Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear America... You're Welcome.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) -- William “Mo” Cowan was ...
Senator William "Mo" Cowan, MA

You don't have  to thank my state ('though, probably, you should.)
Secretary Kerry running State? He's really good.
He's been training for this job for his entire life.
Wishing best of luck to him and to his lovely wife.

This meant that my Governor decided who would go;
Patrick picked his former Chief of Staff; a guy named Mo.
Cowan doesn't want to be our Senator for long.
Says he'll work with Kerry's staff; is bound to get things wrong...

But, it's hard to disagree with Deval Patrick's choice;
Senate-Designee provides an independent voice.
Speaks for Massachusetts; not for lobbyists or PACs.
I think that outweighs the Hill experience he lacks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 113th Congress - Bi-Partisan Immigration Reform

Photo credit/

Looks like immigration policies will see reform.
Both sides came together in a nearly perfect storm.
President Obama keeps a promise that he made.
G.O.P. just watched their hopes for power start to fade.

John McCain acknowledged demographic changes had
Made the future chances for his party pretty bad.
If they didn't change their tune, the only people who
Would vote for Republicans were white (and older, too.)

Bobby Jindal says they have to keep from acting dumb,
Need to watch their rhetoric - throw immigrants a crumb.
Now it's in their interests, Republicans will act.
Nothing like elections to enlighten them to fact.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guns, by Stephen King

Guns (Kindle Single)
Available through Amazon.

Stephen King has written a new essay titled Guns.
Bought it on my Kindle so I didn't freeze my buns.
Only cost a little bit and all the proceeds go
To a fund for gun reform (which could mean lots of dough.)

I would read a laundry list if that's what Stephen wrote.
If he ran for office in a state where I could vote,
I would send him to the Senate; quite a sacrifice...
No new books and I've already read his old ones - twice.

One of them I read before he pulled the book from print,
(Didn't like the Bachman books; they never had a hint
Of the light that's at the core of things that Stephen writes.)
Didn't have  to pull the book; his 1st Amendment rights

Offered him protections which he limited himself.
Thinks it's time we take high-powered weapons off the shelf,
Universal background checks, keep bullet counts to 10,
Funding for our mental health but says that, even then,

We can't ever stop the boys determined to succeed.
Wonder if an age limit is something that we need?
Seems to me these murderers are young and angry men.
Something must be done before it all shakes out again.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pity the Boston Sports Fan

Boston sports fans haven't had a lot of things to cheer;
Just a week and all our hopes for glory disappear.
We are plagued with injuries and not a lot of wins...

Yesterday the Celtics' fans grew worried; 'though we won.
Rondo tore his ACL - which means his season's done.
That's a major problem.  Rajon Rondo has been key
Now that it's the Heat that cheers at "Ray Allen for threeee!"

I still cannot talk about the Patriots' collapse.
It left me depressed and I'm afraid I may relapse.
21 unanswered points? Just what the heck was that?
Since when is our Offense so spectacularly flat?

Good news is that now I can enjoy the Super Bowl.
If your team is in it, watching football takes its toll.
Patriots are out of it; they've packed away their pads.
I don't care who wins the game; I'll watch it for the ads.

Pity the poor Bruins though, with such a daunting task;
All the hopes of Boston fans on them and  Tuukka Rask.
Celtics are in trouble now that Rajon Rondo's out.
Boston fans need some sports team that we can brag about.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Boys... You Are Killing Your Mother

Way below 0.

Took the dog outside today.  I think I froze my toes.
Only out for minutes and I couldn't feel my nose.
I wore coat and hat and gloves and still - my fingers? Numb.
Neither son wore coats today 'cause teenage boys are dumb.

Just in case you're thinking that they don't own coats? They do.
Both of them have winter coats and we have extras, too.
Three are in a locker, there's another at a friend's,
One is lost, the other is the jacket that he lends

To his lovely girlfriend who, I bet, displayed good sense;
Bundled up and warm and so, my two loves - no offense -
Global warming doesn't mean it's hot out every day.
Make your poor mom happy and wear coats next time, okay?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The 113th Congress - Hillary on the Hill

Secretary Clinton, faced with grilling on the Hill,
Answered questions civilly but, oh, if looks could kill...
Hillary, who's not a fan of Johnson's or of Paul's,
Might have left fresh corpses in the Senate's hallowed halls.

Focused on conspiracies and asked her to explain
Why she didn't know who killed our diplomats at first;
Pointing fingers, hurling accusations they'd rehearsed.

Mrs. Clinton took the blame but it's more widely shared.
G.O.P. would not have cut State's budget if they'd cared.
We have 20 Embassies which also face a threat...
State Department's coffers haven't seen an increase yet.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 113th Congress - Kick the Can


When I was a little girl we all played Kick the Can;
Someone kicked one down the road and everybody ran.
Person who was "It" then had to run and bring it back,
Put it somewhere safe and then protect it from attack.

Then he had to go and hunt the other players down;
Chase them anywhere they chose to hide throughout the town.
If the person tagged you then you're caught and you were jailed
'til somebody kicked the can again and you high-tailed.

One thing I remember is the "It" job really stunk...
Turn your back for just a minute on the can? You're sunk.
Congress also seems to thrive on playing childish games.
G.O.P., aware that they're who everybody blames,

Chose to kick debt ceiling controversy down the road,
Meaning our economy remains in "stand-by" mode.
You can never win a game like that - which isn't fun.
Congress needs to grow up now. There's work that must get done.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We The People and the Inaugural Address

That was not the speech I thought the President would give
But, to the delight of  the Progressives where I live,
He stepped up and made the case why We the People should
Get our act together and support the common good.

Only when we come together does the country work
And ('though short on details where the problems always lurk)
Democrats were overjoyed; Republicans are not.
They were hoping they would hear that compromise was sought.

President Obama's speech - a shot across the bow -
Knowing most of us are in agreement with him now,
Called for We the People to speak up and have his back
If we don't approve of a Congressional attack.

Write or call your Congressman or woman...  Send them tweets.
Contact on-line chat-rooms... Organize and hit the streets.
Let's dispense with labels and start spreading it around.
Surely We the People can discover common ground?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Third Time Was The Charm

For the second time Obama swore his public oath.
There - before the Capitol - he, sadly, flubbed them both.
First time Justice Roberts said the Oath of Office wrong;
Got them all confused and chose to quickly move along

Swore him in again in case the first one didn't stick.
Didn't want the Birther crowd to think it was a trick.
This time, though, Obama slipped and stumbled on a word...
Messed up on "United States"; his error clearly heard.

You don't have to worry though, 'cause that was number 4.
Swore him in on Sunday, privately - just like before
And his youngest daughter said her father got it right.
Hope he doesn't trip Michelle Inauguration Night.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lies, Lies, and More Lies.

People tell each other lies and most of us get caught.
People lying to themselves (and who of us has not?)
We can always justify our lies if given time.
Think we've got it covered until someone drops a dime.

Lance and Manti Te'o - on a very public stage 
(Everywhere I look they're splashed across someone's front page)
Victims and the perpetrators caught up in deceit.
Facts in both their cases are still somewhat incomplete.

I am torn on this 'cause Manti Te'o's just a kid.
Kids are known for doing stupid stuff...  I'm sure I did.
Armstrong? Here, I find myself reminded of Claude Rains;
Shocked that Rick's  has gambling while raking in his gains.

Maybe we should let it go.  We know that both men lied.
Held a public hanging before anyone was tried.
Both now face a future in which neither one is trusted.
Lies can turn around and bite your ass...  And then, you're busted.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

License and Registration, Please.

Aston Martin DB9 Crash
I knew it would happen.

Eldest had an accident and mangled up my car.
No one's hurt because of it...  At least, they aren't so far.
I have not decided yet if I will kill the boy.
Doesn't seem to realize; a car is not a toy.

I know that he's sorry 'cause he tells us that a lot.
Hasn't asked to use Dad's car... He knows there's not a shot.
Now I'm stuck until my car is fixed and, even then,
I know that my son will ask to borrow it again.

That's not gonna happen for a while; he needs a break.
Won't go into details but it's not his first mistake.
He will not be happy but at least he'll be alive.
Life is so much scarier since our son learned to drive.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Alex Jones, et al. - Really?

Alex Jones, guru to crazy people, hints at government conspiracy in ...
(Alex Jones)

Gun enthusiasts - afraid we'll take away their guns...
So far out of touch that their obtuseness simply stuns -
Threatened that they'd go to war in case Obama tries.
Why on earth would anyone sell weapons to these guys?

They're the kind of people who, I think, should be disarmed.
Add them to a registry before someone gets harmed.
Not that it would matter. They could purchase guns at shows.
They won't need a background check...  Thus, on and on it goes.

It's been said; "If everyone is armed we're more polite."
Look across the pond and you'll discover that's not right.
Too late now, that genie's out and it's not going back;
But, we must try something to prevent the next attack.

I don't want to take your guns, but - high round magazines?
They're the kind you often find at massive murder scenes.
Keep the bullet count to 15 lives some killer wrecks,
And we should require universal background checks.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 113th Congress - The Party's Over

I guess it's too much to ask that Congress do its job.
They're too busy moaning that the President's a snob;
Doesn't hang around with them or have them in for drinks,
Doesn't seem to care what Mitch McConnell really  thinks.

Hey! I love a party just as much as anyone;
And I know that, sometimes, they're a way to get things done.
Sometimes, though, a Party only wastes the People's time.
Right now, the Republicans - the subject of this rhyme -

In a fit of pique have said, if they don't get their way,
They won't foot the bill for debts that we're obliged to pay.
Neither side is speaking now; they won't negotiate.
Party's almost over folks.  It's getting pretty late.

Speaking as a hostess who's had more than just a few
Parties, let me tell you what the Congress needs to do;
Put a pot of coffee on.  Sit down and share a cup.
Those folks are our drivers and it's time they sobered up.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The New England Patriots - A Prayer to the Sports Gods

Rob Gronkowski SI Cover
I told you so. (PhotoCredit/SI)

You can call me crazy (and you wouldn't be the first)
But I've grown convinced that Rob Gronkowski has been cursed.
Why does any athlete tell Sports Illustrated  yes?
For the great majority, their season is a mess.

Gronk is now a casualty; he broke his arm again.
Next we play the Ravens and we're gonna miss him then.
Woodhead also left the game...  (Thank gods there's always Wes.)
The officials blew some calls.  Was that a fumble? Yes.

Even so, New England won and - with a little luck -
We can beat the Ravens (besides, losing now would suck.)
Sports gods, don't you think the price too high for Gronk's mistake?
You can pay us back by giving Belichick a break.

I know that Ray Lewis must be praying to you too
But, although I won't presume to tell you what to do,
I don't ask for miracles...  Just help Bill find a way
To get to the Super Bowl.  This I, most humbly, pray.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The New England Patriots - Don't Get Cocky Kids

I have got my fingers crossed; I've even crossed my toes,
Waiting to discover how the game on Sunday goes.
Pats will meet the Texans in a game we have to win;
Hope New England's ready at 4:30 to begin.

Last time that we played this team we handed them a loss;
Defense and Tom Brady showing Houston who's the boss.
This time they'll be ready for us; blitzing, on attack.
I am so relieved that Rob Gronkowski's finally back.

I won't make predictions 'cause it makes the sports gods mad;
Look at all the ups and downs the Patriots have had.
Sports gods, when they're angry, can affect the way we play
And they don't like taunting; thus, I'm watching what I say.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boston's Mayor Declares Health Emergency. Great... Now He Tells Me.

PHOTO: New study suggests an oral flu vaccine may be more effective than flu shots.
 Youngest has a nasty cold or, possibly, the flu;
Thereby guaranteeing that I'm gonna get it too.
If this is the milder version ('cause he got the shot),
I could be in trouble here because his mom did not.

Doctors still advise that people go for the vaccine,
Cough into their sleeve, don't touch their face, and keep hands clean.
I do not like any shots that I don't have  to get,
But this season is among the worst on record yet.

Boston's mayor has just declared a health emergency,
And they've started offering the flu vaccine for free.
If that's what my poor son has I'm probably too late;
Just another victim of the virus in my state.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FOX & Friends: Unbalanced & Unfair

 Saw a show called FOX & Friends; but friendly they were not.
Watched in disbelief as each host took their cheapest shot.
Back when Mrs. Clinton had a fall and hit her head,
"She is only faking it," the friends on FOX all said.

They spend time with angry people - put them on the air;
Some of them unbalanced; the majority, unfair.
They create a controversy and then call it news.
FOX is just a forum for extremist, right-wing views.

In a recent study it was found that people who
Get their news from FOX don't have a grasp on what is true.
They know less than people who don't follow news at all.
I think that it's time to give the F.C.C. a call.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Smeejie Get Your Gun?

(Photo/ REUTERS/Dave Kaup)

In the wake of Sandy Hook, where 20 children died,
Nation in a state of shock; Barack Obama cried.
(He was not the only one who's eyes had sprung a leak
I know that I wept non-stop for the entire week.)

We all swore we'd make a change to stop these killing sprees.
Think that anything will ever happen?  Honey, please.
While the Newtown parents buried daughters and their sons,
People, in the thousands, stood in line to purchase guns.

Weapons sales went through the roof and bullets sold out quick.
Proof, to me, the culture that we live in's pretty sick.
NRA sounds rational when people are afraid.
How far has my own position on this issue strayed?

I've begun to think that arming teachers makes good sense.
Maybe build a moat, or else electrify a fence.
We now have so many guns we can't uncross the line.
There's a gun for everyone...  I wonder who has mine.

Monday, January 07, 2013

The 113th Congress - Mind Your Own Business!

Former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) faces an uphill confirmation battle for Secretary of Defense

President Obama wants Chuck Hagel for Defense.
Vietnam, enlisted man - he makes a lot of sense.
Hagel's a Republican; a former Senator...
GOP opposes him; you want to know what for?

They thought him disloyal when he criticized Iraq,
Felt that he should fall in line and cover Bush's back.
Didn't like his comments that our strategy was wrong.
Wanted him to just shut up and meekly go along.

Other groups were lining up to fight his confirmation
Well before Obama even made the nomination.
Since when does the Congress block a Cabinet request
If a nominee can pass a simple ethics test?

Hagel is a man of honor - a refreshing voice -
And, just as importantly, he is Obama's choice.
Unlike Susan Rice however, he will fight for Chuck.
But I bet the President is thinking "What the ....  (ahem) heck?"

Friday, January 04, 2013

The 113th Congress - A Sisterhood of Senators?

Image result for 20 women senators

Twenty women Senators...  I guess that it's a start.
Mustn't get excited; put the horse before the cart.
Just because they're women doesn't mean they'll all agree.
Still, I'm very glad that Warren's representing me.

She might soon be senior in a funny twist of fate.
Kerry, if confirmed, will leave to take the reins at State.
(Barney Frank would like his job, but doesn't want to run.
As of now, in recent polls, Scott Brown is number one.)

As the Senior Senator from Massachusetts, she
Steps into the shoes once filled by Teddy Kennedy.
Warren's smart; she'll learn the moves for Senate cloakroom deals,
And, like 19 others, she'll be making them in heels.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

The 112th Congress - Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Bum On Your Way Out.

The 112th Congress (Photo/Atlanta Blackstar)
Welcome to the One Thirteen; farewell One, One, Two.
I can almost guarantee we won't be missing you.
Maybe your replacements will be better - Can't be worse...
Not unless the Congress shifts from stalled into reverse.

Even on the fiscal cliff you only kicked the can.
Hopefully, the One Thirteen can forge a better plan.
All you ever did was fight and, thus, got nothing done.
In the end, I wonder what it is you think you won?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

The traditional kiss in Times Square.  (Photo credit/

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you all the best.
Hope you had a peaceful season; caught up on some rest.
Husband's back to work again; the boys are back in school.
Told them that I'd miss them (Momma didn't raise a fool.)

But, there is a part of me that's felt so out of touch;
Didn't follow world affairs or watch the news so much.
Listened to the BBC and so I caught the gist.
Details and the nuance were the things I kinda missed.

Dr. Seussilitis re-emerges with free time.
I'm just getting up to speed about which news to rhyme;
So, I beg your patience, please, as I shift in to gear.
Promise to get better as we enter this New Year.