replacement for the one I have for Wes.
Welker left because he pissed off Belichick, I guess.
Up until I got their jerseys, both those men were fine.
Maybe I should not buy jerseys? Could this be a sign?

Even without Edelman, New England's looking good.
If nobody else gets injured I believe we should
Make it to another Super Bowl...  But this I swear;
I'll be much more careful of whose jersey that I wear.

Image result for julian edelman and wes welker memes

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Labor Day Classic

 Image result for golf meme funny

I have not played any golf this summer...  Not one hole.
Haven't even swung a club nor given putts a roll.
But, I'm in a tournament - The Classic - Labor Day.
I'm a former trophy winner, so I have to play.

Do not get the wrong idea. It's a family thing.
I won't be the only person taking their first swing
At the dimpled ball when we are teeing off on 1.
At this invitational, we mostly play for fun.

We'll have lots of "swing oil" with us, ride around in carts,
And I'm sure that we'll play brilliantly - in fits and starts.
It's not really for the trophy that we golfers strive
But that thrilling feeling from one single perfect drive.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Haystacks of Hate

 Image result for straw that broke the camel's back meme

I think Donald Trump was right when he said he could shoot
Someone and his core supporters wouldn't give a hoot.
All the current polling data fills me with despair...
He just stabbed the country in the heart. They still don't care.

I was so naive to think that this would be the straw -
Charlottesville must break the camel's back, from what I saw.
Yet the polls are showing his supporters think Trump's great,
Even here in Massachusetts' mostly liberal state.

I was proud of Boston's counter-protest Saturday;
More than 40,000 people met the KKK
And the white supremacists who came to make a speech
Back, behind the barricades, and safely out of reach.

From the stage the neo-Nazis uttered not a squeak.
Not one chose to exercise their right to freely speak
But, they're all so brave on-line (or when they have a gun)
Now that there's a President in office like this one.