Monday, September 30, 2013

I Hate To Clean

Messy Closet photo: Hoosier Closet messy-closet_zps75c4c20a.jpg

Have to clean my room today because it's such a mess.
What is on my closet floor is anybody's guess.
There are clothes for summertime and also clothes for Fall;
There are just so many clothes there's no room for them all.

Have to hang the sweaters up and pack away the shorts.
Should have worked this weekend but I spent it watching sports;
Patriots are 4 and oh; the Sox are Play-offs bound...
Now it's time to clean until my closet floor gets found.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Congress Takes Hostages

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Tea Party took hostages; the hostages are us...
Promise that they'll let us go if no one makes a fuss.
Simply give them what they want and nobody gets hurt.
If we don't they'll drag our reputation through the dirt.

They would shut the country down to block Obama Care.
If they are successful all Republicans will share
In the blame that follows when our credit rating tanks
Over threats that we won't pay our bills in future...  Thanks.

Why won't the Republicans tell them to take a hike?
This is not the way we want to see the country run.
We just held elections and Obama, clearly, won.

Congress isn't working.  It's become a running joke.
Not sure how it happened but I'm pretty sure it's broke.
They're not helping those of us who need the help the most
And, if they don't fix it, our economy is toast.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Warning - Dr. Seussilitis Is Spreading


 Dr. Seussilitis is contagious - like the flu...
Noticed that Jon Stewart and Ted Cruz show symptoms, too.
Ted Cruz held the Senate floor; he read Green Eggs and Ham,
Said that funding health care is like killing Uncle Sam.

Like the cranky fellow who won't eat eggs in a box
Cruz won't try Obama's plan, he's trumpeted on FOX.
Not in Texas nor across the nation's fruited plain...
Dr. Seussilitis might be messing with his brain.

He's been so irrational I'm worried for the guy.
Maybe he should learn from Dr. Seuss; give things a try.
In the end the guy who will not eat green eggs and ham
Finds out that he likes it; winds up happy as a clam.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dr. Sleep Limerick

The latest masterpiece by Stephen King.

I bought Stephen King's latest book
And thought that I'd take a quick look.
Good Lord, he can write...
Which may cause a fight;
I can't put it down now to cook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The New England Patriots: 3 and 0

Kenbrell Thompkins caught 2 touchdown passes in yesterday's 23-3 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo/

Patriots looked better yesterday (to my relief).
Still, New England could have saved themselves a lot of grief
If they'd kept Wes Welker but, of course, it's too late now
And Bill Belichick still finds a way to win somehow.

Patriots are 3 and oh and starting to improve;
Thompkins and Tom Brady have begun to find their groove,
Hooman's showing promise, Ridley didn't drop the ball.
Meanwhile, Amendola's hurt...  A shocker?  Not at all.

I guess I'll stop harping on that...  Really, what's the point?
Brady always finds new wide receivers to anoint.
Wish they'd made things easier for him but, who's to say?
Maybe he prefers to break in rookies, every day.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Putin's Biker Gang

President Vladimir Putin and one of his new friends; "The Surgeon." (Photo/YLE.FI)

Thundering down Russian roads with Slavic sturm und drang,
Riding Harley Davidsons, comes Putin's biker gang.
Night Wolves' reputation has been generating fear,
Like our own Hells Angels on their motorcycles here.

Even though they've been accused of organizing crime
Putin likes to ride with them when he has got the time.
Unlike Mr. Putin, who is not a fan of shirts,
They all wear black leathers 'cause a road rash really hurts

I know he's a macho guy who doesn't like "the gays,"
But his choice of comrades has continued to amaze
Critics who insist that's not what leadership is like;
Pointing out that Mr. Putin's riding on a trike.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Picking

Going to the apple orchard; hope to pick some Macs.
Fresh picked apples in the Autumn? They're my favorite snacks.
Tart and crisp and red and green and ripened on the tree;
And, at Parlee Farms, they let you eat a Mac for free.

I know they have other kinds of apples at the farm
Honeycrisps and Cortlands - those have got a certain charm.
(Do not like Delicious apples; I don't think they are.)
Since the town of Tyngsboro's a short ride in my car...

And I have a craving and it's such a lovely day
Dr. Seussilitis symptoms won't stand in my way.
I will skip the petting zoo; I'll skip the hay-bale maze
But, their tractor ride is nice on warm September days.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Washington Navy Yard Shootings... Here We Go Again

Cue the scary music that announces Breaking News;
(Thanking God that you weren't standing in the victims' shoes)
Watching as they tally up the injured and the dead.
Speculating; 'What was going through the shooter's head?'

Just another killing spree; this time the Navy Yard.
Proving that we're never safe; not even with a guard.
With a semi-automatic, one could hardly miss.
Wonder what the NRA's response will be to this.

Useless thoughts and prayers go out to those Alexis shot;
All who will be suffering - long after we've forgot.
Sadly, I can guarantee that they won't be the last.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Boston Red Sox Swept the New York Yankees

Hail to the coach. (Photo/

Red Sox teams do better with their players acting weird.
Once they used to "Cowboy Up"; today they wear a beard.
Played together as a team and "Poof!" they're number one.
They don't need a high-priced star when they're all having fun.

Yankees didn't have much fun this weekend, I'm afraid;
Swept by Boston's Red Sox in the series they just played.
Wish that I could thank the Sox and show how much I care...
Sadly, I'm a woman who can not grow facial hair.

Want to show appreciation for the year they've had.
Do not think I'm taunting.  (That will make the sports gods mad.)
I am just so happy, now that Farrell's in command,
I can't seem to help it.  Hope the sports gods understand.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Patriots... I Told You So


All the rain that Denver's getting? It's New England's tears.
Danny Amendola's out, confirming our worst fears;
When we let Wes Welker leave we made a huge mistake.
With 10 million dollars left to spend...?  Give me a break.

Looked like we could use him in the game I watched last night.
Brady's bullet passes dropped by rookies, left and right.
If it weren't for Edelman and Defense we'd have lost...
Should have paid Wes Welker what he asked and screw the cost.
Patriots need someone who can catch a Brady pass.
Welker plays for Manning and the Broncos now...  Alas. 
(deep breaths....   deeeep breaths)

I guess we all make mistakes; I'll live and just let live.
Even though I told you so, I'm willing to forgive.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Excuses Limerick

I'm going to be out of touch
With doctors appointments and such.
But, judging things by
You're probably not missing much.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Syrian Strategy Stalls

(Photo/Courtesy of

Bashar al-Assad was interviewed by Charlie Rose;
Sounded like a gay vampire with a stuffy nose.
Said that bombing him will not get any problems solved;
Warned that we'd be sorry if the U.S. got involved.

President Obama has been very busy, too.
Meeting with reporters; giving each an interview.
Speaking to the nation last night; laying out his case.
He agreed to wait, thus saving diplomatic face.

'though I'm not in favor of a war, I'm feeling bad.
I would love to rescue Syrians from al-Assad.
But, 'til other nations will agree to do their share,
It's too large a burden for America to bear.

Secretary Kerry gave the President an out
Once the Congress made it clear approval was in doubt.
Now they can delay the vote...  Give Lavrov a chance,
Let the U.N. diplomats commence their song and dance.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chelmsford High PRIDE

It is very disconcerting to have helicopters taking aerial shots of your local high school and satellite trucks with reporters waiting at the entrance.  I think I saw my car on the morning news. (Photo/WHDH)

Local football players are accused of being cruel.
My son missed the bus today; I drove him in to school.
It has been surrounded by reporters, camera crews;
Not the way that residents want Chelmsford in the news.

As the  mom of teenage boys, I've met the kids accused.
Never met the child who they, allegedly, abused.
Dr. Frank Tiano swears that action's underway.
What exactly happened, he is not prepared to say.

Rumors have been flying; I've heard wedgies, I've heard rape.
I've been told they meant it as a mean, but harmless, jape.
I have met their coaches, though.  I've always been impressed.
I can guarantee you that the staff there is distressed.

Don't know what will happen now, nor what the charges are.
Only know, this morning, when arriving in my car,
Students there looked somber, somewhat shaken, and subdued,
As they tried to process how their school is being viewed.

Monday, September 09, 2013

New England Patriots - A Sloppy Start

Stevan Ridley rides the bench after 2 fumbles in Buffalo. (Photo/Boston Globe)

Watched some football yesterday; the Giants and the Pats.
Both of them looked sloppy - adding to turnover stats.
Fumbles made by Ridley left him sitting on the bench,
All alone as if he were exuding some foul stench.

Danny Amendola proved much tougher than I'd thought;
Even with his injury, dove through the air and caught
Passes that we needed to squeak out a narrow win.
Not the most auspicious way for my team to begin.

But at least we won our game; my husband's team did not.
They were even sloppier so there was not a shot
Giants had of winning. Nothing that Defense could do...
When their quarterback hit Dallas any time he threw.

Patriots are home on Thursday night to play the Jets;
Two teams with a rivalry as bitter as it gets.
Really hope that Edelman will get himself some rest;
Looks like we will need him if we want to beat our guest.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Dear New York Yankees... A-Rod? Really?

I've always said he was dirty.  (Photo/

I do not like A-Rod...  I'm a Boston Red Sox fan
Who can't figure out why Yankees choose to play the man.
Muddying their history and tarnishing their brand;
Why the team's employing him, I'll never understand.

Each time that he takes the field a bit of Yankees dies.
Are they really falling for a steroid user's lies?
I've got admiration for Rivera and for Jeter;
Wonder how they like the fact they're playing with a cheater.