Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Another Curse?

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Lately Boston's Red Sox haven't been a lot of fun.
On a brighter note however, yesterday they won.
Snapped a 4 game losing streak with Buchholz on the mound
And I'm feeling hopeful that the team will come around.

Still, I think the dug-out hasn't found its happy place.
Valentine can't seem to stand the sight of Youkilis' face.
Shopping him to other teams - Not getting any bites.
I would bet that tension's led to arguments and fights.

Call me superstitious but, I sense another curse
As the situation seems to go from bad to worse; still leads you to the Yankees' site.
Think the owners of the park have got to make it right.

"Sports gods? That's just crazy," says my Yankees' loving spouse
(Which can lead to stressful conversations at our house.)
"Sox need runs... That's all it is," my most beloved said.
Easy thing for him to say...  His Yankees are ahead.

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