Monday, June 25, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Yoouuuk! The View From the Pink Hat Camp

Pink at heart.

Red Sox team's performance lately's been beyond rebuke -
Only thing that makes me sad? They've gone and traded Youk.
So, another Red Sox hero showing signs of rust,
Joins the list of stars the management's left in the dust.

Nomar, Moe and Pedro...  Okay - Manny? Not so much.
Just this year it's Wake and Tek with whom the fans lost touch.
Here in Boston, if you use your heart and not the stats,
Sports announcers have a name for you...  We're called "Pink Hats."

(That name is a reference to a game they like to play;
Find the drunkest girl in pink and see what she will say.)
My B hat is blue and red and yet - my heart is pink.
Every time we lose a guy I love my spirits sink.

Yes, I know that modern payment structures need the trade;
That it's how today's enormous salaries get paid,
And I also know Will Middlebrooks' been playing great, 
But I'll miss the yells of "Yoouuuk!" when he stepped to the plate.

Going to Chicago - Switching Sox from Red to White...
Took his name-plate down before the game was through last night.
Call me Pink Hat all you wish but I think that's just wrong.
Glad he heard the cheers he's earned before he moved along.


  1. Pink hat camp!!! I'm a very big fan of Boston Red Sox team so I have purchased Red Sox tickets for the game next week from GoodSeatTickets

    1. Have a wonderful time at the game Raychel! Make sure you join the wave as it sweeps around Fenway Park. ;D