Thursday, July 17, 2014

Really? Not Really.

One of my favorite views on the planet. (Photo/Courtesy of Peter S. Corr III)

I'm imposing quarantine, informing CDC;
Once again the rhyming bug is being spread by me.
Comments on some recent posts are being done in rhyme.
'til we get this straightened out I'm taking off some time.

Sorry if the Seussilitis bug has bitten you...
I'm afraid there's nothing that the CDC can do.
No-one's working on a cure for this dreadful disease
And, though it's not fatal (1 of 10 experts agrees)

It can drive your loved ones crazy - as it's driven mine.
If you quit your reading now I think you'll still be fine.
Hopefully by August, when my quarantine is lifted,
Public feeling on we poor afflicted will have shifted.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


(Photo/Courtesy of

I'm a life-long Red Sox fan but, also, I'm the wife
Of a life-long Yankees fan which, sometimes, leads to strife.
When it comes to Derek Jeter, though, we both agree
He's one of the better players we will ever see.

Back when SNL was funny Jeter was the host;
Did a sketch on Weekend Update and he didn't boast
When he pointed out his stats and said he didn't suck
But that Red Sox fans who wanted him were out of luck.

That's when my RE2PECT for him began; it's only grown.
When my husband tipped his baseball cap, I tipped my own.
'though The Captain plays for my arch rivals, even so;
I'll miss Derek Jeter and am sad to see him go.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Hamas

(Cartoon/Courtesy of

Egypt tried to broker peace inside the Gaza Strip.
Israel stopped shooting but Hamas just let 'er rip...
Not just "accidental" missiles - they've shot 35 -
So, Israelis' war machine is shifting back to drive.

I can't say I blame them, either...  I'd be pretty mad
If my government did not use everything it had
Making sure that people shooting missiles at me stop.
What's the matter with the Hamas leaders at the top?

Don't they care that their civilians are the ones who've bled?
Can't they see it's Palestinians who end up dead?
They can't win the shooting war they're fighting now, so why
Won't they give a brokered peace with Israel a try?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Argentina Lost the World Cup

Germany's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, recipient of the Golden Glove trophy, stands next to Argentina's Lionel Messi after he receive the Golden Ball trophy...
Argentina's Lionel Messi doesn't look thrilled with his consolation prize.

As you, no doubt, know by now the Germans won the Cup.
Does the team deserve the honors they're receiving? Yup.
German fans are celebrating; dancing in the streets...
Social media's been flooded with ecstatic tweets.

Germany was dominant throughout the tournament
But was careful not to get Brazilian's noses bent.
Tensions there were high enough that such an ugly loss
Could be like a match lit to a Molotov you'd toss.

But the Germans didn't taunt or gloat about their win
Knowing that the sports gods think that taunting is a sin.
I guess no one told the Argentinians that rule;
Things they said about Brazil (their host) were pretty cruel.

After that they never scored a single goal, at all...
And, though Messi was awarded FIFA's Golden Ball
It seemed like a consolation prize he didn't want.
Next World Cup remember that it isn't nice to taunt.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Spying On Germany

(Photo/Courtesy of

What a tangled web we weave
When we practice to deceive...
Berlin says they've caught 2 guys;
Claim that both are U.S. spies.

Merkel, who's already mad
We were bugging her i-Pad,
Caught up in this web we've woven
Acted like our feet were cloven.

Germany gave us the heave;
Asked our diplomat to leave,
Leaving our relations strained
(Even if  the anger's feigned.)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not So Far, Far Away

Israel has called up reservists and positioned tanks along its border with the Gaza Strip. (Photo/Courtesy of

Israel's preparing to invade the Gaza Strip;
Planning to impose a peace by tightening its grip.
After 3 Israeli teens were murdered - in revenge -
One young man was burned alive; Hamas swore to avenge

Terrorism by some Jews on Palestinians,
Claiming that the vicious few make all barbarians.
Growing anger in the streets became a major factor;
Hamas fired missiles at a nuclear reactor.

Israel believed it had no choice and fired back.
Eighty Palestinians were killed in the attack.
Airstrikes in the hundreds have been going on all night.
Missiles out of Gaza have been shot down in mid-flight.

But, if even one gets through, those tanks are bound to roll
And it's Palestinians who'll pay the highest toll.
The Israelis also lose for, as they tighten grips,
Fast and far away the hope for peace between them slips.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Worst to First to Worst

Life is like a roller coaster, and I’m about to throw up.”

Worst to first, now worst again...  The Sox are in a slide
And, if you're a Boston fan, it's been a bumpy ride.
Like a roller coaster getting stuck up on the track,
Red Sox lost key players and have, clearly, felt their lack.

Add the fact the bottom of the line-up cannot hit;
That does not help out the Red Sox' cause a single bit.
Almost everyone, it seems, is in a hitting slump.
Now that we're 11 back, there's players that we'll dump.

Rumor has it Peavy's leaving - maybe Stephen Drew.
Hard to guess, exactly, what Ben Cherington will do.
Normally I'd worry that a rhyme from me's a jinx
But things can't get any worse...  This Red Sox season stinks.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Middle East - Ready! Fire! Aim!

Arab Spring Forward

When I hear someone suggest the U.S. get involved -
Send our military in and get the problems solved -
Treating war as if it's just another kind of game,
I can't help but think they're shouting: Ready! Fire! Aim!

Arab Spring's resulted in a bitter Arab fall;
Adding yet, more weapons to the mix can't help, at all.
There are quite enough of those, but...  Refugees need food.
Starving people with no hope just sit around and brood.

If we want to see real change and want to play a part,
Giving all those displaced people aid would be a start.
I don't want to arm the rebels - gladly'd feed the poor...
But, until we care for vets we have, don't make some more.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Dear Border States... Good Luck With That

There's been a major surge in unaccompanied children detained at the U.S. border.
If you've been a parent, think of how bad it must be
When the situation makes you grab your child and flee.
Kids as young as 10 have been arriving on their own;
Children, far away from home... They're frightened and alone.

Coming here because they've heard we have to let them in
And, until their case is heard, they'll get to live with kin.
That would not be incorrect and they can thank George Bush.
Now Obama's looking for a way that he can push

Legislation through a Congress that's completely stalled;
Though aware that Immigration must be overhauled,
Still they will not touch it with the mid-terms underway.
Thus, according to the law, the refugees can stay.

Tell that to the angry mobs in all the border states
Who say that they've got enough, already, on their plates.
'though they make a valid point it doesn't change the fact
President Obama cannot make the Congress act.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Plop Goes The 4th

(Photo/Courtesy of

Boston's Pops has cancelled their performance on the 4th
Because there's a major storm, named Arthur, heading north.
They will play tonight instead and, 'though it might still rain,
People won't be sitting outside in a hurricane.

Fireworks displays called off in towns along the coast...
Any outdoor plans you made to celebrate are toast.
Mother Nature's putting on another kind of show.
Batten down the hatches 'cause the winds are gonna blow.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Corporations Aren't People

(Photo/Courtesy of

Companies and banks are finding justice is for sale.
Corporations, unlike people, do not go to jail.
13 died before GM admitted any fault;
Even knowing didn't cause production lines to halt.

If a person ever got convicted of their crime
I will guarantee you that they'd end up doing time.
Banks who circumvent the law to help the bottom line
Know that, if they're caught, the worst they're facing is a fine.

Don't tell me that corporations should have equal rights;
They don't face the penalties we do in legal fights.
All they have to do is pay us off - we let them walk...
Put a CEO in prison first, and then we'll talk.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Golf Blues


 We're not playing golf as much this year...  I'm not sure why.
Something always intervenes, it seems, each time we try.
When we both were members at our local country club
We'd play once or twice a week, at least, but here's the rub;

We're both feeling old and creaky - husband hurt his back.
Back-swing causes pain which makes the golf ball hard to smack.
Weather's not cooperating; summer got here late.
Once it did, the weekend forecasts haven't been that great...

Much too hot and humid to make playing any fun.
I would suffer heatstroke on the course out in this sun.
I'm a fan of Autumn golf, when days are clear and cool.
Summer's when I'd rather be out lounging by the pool.