Thursday, February 04, 2016

Apathy v. Seussilitis

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Haven't written rhymes in months... I really don't know why.
Possibly because I'm giving apathy a try.
I'm not reading books or e-mails; haven't been on-line.
All my time and energy reserved for me and mine.

Kitchen renovations (now completed) left me stressed.
Nightly news and politics were making me depressed...
Donald Trump was only funny when I thought he'd lose.
I'm not laughing now that he's been beaten by Ted Cruz.

Even football got distressing. It's been hard to cheer
When the scientific evidence has made it clear
Football players hurt their brains on every single hit -
I still watched New England though, 'cause I'm a hypocrite.

But, today, I felt some stirrings - got the urge to rhyme -
And, if you are reading this, I thank you for your time.
Hope that you and yours are well and you'll check back to see
If the rhyming bug can help defeat my apathy.