Monday, June 12, 2017


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 Claiming that our rookie President made a mistake,
Speaker Ryan says we ought to give the guy a break.
Why would someone clear a room if they were unaware
They were gonna cross a line? Republicans don't care?

Trump did not collude with Russia...  He's not smart enough.
He is just a bully who is bent on acting tough.
Not the "best negotiator" if he couldn't see
James Comey's reaction to a "pledge of loyalty."

Trump cannot control himself but that does not excuse
Politicians who think he's a tool that they can use.
I'm no longer blaming Donald Trump...  I fear he's ill.
I DO blame Republicans and hope that voters will.

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Clown In Chief

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There are none so blind as those who still refuse to see
Donald Trump as President's a tragic comedy:
Tragedy because the situation isn't funny -
Clown in office who I wouldn't trust for love nor money. 

I don't think that Trump colluded, didn't - quite - obstruct.
I think he's a narcissist who's set to self-destruct.
He belongs, not in the White House, but a padded cell.
Let's just hope he doesn't take the country down as well.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sincerest Apologies to The Mayor of London

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I have reached a stage of such complete embarrassment 
At the thoughtless comments by the U.S. President
To the Mayor of London after terrorists attacked
That I cannot find the words...  I'm totally gobsmacked.

May I please apologize, to England and the world
For the stupid insults that my president just hurled.
Let me just assure you that he doesn't speak for me.
I send my condolences and this apology.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Congratulations Darlin'

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Oldest son is now a graduate of Plymouth State.
May have had a bumpy start but - Wow! - he finished great:
Straight As...   Now he's planning on a graduate degree.
He is proving quite the credit to our family tree.

Friday, June 02, 2017

I Guess We Won't Always Have Paris

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Trump just pulled us out of Paris...  Makes me wanna weep.
Stomach's churning and I'm having nightmares when I sleep.
Planet Earth's the only home the human race has got -
I'll be dead before the oceans rise...  My sons will not.

'though it's hard to narrow his disasters down to one
So far, this could be the worst thing Donald Trump has done.
Climate change is global. Now our country's walked away.
China's filled the role of leadership we used to play.

All the nations of the world and scientists agree
Global warming's happening.  Well, all except for three:
Syria and Nicaragua...  The United States.
Maybe we can lead the countries Mother Nature hates?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Free Flowers?

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We went with a Craftsman from Sears.

Bought a riding mower; it's my husband's latest toy.
We've been cleaning up the yard - a hobby some enjoy.
Working in the garden? I consider it a chore:
Weeding, edging, planting, mulching...  Now my back is sore.

Gardening as relaxation?  Not if you ask me.
Why can't we just think of  weeds as flowers we got free?
Don't we all have better things we'd rather do in May?
Wish I could convince my neighbors to see things that way.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Shove Seen 'round the World

Donald Trump, the President of these United States,
On an - almost - daily basis, clearly demonstrates
He's unfit to lead this country... An embarrassment.
Yesterday, he shoved the Montenegrin President.

That's the newest NATO Member Donald Trump just shoved.
I'm sure that's a video that Putin must have loved.
Some believe it's only right our President went first...
I thought that it showed the world our country at its worst. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tom Brady and The Sports Gods

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What on earth is Brady thinking? Has he lost his mind?
He's agreed to grace the Madden cover...  Is he blind?
What about poor Rob Gronkowski?  What about the curse?
Now he's making jokes about it? That just makes things worse.

Sure!  It's all just fun and games... Until the sports gods strike.
Just the thought of what could happen makes my heart rate spike.
Please Tom, I am begging you to stop (although you scoff)
If I'm right and there are sports gods, you've just pissed 'em off.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#Resist - Count Me Out

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(Courtesy of J.L. Thibeault)

Saturday will mark 100 days since Donald Trump
Took the Oath of Office, sending me into a slump.
I have lost the urge to rhyme the news.  I've grown depressed.
I cannot remember when I last felt so distressed.

Every day it's something else: another crazy Tweet,
Threatening the North Koreans with a naval fleet,
Presidential interviews that don't make any sense...
Trump's so unpredictable he makes our allies tense.

Trump supporters do not understand why I'm afraid.
95% of them still like the choice they made.
And it's no good arguing with them by using facts
If they aren't already worried by the way he acts.

Since Americans cannot agree on what is true
I don't know what good a demonstration's gonna do.
My plan is to wallow in my misery...  Alone
Hiding 'neath my blankets.  Sorry folks. You're on your own.

Thursday, February 09, 2017


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Jeff Sessions won't do, Liz insisted.
Admonished, still Warren persisted.
She got the word out.
By wielding their clout
The GOP Leaders assisted.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Amateur Hour in Washington

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"Silencing" Liz Warren had the opposite effect;
Just another reason I'm beginning to suspect
That the folks in Washington who hold the reins of power
Run our government like some bad amateur hour.

I said I'd give Donald Trump's Administration time
And I've kept my promise... Not a single snarky rhyme.
Although we're just two weeks in - to me, it feels like years -
And, already, Donald Trump's the sum of my worst fears.

I have tried to understand...  I'm watching Fox and Friends,
Where they breathlessly report each tweet the Donald sends.
But I've started having trouble telling what is true.
Scary knowing it's where Trump gets Daily Briefings, too.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Haters Gonna Hate

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There is great rejoicing here in each New England town;
Breathing's almost back to normal, heart rate's slowing down.
Soon the rally will be rolling through the Boston streets
Filled with fans who do not care if you think our team cheats.

We get why the fans of other teams must hate our Pats,
Celebrating (yet again) in new tee-shirts and hats.
If we knew there's nothing that our team will ever do
That could match the Patriots, I guess we'd hate them, too.

Sports gods' First Commandment is that fans ought not to gloat
But that rule's suspended when your quarterback's the GOAT.
And real fans of football, even those who curse our name,
Must admit the Patriots delivered quite a game...

Possibly the most amazing game I've ever seen
Since I started watching back at Super Bowl XIX.
We love Belichick and Brady - not for politics -
But because we want Lombardi trophy number 6.