Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Doctor is Out

Next few days are busy ones, so I will not have time
Nor the inclination to sit down and write a rhyme.
I'll be back on Monday so I hope you'll check back then;
'though I'm on vacation, I have not put down the pen.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Arizona's Governor

Elegant white floral wedding cake
I say, "Let them eat cake!" (Photo/Courtesy of

Governor of Arizona has a choice to make;
Can a shop refuse requests to bake a wedding cake
If the owner thinks that God would strongly disapprove?
Arizona's Senate passed the bill.  It's Brewer's move.

Will she sign it in to law or veto it instead?
Is discrimination based on who you want to wed
Similar to that about the color of your skin?
Either way she chooses though, Jan Brewer cannot win.

If she signs it in to law it doesn't end the fight;
Only ones who want her to are the religious right.
Even John McCain and Romney asked her not to sign.
It's all up to her right now but, if the choice were mine,

I would like to think that I would choose for equal rights.
But I'd ask LGBTs to pick some better fights.
If a person doesn't like you just because you're gay
Why would you spend money at their business, anyway?

Even if you have the right to force them to, what for?
You could never trust the people working at that store.
Find a better bakery, with folks who wish you well.
Tell religious bigots there that they can go to hell.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Syria, Still.

Syria keeps grinding on with still no end in sight.
Civil wars are battles where nobody wins the fight.
It's the kind of war that has a tendency to spread;
Gaining new recruits in search of vengeance for their dead.

Syria is shattered - half its population's gone
And, still, the atrocities continue on and on.
There are more than 2 sides now (perhaps as much as 5)
Seems like they'll keep fighting until no one's left alive.

There are calls for intervention by the USA,
Like we have the power to swoop in and save the day.
If we have those kinds of skills we haven't shown them yet.
Plus, it's hard to get involved with Russia saying "Nyet!"

I'm not Isolationist; at least, I never was...
But I'm leery of the situation there because
Following the Arab Spring the Middle East has changed;
Focused on religion and fanatics are deranged.

Islam's in a Reformation like the one we had.
Students of our history can tell you - ours was bad.
Can't impose a reformation, can't force compromise.
Muslims have to be the ones who finally stop these guys.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Farewell to The Winter Olympics

Photo/Courtesy of

I will miss the Sochi Games...  The stunning, mountain views;
Miss the way athletics could transcend the nightly news,
Miss the competition and the many acts of grace,
Miss the joy you'd see upon a medal winner's face.

Jumping off a mountain with a board strapped to my feet?
Closest that I'll ever come is watching folks compete.
I will never fly across the ice, but I can dream...
Full of awe and admiration for the U.S. team.

Each and every one of them has made their country proud.
Even when they didn't win a medal I was "wowed."
Russia topped the medal count, but I'm relieved they did.
If they hadn't, Putin might have really flipped his lid.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Biometrics? Not A Shot

It would be a start. (Photo/
Massachusetts' Senator Ed Markey just proposed
Making guns more safe...  Surprise!  The NRA's opposed.
Wouldn't want to make it hard for kids to shoot a gun;
NRA wants weapons free for use by anyone.

Biometrics guaranteeing only owners may
Use their guns could, possibly, get in somebody's way.
Plus, it wouldn't work at all, the NRA insists;
Suicidal teenagers would simply slit their wrists.

Wouldn't want to violate their rights; prevent mistakes.
Accidental deaths are rising?  Oh well, them's the breaks.
Can't blame Ed for trying but it is a waste of time:
NRA would fight this if it took their final dime.

Markey wants to make a point I guess, and yet, the flaw
Is he doesn't have a prayer he'll make his point a law.
NRA blocked background checks so what would make Ed think
Safety measures have a shot?  I think his chances stink.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Never-Ending Winter

Tomorrow it's going to rain
Which means we must clear out the drain.
It's clogged up with snow
There's no place to go
For water.  It's kind of a pain.

We must or we're facing a flood
So now - with some tears, sweat and blood -
We're hacking at ice.
Some Spring would be nice,
But then we'd be dealing with mud.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ukraine - I Hate It When I'm Right.

Police come under attack when attempting to clear Kiev's streets.  (Photo/Courtesy of Gigapica)

Kiev's Independence Square had fireworks last night;
Demonstrators using them as weapons in their fight.
Viktor Yanukovych sent police to clear the square.
More than 20 people died in heavy fighting there.

Could become a civil war if violence doesn't stop,
If more demonstrators die, or kill another cop.
I predicted this would happen in a rhyme last week,
Said it was an option Yanukovych had to seek.

He'd be facing charges for corruption should he lose,
Plus an angry Putin...  Glad I'm not in Viktor's shoes.
Russia sent advisors in but their advice has sucked.
I'm afraid Ukrainians are seriously....  ahem...  in trouble.

Russia needs to step aside, let Yanukovych fall, 
Just accept that who Ukraine allies with ain't their call.
Viktor's out of options now 'cause, either way, he's screwed.
(Please forgive my language - I'm not usually so lewd.)

141184 600 Yanukovych cartoons
(Political cartoon courtesy of artist Christo Komarnitski)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Snow Plow Guy Blues


The forecast is calling for snow.
The winds are beginning to blow.
The piles are so high
That our snowplow guy
Has no place for new stuff to go.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sochi - Modern Day Bread and Circuses

Oohhh!  Look at all the pretty balloons at the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi. (Photo/Courtesy of NBC)

So much in the world is tragic - war, disease, and death.
Nations call for changes but I wouldn't hold my breath.
U.N. Human Rights Commission published new reports;
No-one paid attention 'cause we're focusing on sports.

Russia's at the center of the issues of the day,
But it's not just Winter Games that Putin likes to play.
Syria and North Korea count him as a friend.
Without his agreement, neither travesty will end.

Fireworks and "bread and circuses" - like ancient Rome,
Counting all the medals our Olympians bring home -
Easily distracted, we're ignoring basic facts;
Putin is supporting men engaged in criminal acts.

I don't blame the Russian people...  Them, I think I'd like.
I just wish they'd help us tell Assad to take a hike.
As for North Korea (if the Chinese aren't involved)
Send Kim Jong-un Dennis Rodman's drug stash...  Problem solved.

(Graphic/Courtesy of

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day? There's an App for That.

It isn't just the Olympic rings that are hooking up.  (Photo/Courtesy of Detroit.CBS.Local)

Looking for a Valentine?  I hear that there's an app,
Popular because it's making "hooking-up" a snap.
Olympians in Sochi have been using it - a lot...
All those healthy, pretty people gathered in one spot.

Tinder lets them see who else is looking for a date
When they aren't out on the slopes or on the ice to skate.
Shows whoever's close to them who'd also like to meet
In between those moments when they're scheduled to compete.

Talk about a "target rich environment" to use.
They can still find consolation, even if they lose.
(As for me, I found my love the good, old-fashioned way.
Thank you darlin' Valentine...  I love you more each day.)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Winter Games?

Palm trees in Sochi. (Photo/Courtesy of

In Sochi, 'neath swaying palm trees,
The temperature's 60* degrees.
It's gotten so warm
Ice crystals can't form.
The Winter Games need a hard freeze.

The snow has been turning to slush.
Snowboarders are having to rush
Their tricks in the air
Afraid they'll land where
They'll lose all their speed in the mush.

It's making it hard to be bolder
Aware you could fracture your shoulder.
Let's send them our snow.
Surprising to know
The Summer Olympics were colder.

*(That's 16 degrees for you non-Farenheit people.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Congressional Update - A Rhyme

(Artist Drew Sheneman/Courtesy of Tribune Media Services)

Update on the Congress (for the few of us who care...
Those with any interest in what goes on up there)
Congress reached a compromise and passed a Farming Bill,
Raised the ceiling on the debt - that's if the Senate will.

That seems pretty likely so, at least, they'll get that done.
It might be the last thing, though... They've got campaigns to run.
Boehner wouldn't give an Immigration Bill a chance.
GOP's afraid their base would look at them askance.

In mid-term elections would be handing them their coat
If they gave the President and Democrats a "win,"
Once again, our immigrants will take one on the chin.

It is so short-sighted when we cater to extremes,
Seemingly forgetting that we're not on different teams.
We're "one nation - indivisible..." At least, we were.
Well...  Except for Bachmann; I am disavowing her.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear ISIS... Karma Is A Bitch

The Iraq campus had an accident.

In a case of karmic justice, 23 are dead.
Seems a group of terrorists have killed themselves instead.
Sitting in a classroom, learning how to wear a vest,
Students and instructor really blew the final test.

Ask not whom the bell tolls for because it tolls for them
And, although it's callous, I don't plan on missing REM.
I hope that recruiters find it harder now to pitch
Suicide to those who've learned that karma is a bitch.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Winter Olympics - Are You Up For It?

Despite a slight glitch, the Opening Ceremonies were spectacular. (Photo/

I get too emotional about Olympic Games;
Choking up whenever they announce the winners' names.
Thinking of the sacrifices these kids must have made;
Hours spent in practicing whatever sport they played.

I have gotten dizzy and a little short of breath
When someone jumps off a cliff towards what seems certain death.
Nothing but a board or two - some flimsy bits of wood -
Stands between the athlete crashing hard (the way I would.)

Seeing as their parents, who are watching from the crowd,
Hold their breath and worry while their children do them proud.
My heartbeat's irregular at some ice-dance routines;
At that Russian skater who is barely in her teens.

I get weepy whether someone loses or they win;
When the notes of The Star-Spangled Banner first begin.
Even when you know who wins 'cause they're delaying tape,
Just to watch the Sochi Games you have to be in shape.
Although totally unfair, I thought this was hysterical. (Courtesy of

Friday, February 07, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me.

(Image credit/

Happy Anniversary to me - my blog is 2 -
So I'd like to take a moment here for thanking you.
Thank you Crooks and Liars, Technorati...  Thank you Anne.
Thank you to my mother, who is still my biggest fan.

Thank you to my children who've been kind enough to Tweet.
Thank you to my darlin' Mr. S. (which stands for "sweet.")
Thanks to all you random strangers who have taken time
Coming back to see what news I've recapped in a rhyme.

There is still no cure for Seussilitis, I'm afraid.
(Why else would I do something like this and not get paid?)
'though I'd love to make a buck before this blog turns 3,
Who out there is hiring a lunatic like me?

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Viktor Yanukovych - Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Protestors on the streets of Kiev. (Photo/Courtesy of

 Victor Yanukovych is the leader of Ukraine
Although, it's in question how much longer he'll remain.
Kiev's streets have burning tire-barricades at night;
Protests have continued as more people join the fight.

Most want the Ukrainians aligned with the E.U.;
Something that the Russians would prefer Ukraine not do.
Putin put the pressure on and Yanukovych caved.
Viktor said he had to; the economy was saved.

Protests broke out right away and they're still going on.
Now the calls are growing; they want Yanukovych gone.
What with all the history Ukraine and Russia share,
More than half the people want the hell away from there.

They believe their future lies with nations to the West;
Emigres from Russia think that looking East is best.
Viktor's only chance right now of staying on the job
Lies in turning them into another angry mob.

Hope it doesn't come to that, but I'm afraid it might.
Left hand, civil war - or else there's Putin on his right.
Deep in debt to Russia  (he's already cashed their check)
Pity Viktor Yanukovych...  I bet he's a wreck.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo/Courtesy of

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Kill The Messenger.

Photo/Courtesy of Etsy

A snowstorm is swirling outside.
Enjoy it? Believe me, I've tried.
It's hard when you know
There're 6 weeks to go.
I wish that the groundhog had lied.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dear Coke... Do You Still Think #AmericaIsBeautiful?
#AmericaIsBeautiful #Really?

Super Bowl was only worth the watching for the ads;
Game was over by the half for guys in football pads.
Seahawks crushed the Broncos; won it 43 to 8.
Defense shut down Peyton Manning (who did not play great.)

All of the excitement's been about an ad from Coke.
Multilingual singing caused conservatives to choke.
"They should speak American." "How dare they use that song?"
Some folks seemed to think that it's our Anthem - they were wrong.

Coke has always said they'd "like to teach the world to sing...
There've been calls to boycott Coke about their ad campaign,
Leading me to fear that all those people are insane.

God should only shed his grace on me but not on thee?
I already buy a lot of Coke while at the store
But, I guarantee you now that we'll be drinking more.

Monday, February 03, 2014

FOX - The Spin Zone

(Photo/Courtesy of

Spoke with Bill O'Reilly (who's as subtle as an ox)
Or, at least, he tried to...  When O'Reilly let him speak;
Tried to treat the President like guests he has each week.

Bill demanded heads should roll: Sebelius and Rice
Health Care and Benghazi - interrupted more than twice
When Obama tried to answer accusations made...
Couldn't call them questions - that's not how this game is played.

Never realizing it's just Roger Ailes's views.
If the facts do not support the things that Roger feels
FOX invents conspiracies; it's how they earn their meals.

President Obama is their favorite boogeyman.
They've convinced their audience he's got a secret plan;
He's a closet Communist or Muslim - take your pick.
So, they keep on slinging mud in hopes something will stick.

When he'd finally had enough, Obama looked at Bill;
Said he knew they don't agree on things and never will.
Pointed out that, since FOX keeps ignoring all the facts,
He is not surprised at how their audience reacts.