Friday, January 31, 2014

"It's Our Bleeping City"

A bloodstained Tsarnaev surrendering to police. The red dot on his forehead is a sniper's laser target. (Photo/

I was not a victim of the Marathon attacks;
Wasn't near the bombings that stopped Boston in its tracks;
Didn't have my legs blown off and didn't lose a child;
Never went to view the site where running shoes were piled.

Didn't have to shelter in my home while the police
Searched throughout the city; only read the press release.
I have never met Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - never will.
Didn't know the brother who the cops were forced to kill.

Never understood what changed a boy who people liked
Into some crazed radical, or down which roads he's hiked...
Therefore, I'm not qualified and shouldn't have a voice
In his future punishment.  I'm glad it's not my choice.

Eric Holder's seeking death 'cause Massachusetts can't.
40 years ago this state decided that we shan't.
Since the bombs were terrorism, Holder says he rates
Execution 'cause he aimed at the United States.

Tell that to the people who were injured in the blasts;
Tell it to the amputees or those still wearing casts.

They're the ones he really hurt and not the government.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wall Street's Hissy Fit


Yesterday the markets dropped; they had a hissy fit
When Bernanke said the Fed would taper back a bit.
Wall St. knew that this was coming; there weren't any shocks...
Doesn't mean they have to like it - hence, the falling stocks.

Ben Bernanke quit his job as Chairman of the Fed;
Monday morning Janet Yellen will be there instead.
Tapering is likely to continue under her.
(Thanks to Ben Bernanke, we're much better than we were.)

Now that the economy is chugging right along,
Giving indications the recovery is strong,
Wall St. needs to come to grips; they need to do it now...
Not take out their anger on the NASDAQ or the Dow.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Republican Response Limerick Response

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R/WA) offered the official Republican response.

Response was by Rodgers and she
At least, if you're asking me,
Said more about her
Then where the plans were
Put forth by ye olde GOP.

I thought she was lovely and sweet
But that doesn't help us compete.
Can't just be opposed
What have they proposed
To fix the pot-holes in my street?

The President offered a plan...
He's doing the best that he can
But he can't do much
Because out-of-touch
Republicans won't help the man.

The State of the Union - A Re-Cap in Rhyme


Said that, in the last five years, we've all come pretty far.
Companies are hiring, the Market's through the roof;
Cited recent studies, gave examples, offered proof.

Wasn't soaring oratory, more a laundry list.
Made a plea to Congress just before he slapped their wrist;
Said he wants to work together but he also will
Act, at times, to circumvent opponents on the Hill.

He was not antagonistic towards the GOP
But he made it very clear; that's how it's gonna be.
I can't really blame Obama...  What else can he do?
When he asked for 40 things last year they gave him 2.

And the 2 he got he didn't get without a fight...
Every single bill faced opposition from the Right.
Maybe immigration will lure folks across the aisle;
Congress working as it should...  Ain't seen that in a while.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Afghanistan - Zero Option Isn't One

Hamid Karzai is happy to point out the exit doors. (Photo/The Telegraph)
After all the blood and tears that NATO forces spilled,
After all the thousands of our soldiers who were killed,
After endless battles to suppress the Taliban,
Hamid Karzai says we're free to leave Afghanistan.

(We keep making empty threats that we will walk away.)
Held a Loya Jirga; elders wanted us to stay.
Karzai says he'll let us know; elections will decide,
'though the other candidates all want us by their side.

Don't know why he's stalling or what's going through his mind.
I don't understand why the agreement's not been signed.
We aren't going anywhere with Pakistan next door
(Even though, I'd think, we could launch drone strikes from off-shore.)

There's too much invested; Zero Option's really not...
Not a lot of choices; once we broke it, it was bought.
As we try to do our best to fix this failing state,
Karzai's still in charge, which means, all we can do is wait.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Steps In Geneva

Welcome to Homs. (Photo/Courtesy of @homsae)

Delegates from Syria (at least the ones who came)
Wasted lots of energy in allocating blame.
Lavrov and Kerry forced participants to stay...
Tried to save the accusations for another day.

Want humanitarian deliveries of aid
Into parts of Syria where they have been delayed.
Residents of Homs are starving; dying in the streets,
There amongst the ruins and the corpses wrapped in sheets.

Do you think those people care who gets to be in charge?
Problems that they're facing for survival are too large:
Will their children make it through the night, or will they die?
Can they keep their families safe when bullets start to fly?

Has the world forgotten them and does nobody care?
Is there any way to get the hell away from there?
Now, at least, the women and the children get to leave.
Let's hope that the talks can pull more tricks out of its sleeve.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Going Back to Plymouth State

 Plymouth State University

I'm driving our son back to school
Where, thanks to the genetic pool,
He's proving he's bright;
We did something right...
His momma did not raise a fool.

At least, we can hope I did not;
That he'll use the brains that he's got.
Give trouble a pass;
Stay focused on class,
And know that we love him...  A lot.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

With Sincerest Apologies to the NSA

John Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Google-Snoop - English - Google, snoop, Wi-fi, wiretapping, Chris Koster, Missouri AG, privacy

When you check the internet it's also checking you.
Amazon believes they can predict what you will do.
They know what you're thinking long before you've had the thought
So they're shipping items that you haven't even bought.

OnStar knows where you have been; predicts where you might go.
Facebook sends your status out to everyone you know.
On a daily basis, credit information's hacked;
Every single movement on the internet gets tracked.

There is almost nothing that a Google search can't find.
We give so much information out it blows my mind.
People at the NSA must look at this in awe,
Knowing - if they tried it - it would be against the law.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Olympic Games and Black Widows Don't Mix

Be on the lookout.  (Photo/New York Post)

'though I plan to view Olympic Games, I wouldn't go
(And not just because I'm not that big a fan of snow.)
Sochi is the target for a terrorist attack;
If you plan on going there you'd better watch your back.

'though I know you go to see an athlete who competes,
Your eyes should be looking for Black Widows in the streets.
There are 3 they're searching for and 1 could be there now...
Figure skaters cannot execute a great Salchow...

Not if they are focusing on checking out the crowd.
Must be hard for athletes there to do their countries proud
Knowing any moment at the Games could be their last -
Talk about a motivating cause for moving fast.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Syria and the Prophetess of Doom

If they'd like to join the talks on Syria's peace plan.
It was an acknowledgement that this won't be resolved
If the plan does not get the Iranians involved.

They already are involved; they're in up to their necks
And the fact they won't be present at the peace talks wrecks
Any chance that Russia or the Chinese will agree
To a plan the U.S. backs, I fear...  You wait and see.

Meanwhile, as we bicker over who should play a role,
Ever more civilians join the staggering death toll.
Shouldn't have to be a precondition - even so -
There's not any question that Assad has got to go.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The New England Patriots - Thanks for a Great Season

Football season's over now...  At least, it is for me.
'though I'll watch the Super Bowl, it's not "must see T.V."
Patriots did better than I had a right to hope.
Does that make it easier to lose to Denver?  Nope.

Hard to say for certain why New England didn't win,
Maybe they weren't acclimated and the air's too thin.
Might have been the injuries we've had throughout the year.
Could have been the fact we didn't keep Wes Welker here.

Didn't help to lose Talib so early in the game;
Secondary coverage was never quite the same.
For whatever reasons, Denver was the better team.
Broncos' fans will be the ones who get to live the dream...

Dreams Seattle Seahawks' fans are hoping they will crush;
Their defense is frightening; they've got a great pass rush.
I guess I wish Peyton well but, really, I don't care...
I'd just like to thank the Pats for almost getting there.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Devil's Music

(Photo/Courtesy of Merrimack Repertory Theatre)

Mom and I have season tickets to the M.R.T.
Once a month (or so) there's some new play we go to see.
Shows are always very good but last night's was the best;
Musical performances placed it above the rest.

Miche Braden, Aaron Graves, Jim Hankins on the bass;
Braden, playing Bessie Smith, got right up in my face.
Tony Nelson, Jr. blew a smooth and soulful sax.
There is simply nothing that this great performance lacks.

Can Ms. Miche sing the blues? You bet your life she can.
If you have a night that's free, may I suggest a plan?
I would go again if you need someone to go with.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Seussilitis SCOTUS Blog
The buffer zone in question. (Photo/

Operation Rescue sued (they had outside support.)
Want to end a buffer zone; they claim it stifles speech.
Doesn't give their members 7 seconds more to preach.

Here in Massachusetts, where 2 clinics were attacked,
Women felt unsafe and so our Legislature backed
Efforts aimed at balancing our First Amendment rights
With a patient's - who's not feeling up for any fights.

Lawsuit has a public face...  A granny with a cross.
Waits outside abortion clinics; gets her point across.
Claims she's counseled 80 women who have changed their minds...
No infringement there (or, so I hope that SCOTUS finds.)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm A Crappy Mother

Sick kid - 

Youngest son is home today; he says he's feeling sick.
Doesn't have a fever though; should I suspect a trick?
He's been out for two days now and that's a lot of school...
Most of all, I'm worried that he's played me for a fool.

Then I start to wonder; is there something wrong with me?
Not the kind of loving mother pictured on TV.
Wish I had the sympathy and trust those mothers do,
But I see no symptoms that he's got the stomach flu.

I'll just have to take his word 'cause he's an honest guy
And I've got no reason to suspect him of a lie.
Now I'm feeling guilty; I'm a mean and heartless slug...
I think I'll go give my poor, sick kid a giant hug.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christie's Road to the White House Hits Traffic
(Cartoon/Courtesy of Bramhall's World, New York Daily News)

Sitting in a traffic jam is never any fun.
Drivers grow annoyed with you if you're the cause of one.
If it's due to accident, they may cut you a break;
Everyone, at some time, has committed a mistake.

Just imagine how you'd feel, however, if you learned
Traffic was intentional... ('cause Christie's team felt burned -
Didn't get endorsements from a Democratic mayor)
Payback was the reason you were stuck; just sitting there.

Seems to me it wasn't Fort Lee's mayor who felt the pain.
He was no where near the bridge...  The traffic was insane.
Governor Chris Christie says he didn't have a clue;
Says he didn't tell his close advisors what to do.

Even if you grant him that, it does seem like his style;
He's been called a bully by opponents for awhile.
Maybe now he'll try to tone the bombast down a smidge
Lest his road to Washington gets stuck up on a bridge.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The New England Patriots - On To Denver

Photo/Courtesy of WCVB, Channel 5, Boston

43 to 22; New England trounced the Colts.
Heading out to Denver now (the Broncos beat the Bolts.)
Brady facing Manning; one will win the A.F.C.
Who'll go to the Super Bowl? We'll have to wait and see.

Locally our mantra is; "In Belichick We Trust,"
Confident the Hall of Fame will, one day, house his bust.
He's performing miracles this season with the Pats
So, although it's Manning with the record-breaking stats...

'though we're going on the road and it is hard to hear
When the fans at Mile High Stadium begin to cheer,
'though New England Patriots are 6 point underdogs,
I'd still  bet on us (but there's no pay for writing blogs.)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kim Jong-un

Check out the expressions on Rodman's team-mates. That's what deer caught in the headlights of a derailed Crazy Train look like. (Photo/CNN)

Happy birthday Kim Jong-un; can't wish you many more...
I suspect that isn't what your future holds in store.
I predict that you won't make it to a ripe, old age;
Just a cameo appearance on the global stage.

Hope you like your birthday present; we call him "the Worm."
When he opens up his mouth he makes his team-mates squirm.
Please feel free to keep him 'cause we do not need him back.
Sorry that he's damaged; it's what comes from smoking crack.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

With Sincerest Apologies to Harvey Leonard

Harvey Leonard preps his Storm Team 5 forecast
Harvey Leonard, WCVB's Chief Meteorologist.  (Photo/Roger Lyons/

Wrote a rhyme the other day...  I swear, it was a joke.
Said the cold sent global-warming worries up in smoke.
Judging by his terse response, my humor was a bust.

Frankly, I was puzzled when it wasn't well received
Until realizing that some people still believed
That a polar vortex moving farther to the south
Proves there's a conspiracy.  Next time I'll shut my mouth.

If you think I'm joking now, then check out FOX and Friends;
That stuff isn't funny; it is scary and it's sad.
When did scientific education get so bad?

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Long Term Unemployment Benefits

(Photo/Huffington Post)

Long-term unemployment benefits must be resumed;
Without those then millions who are out of work are doomed.
It's a short extension but, until there are more jobs,
People can't find work (and not because they're lazy slobs.)

Can't get by on minimum; it's not a living wage.
Can't do work too physical (at least, not at my age.)
Have to make enough to pay their health insurance bills.
Must compete with younger folks and their updated skills.

They're afraid their resumes go straight into the trash.
Can't get funds for start-ups 'cause the banks aren't lending cash.
First we have to figure out a way out of this mess;
Get the unemployment rate to 5%, or less.

Let's invest in research projects in genetic codes;
Offer free tuition, fix our bridges and our roads.
People don't want charity, they want a decent job...
Congress needs to do theirs lest they face an angry mob.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Year's Resolution

This year I'm resolving that I won't procrastinate.
I won't put things off until the hour groweth late;
I'll re-do our kitchen (as I've said I would for years.)
I'll start using Angie's List to help allay my fears.

We've already got the plans - I only lack the taste...
What if bad decisions lead to lots of cash I waste?
It's a massive project and I worry I'll go wrong...
That's the reason why I've put it off so very long.

Now the door is falling off the oven and the floor;
It's worn through in patches. Plus, I also broke the drawer.
 Keep your fingers crossed for me 'cause I'll need lots of luck
Getting through this renovation (which is gonna suck.)

Monday, January 06, 2014

Global Warming?

Sub-zero cartoons, Sub-zero cartoon, funny, Sub-zero picture, Sub-zero ...

I thought that New England had it tough with cold and snow
'til I heard that Mid West temps are 24 below...
That's so cold that body parts will freeze and then fall off;
Take a breath, your lungs go into shock - you start to cough.

That's so cold that 16 people have already died;
So cold that some planes can't fly - folks have to stay inside.
Polar vortex sucked the slightest trace of heat they had.
Half the country's feeling it (although, not half as bad.)

Winter crops in Florida might also start to freeze.
Farmers have to pray the cold won't damage orange trees.
Right now, global warming seems like it could be a plan;
Weather like this is not fit for neither beast nor man.