Friday, September 28, 2012

Race for the White House - "Reality Has a Well-Known Liberal Bias."

Recent polls are showing that Obama's in the lead -
Romney's lagging far behind - 'though FOX has disagreed;
Not just media, but polls show liberal bias, too.
Therefore, Romney's really only trailing by a few.

Any time Conservatives aren't happy with the facts
They blame a conspiracy of secret, liberal pacts.
Questioning the science and the motives of their foes;
Finding liberal bias in the things that they oppose.

Yes, it's true that polls are not exact, but still
If there's any truth to them at all Obama will
Win it in a walk-off...  If the numbers haven't lied
It looks like the President will crush the other side.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Across the Pond (Kind of) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Swan Song

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Photo/

I have heard a swan will sing, just once, before it dies...
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sung one full of lies.
He's as lame as ducks can get but his last U.N. speech
Gave this narcissist a global stage from which to screech.

On the Jew's High Holy Day; called them "uncivilized."
Quoted Persian poetry until he realized
He had lost his audience.  The U.S. didn't show.
We already knew which way the wind was gonna blow.

Middle East is all our fault.  We're Satan...  Blah, blah, blah.
Persia has been civilized forever...  Rah, rah, rah.
Just ignore the tensions over Syrians who've died;
Never mind the I.A.E.A. claiming that you've lied.

Problems in the Middle East go back 3,000 years
And Iran, for much of it's, incited neighbors' fears.
Even its own citizens are careful where they walk...
That was not a swan song - that was Mahmoud's final squawk.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Race for the White House - President Obama Enjoys The View

The President and First Lady sit down with the women of The View. (Photo/ABC)

President Obama's being criticized again;
Didn't meet world leaders who attended the U.N.
This has knocked important, foreign noses out of joint;
'though I wish he'd met with some, I guess I see his point.

With our moral suasion having reached its lowest ebb -
Owing to some weird film that's been posted on the Web -
What could he accomplish; have we not already said
Syria's a travesty?  Too many people dead.

Why sit down with Netanyahu (who he doesn't like)
When he won't agree with him on a preemptive strike?
Why have talks with Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Right now, our relations with Egyptians are not good.

Only thing you get from meetings?  Headlines FOX can use;
Something they can spin about, in keeping with their views...
Which folks did he meet with?  Why did someone get the snub?
Who is in and who is out of that exclusive club?

At the risk of running long, I also have to say
I don't think world leaders would expect it anyway...
Not in this election year - not if they read the news.
I would also choose The View if in Obama's shoes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New England Patriots - Enough is Enough

Uh oh...  That's a no no.  (Photo/

Touchdown? Interception? Interference? Maybe not.
Ball goes past the uprights...  Where's the instant replay shot?
My coach was so angry with officials Sunday night
That he touched a referee and, though it wasn't right,

Who on earth can blame the guy?  I would have done it too.
Bad officiating means my Pats are 1 and 2.
Monday Night was terrible.  The Packers should have won.
This is just ridiculous.  Let's get the contract done.

Games are running longer; there's more fighting on the field.
Give the refs a pension plan.  It's time (and past) to yield.
Seems by now, with all the fines the coaches have to pay,
There should be enough (and more) to fund an IRA.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The 112th Congress - Teats on a Bull

Hello?  Anybody there? (Photo/

Now I see why people want to represent their state;
Congress's vacation benefits are really great.
They are back in recess - after 4 days on the job...
I think that's incredible, and I'm a lazy slob.

Not as if there's any work for them to do.  Oh, wait!
Yes there is.  In fact, they've left a lot still on their plate:
Farm bill, jobs for veterans, the looming fiscal cliff,
All the things they said they'd do to help the working stiff.

But - instead - they're going home, with so much left undone
Can't imagine meeting with their voters being fun.
Cannot work together so the Congress called it quits,
Proving they're as useful as a bull with massive tits.

Friday, September 21, 2012

RIHCA Volunteer of the Year - My Dad: Peter S. Corr, Jr.

He was younger than I am now in this picture.  I hope to age as gracefully.

Going to a luncheon in Rhode Island for my dad -
State where he was born and bred and brought up as a lad.
Navy men, it seems to me, no matter where they roam
Always have a special place they think of as their home.

For my dad, Rhode Island is that place - retired there.
Now the state will honor him for his outstanding care;
Volunteer of this past year...  He's busier than me.
Works as hard as ever, yet he's doing it for free.

V.A. driver, Miriam, whatever he can find...
Altar boy in times of need and - though his legs are bad -
I don't think that I could ever keep up with my dad.

We are very proud of him - and of his patient wife;
View him as a model for a fine, up-standing life.
Therefore, as fair warning to Rhode Island, let me say
Kids from Massachusetts may try stealing them away.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Massachusetts Senate Race - The 1st Debate

WBZ TV is moderating the first of 4 debates between Elizabeth Warren(D) and Scott Brown(R)

Polling here in Massachusetts for the Senate race:
Two show Warren leading with Scott Brown in second place.
One says Brown's ahead by 6 - Elizabeth will lose.
Polls are meant to clarify the picture, not confuse.

Both the candidates will get together here tonight.
This debate should demonstrate what they'll bring to the fight.
I'm still leaning Warren's way but listening to Scott.
Am I still persuadable?  I don't know...  Maybe not.

'though I like the fact that Brown's bipartisan and nice
I am not prepared to make Obama pay the price.
I think he'll need every Democrat that he can get;
Thus, electing Warren seems (to me) the safest bet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Race for the White House - Stick a Fork In It.

I think this goose is cooked.  (Photo/The New Yorker)

Should Obama lose this race to Romney, I'll be shocked...
Never mind the millions Crossroads GPS has stocked.
Maybe the economy is not in perfect shape
But, poor Mitt has blundered once again - and it's on tape.

Mother Jones released remarks that he made "off the cuff."
I have listened to it and it's pretty damning stuff.
Said that half our people are just victims who won't work.
Romney, yet again, has come off looking like a jerk.

True that many do not pay a federal income tax;
Doesn't mean they sit around at home and just relax.
Need to have some fat to spare to put "skin in the game."
(This archaic tax code that we've got is what's to blame.)

Said the Middle East is doomed and there could be no peace.
Romney's put his foot in it...  Will wonders never cease?
How the polls are even close I - frankly - do not know.
Think, this time, Mitt Romney's dealt himself a fatal blow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Image courtesy of Forbes

Happy Birthday Occupy.  You've been around a year.
Didn't get too much accomplished in that time, I fear.
Camping out in city parks and banging on a drum
Doesn't mean the change you want to see is gonna come.

Have to organize yourselves and go on the attack.
Trying to encircle buildings doesn't change a thing.
Need to fix the Congress where, right now, cold cash is king.

Fiscal cliffs and sequestrations are not sexy stuff
Still, we have to tell the House and Senate; "That's enough."
Have to make them implement reforms now on the books.
Put your Representatives at home on tenterhooks.

Let them know you plan to vote and that you won't forget
Which side they've been fighting for.  They'll listen then, I bet.
Wall Street just steps over those who sleep out in the parks.
Need the law's protection when you're swimming with those sharks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The New England Patriots - The Sports Announcer's Curse Strikes Again.

MLB Dick Stockton
I blame Dick Stockton and John Lynch for the Patriots' loss. They said "The Patriots haven't lost their home opener in 10 years" exactly one hundred and thirty-seven gazillion times yesterday...  Thereby initiating the sports announcer's  curse.
Thanks guys.

Don't know what it was we did to make the sports gods mad;
Judging by the way things went this Sunday it was bad.
Maybe we were victims of the sports announcer's curse.
It was painful watching as the game got bad...  Then worse.

Early in the Opener at home, Hernandez out,
I thought that our Offense was inspiring some doubt.
Arizona's Defense rushed Tom Brady left and right.
(Want to know who Belichick is missing now?  Matt Light.)

Our Defense was playing great, 'til sports gods intervened.
Arizona blocked a punt - our kicker's clock got cleaned.
Referees kept missing contact happening down field;
Shocked and silent fans looked on in disbelief, and reeled.

Just when things looked darkest - I'd accepted we might lose -
As the fans in Foxboro put on their boogie shoes,
Defense caused a fumble and it seemed the Pats would win...
No-one could believe Gostkowski's kick did not go in.

Red Sox lost last night, sports gods...  So, not just once, but twice.
And my golf swing's just developed quite a nasty slice.
Hockey has a lockout...  Tell me, what are fans to do?
Please accept apologies if we've offended you.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Across the Pond - Or, According to FOX News; Race for the White House

Crowdfunding "Sean Hannity is an idiot"

Best way I can tell I'm wrong? When FOX News thinks I'm right.
That's the situation I was in on Thursday night.
What with all the protests spreading through the Middle East
I thought I should give the folks on FOX a chance, at least.

Then I watched Sean Hannity...  They really call that news?
Interviewing Palin for her "expert" Mid-East views?
She cannot see Egypt when she's standing in her yard.
Tried to find the logic in her arguments...  Too hard.

FOX News blames Obama; 'though, for what?  I can't be sure.
Something about doing some apologizing tour.
Then they played a clip montage and still I never heard
President Obama use the dreaded "sorry" word.

FOX seems more concerned about how Romney is perceived;
Playing petty politics while all the nation grieved
At the tragic loss of life; 4 people lying dead.
Spare me the excuses for the stupid things Mitt said.

Yes, I am still angry at the news from overseas
But, to take the word of those on FOX about it?  Please.
Think I'll stick to NPR with experts I can trust.
Trying to get any facts from FOX News was a bust.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Prayer to the Golf Gods

How I love September golf.  I'm playing it a lot.
Yesterday, if I may say, I hit an awesome shot...
Actually, I hit a few.  I really was on fire.
When I told my loving husband, he called me a liar.

I think I'm offended.  I don't lie about my game.
If you cheat to win at golf it doesn't feel the same.
I guess I can understand his skeptical reply;
I was truly awful when I last played with the guy.

Couldn't hit a chip and hold the green to save my life.
Yesterday I stuck them close.  A man should trust his wife.
Now I'll have to back it up.  We're playing Friday, too.
Golf gods, I'd be grateful for a helping hand from you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Across the Pond - U.S. Embassies Attacked in Cairo and Benghazi

 Protesters destroy an American flag pulled down from the U.S. embassy in Cairo September 11, 2012. Egyptian protesters scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy on Tuesday, tore down the American flag and burned it during a protest over what they said was a film being produced in the United States that insulted Prophet Mohammad. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egyptian protestors storm US Embassy. (Photo credit Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters)

Yesterday our Embassies were subjects of attack;
Stormed the walls and tore Old Glory down - hung flags of black.
Cairo and Benghazi...  Our Ambassador is dead.
Libyans blew up his car as he and others fled.

What would be the cause for these two "allies" fighting us?
What's behind the outrage?  What's the reason for the fuss?
Seems that there's some movie that nobody's even seen,
And Muhammad comes off looking bad from what I glean.

Guy who made the movie is American and so
That appeared to be enough for angry mobs to grow.
I would say that's quite enough of this and screw them all.
Leave us out of it and kill each other.  Have a ball.

Islam needs a Reformation and it needs it bad -
Speaking from experience about the one we had.
But, until they drag themselves from ignorance and fear,
I think the United States had better just steer clear.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - The New York Yankees and Domestic Bliss

Now, when Red Sox fans don't care, the Yankees come to town.
Feels as if the sports gods plan to kick us while we're down.
New York leads the A.L. East and Boston is in last.
Seems (to me at least) this baseball season's in the past.

Mr. S. is happy though; the Yankees are his team
And, because I love the man, of course I wouldn't dream
Trying to deny him T.V. access to the games.
'though I cannot promise I won't call them any names.

Not his fault my team's so bad this year...  That's all on us.
(Pretty sure we're tossing Valentine under the bus.
Players never trusted him; they didn't like his style.)
I think the rebuilding of this team will take awhile.

So, I'll take my punishment when Mr. S. is near
But, coincidentally, he's traveling - not here.
Thus, although I'll miss him, I'll be spared the awful sight,
I don't plan to watch the game, at all, tomorrow night.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Across the Pond - Vladimir Putin's for the Birds
President Vladimir Putin and a Siberian crane. (Photo/

President of Russia has been busy, as of late,
Proving that he's not your ordinary head of state.
I don't mean election fraud...  That isn't very new
Other leaders do it also (more than just a few).

Not support for Syria - there's China and Iran,
Nor his taste for Pussy Riot serving in the can.
Jailing those who disagree?  Believe me - it's been done.
But his latest project?  I think he's the only one.

Putin plans to dress in white and lead a flock of cranes;
Teaching them to fly established, migratory lanes.
Can't imagine Merkel or Obama doing that.
President of Russia is a caring autocrat.

President Putin prepares for his journey south.

(Photo/Президент России)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The New England Patriots - Let The Games Begin!

New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady.  (Photo/
Thank you gods for football season...  Baseball season's stunk.
Watching as our hopes to make the play-offs, daily, shrunk.
Red Sox broke our hearts this year.  The Bruins may still strike.
None of that will matter once Tom Brady takes the hike.

Don't want to get cocky here - the sports gods disapprove -
Also know the Titans have receivers who can move.
Still, I like our chances and predict the Pats will win.
Can't tell you how ready I am.  Let the games begin!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Race for the White House - "Just the Facts, Ma'am"

Watched the two Conventions that the major parties threw;
Listened to the speeches; saw too much red, white, and blue.
First came the Republicans in Tampa...  Platitudes -
Only thing on offer in those southern latitudes.

Heard about Mitt Romney's heart - how he's a lovely guy.
Listened to Paul Ryan, up on stage, tell us a lie.
Saw a lot of older people - most of whom were white -
Speaking of the values represented by the Right.

Then I watched the Democrats in Charlotte all this week;
(Moved to tears the night I heard Michelle Obama speak)
But, I feared that - once again - there wasn't any meat.
Next night, though, Bill Clinton had me glued into my seat.

Using facts and numbers and the details that I crave,
He reviewed Obama's record - gave the man a rave.
Made a cogent argument while laying out his case;
Something that's been lacking in this Presidential race.

Last night as Barack Obama stepped to center stage
(Can't believe how much that Office caused the man to age.
Why on Earth would any person ever want the job?
I could not be paid to take it...  I'm a lazy slob.)

He, unlike Mitt Romney, offered more than just cliche' -
Spoke about specifics.  Romney/Ryan?  Who can say?
They won't tell me why to trust them.  President just did.
That's why I'll support him in his re-election bid.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Race for the White House - Free iPads for Everyone.

"Liar, liar.  Pants on fire;" on his latest quote.
Ryan's telling whoppers while he's stumping for the vote.
Even FOX reporters said he'd reached a stunning low.
If he isn't careful then his nose might start to grow.

GOP's as much as said that facts get in the way.
Don't support the narrative they're trying to portray.
If they told the truth, they think, we wouldn't like their guy.
Therefore, they've decided that it's easier to lie.

I don't have an iPad - yet - but heard that there's an app;
It's supposed to help the voters wade through all the crap.
With the way this race is going lately, seems to me,
Democratic party should provide iPads for free.