Monday, June 11, 2012

Race for the White House - With Friends Like These...?


President Obama has some interesting friends
Who, perhaps responding to some recent polling trends,
I bet David Axelrod wants all the leakers shot.

Senator McCain - who I supported (Not of late...
Stood up in the Senate and accused the President;
Said it wasn't only drones and Stuxnet that he'd sent,

But a message - loud and clear - that he's the man in charge
I think John McCain forgot that we already know
President Obama has been heading up the show.

Seems a rather sneaky way to change the story line.
But, to say the President - who's prosecuted more
Leakers than has any other President before

Wanted secrets spread across the front page of The Times,
Or that he's behind the people who've been dropping dimes
Proves to me Republicans will go to any ends...
Enemies like that?  The President needs better friends.

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