Thursday, February 28, 2013

The New England Patriots - Tom Brady is the Man

 And still he held on to the ball.

Maybe I have mentioned, once or twice, that I'm a fan
Of New England's Patriots...  Tom Brady is the man.
His contract extension pays him less than what he's worth;
All he asks is that Wes Welker's guaranteed a berth.

(Doesn't seem a lot to ask since Welker always proves
He's a star performer who has not yet lost his moves.
There are no excuses now; just give him what he asks.
Who else has been able to assume such thankless tasks?

Welker runs the kick-offs back; gets free for Brady's pass.
Last year made it very clear he isn't out of gas.)
Just like Tedy Bruschi, Brady's made it plain that he
Plans to stay and lead the Patriots to victory.

I believe that this should settle any more debate
(Not to knock the other quarterbacks considered great)
Didn't care about the money, only winning games;
Brady proves he's number one among those famous names.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

On news-stands now

Need your yearly dose of outrage? Read TIME magazine.
It's the best reporting on health care I've ever seen;
Written by a brilliant journalist named Steven Brill.
(Caution: You may need a doctor after Bitter Pill.)

Article dissects the items on some patients' bills.
What is compensation to our doctors for their skills?
What things cost a hospital and, then, how much they charge...
Profit margin turns out to be staggeringly large.

Pricing not related to an economic cost
Charged when you are sick and scared and feeling rather lost;
Caught up in the system, doing what the doctors say,
Last thing on your mind is any bills you'll have to pay.

Don't think I can recommend this article enough
Even though my stomach churned digesting all this stuff;
Veins are throbbing, head is sore from reading TIME's report...
If I have a heart attack I'll see those guys in court.

(P.S.  Dear Time;
I am only kidding folks; I'm not the suing kind;
But your recent article has really blown my mind.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Across the Pond - Afghanistan's Chi Boys

A Chi boy "entertains" local police commanders. (Photo/Getty Images)

It's incontrovertible; the Taliban won't die.
They'll be back in power when the U.S. says good-bye.
Hard to blame Afghanistan; they've gone from bad to worse.
It's as if that country's been afflicted with a curse.

Riddled with corruption, their police force is a joke;
Pederasts who's minds are rotted by the drugs they smoke,
Arguing that little boys enjoy a soldier's life
And they must screw someone when they aren't with their wife.

NATO forces know the truth; I'm sure it makes them sick.
Cannot fix a broken culture - haven't learned the trick.
Something, though, is very wrong when it's the Taliban
That's the lesser of two evils in Afghanistan.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Review

Did you watch the Oscars last night; all the pretty stars,
Strolling the red carpet after stepping from their cars?
Stunning gowns and jewelry; the men in evening dress...
Overall, it seemed to me, the night was a success.

Seth MacFarlane was the host and he was very good.
After watching Family Guy  I didn't think he could
Manage to get through the night without becoming crude;
Half afraid the audience would turn and he'd get booed.

But, thank goodness, Captain Kirk returned to save the day
(Hope the Federation will increase the Captain's pay.)
There were no surprises in the winners of the night
And, in my opinion, the Academy was right.

Hathaway's performance as Fantine inspired chills;
Argo  won Best Picture due to Affleck's growing skills;
Lewis won for Lincoln  and Ang Lee won one as well.
(Musical performances by Streisand and Adele...

Of the many moments that I loved, sock puppets wins
Flight  scene recreated by a dryer as it spins.)
Still, the glitz and glamour - that's what Hollywood's about -
And there's nothing like a night when all the stars come out.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Boston Red Sox - Call Me Cassandra

This is what's left of the ancient city of Troy. (Photo/National Geographic)

Hate to play Cassandra here...  A prophetess of doom,
Faced with disbelief when warning that disasters loom.
You can call me crazy (and you wouldn't be the first)
But, I've grown convinced that Boston's Red Sox have been cursed.

Tried to warn you last year and I'm sorry I was right...
Even worse, but Jet Blue Park is still  the Yankees' site.
That's some major mojo that's been used against our Sox;
Cursed before the team has even gotten off the blocks.

Sports gods are capricious, like the Grecian gods of old.
When they turn away from you your favorite team gets cold.
Look what happened last year and then  tell me that I'm wrong.
And remember Troy; Cassandra warned them all along.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Washington, D.C. ... Unsolicited Advice for the Sequestration

I'm talking to all of you... Don't make me come over there.
Here's what drives me crazy with this impasse on The Hill;
It's a demonstration that there is no more good will.
All our politicians know that sequestration's dumb,
Yet no one will give the other side a single crumb.

They would take a chainsaw to the budget - not a knife -
When we need a scalpel to prevent more fiscal strife.
No one wants to bear the brunt of partisan attack,
Too aware that someone waits to stab them in the back.

If they can't forge trust then they need courage (for a change).
Maybe that Grand Bargain's still something they can arrange.
Give them their means testing if they'll give you the tax code;
Anything is better than this constant crisis mode.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dr. Seussilitis Interruptus

Chelmsford's 2012-2013 Wrestling Team (Photo/Dan Ahern)

Boys are home from school this week; their February break.
Thought it would be quiet here but that was a mistake.
Both of them are wrestlers and this week is the States;
Both of them competing in a sport their mother hates.

So, despite the sequestration and the other news,
I will have to spare you all the rhyming of my views.
I'll be in the bleachers on my old and aching buns,
Praying that they don't get hurt and cheering for my sons.

* Congratulations to Ben Melisi and Scott McQuaide on their 1st place finishes.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The GOP and Chuck Hagel; Where's the Love?

Republicans filibuster Hagel's confirmation as Secretary of Defense
No love for Chuck Hagel in the Senate yesterday;
All of the Republicans decided to delay
Confirmation for their fellow party member 'cause
They oppose the President, no matter what he does.

Tried to send an olive branch; he tapped the GOP,
Asking a Republican to be his nominee.
Hagel, who is only controversial for good sense,
Should have had an easy confirmation for Defense...

But, instead, it's been a struggle from the very start.
2 sides didn't come together; they're farther apart.
They've gone into recess so, for now, Panetta's stuck.
Hope he didn't have vacation plans - He's out of luck.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Back when we were newlyweds my husband got the drift;
He would be in trouble coming home without a gift.
I don't ask for diamonds and I'm not a fan of gold,
All I ask is he remember (without being told)

That a rose or dinner - or perhaps a little card -
Leads to happiness at home. I ask you, what's so hard?
Usually he's very smart, but once was not too swift
Coming in the door - no card - and I got pretty miffed.

Seems that he'd believed me when I'd said that it was fine;
I knew that he loved me... Didn't need a Valentine.
Silly man! He thought that he'd been given a free pass.
(When it comes to romance he can be a horse's ass.)

I was calm - collected - and I didn't say a word.
But, in that extended silence, message clearly heard.
As I've said, he's pretty smart... He learned his lesson then.
  I can guarantee you - it has not happened again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The State of the Union

President Obama said the Union's growing strong...
Judging by Republicans' response, he could be wrong.
I saw little evidence that they intend to try;
They seem too determined to let chances slip right by.

Never mind the fact that most economists insist
Government investment isn't something to resist.
Never mind that Europe proves austerity won't work.
They would play the Klingons to Obama's Captain Kirk.

He would like to boldly go and steer a middle course;
He could keep on talking to them until he grows hoarse.
Last night the Republicans all sat upon their hands.
Wonder if the President completely understands

He will find few partners who will step across the aisle?
I don't think John Boehner got that memo though, 'cause he
Was his party's poster boy for animosity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Stepping Down


Benedict the 16th is retiring as Pope;
Says his health and age have made it difficult to cope
With his many duties as the earthly voice of God...
Laying down his crozier (that long and gilded rod),

Taking off his mitre (it's that tall and pointy hat),
Stepping down from Peter's throne.  I can't imagine that.
Popes die in the traces; they are not supposed to quit.
People in the Twitter-sphere have been all over it:

"First time that a German's ever volunteered to leave,"
"Someone poached #exBenedict."  Some Catholics believe
This means that the Church will start to modernize, at last;
Stop discriminating against women...  Not so fast.

If you know the Church at all (as I suspect I do)
You'd know that the Pontif-ex appointed quite a few
Of the Cardinals who will be gathering in Rome
Where they will decide who'll call the Papal Office home.

They may choose a Spanish-speaker or an African;
One thing I can guarantee, however - it's a man.
It would take a miracle if anyone they pick
Says that priests need hearts and souls and faith and not a....  Uhmmm.
Male genitalia.

The Vatican was struck by lightning the night the Pope announced his retirement.  Really.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Drone Strikes and Due Process


As a former member of the military, I
More than understand why drones are authorized to fly;
Maybe save a soldier's life with less civilian loss.
No trials for al-Qaeda members? I don't give a toss.

If your aim is to destroy America then, fine;
You have just declared yourself at war with me and mine.
Am I truly horrified when innocents are killed?
Yes.  Despite the fact our troops are trained and highly skilled

People on the side-lines in a war zone tend to die;
Whether by stray bullets or a bomb dropped from the sky.
I suspect that fewer people die when we use drones
And, no matter how much that the ACLU moans,

'though we skipped due process when we killed a citizen
It was not a question if  he'd try something, but when
Still, it's not a bad idea if, when the next drone flew
It was first submitted to some judges for review.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Me

Thank you.

Wish me Happy Anniversary; my blog is 1.
I don't know about you folks, but I'm still having fun.
So, though I've been begged to quit by people with good taste;
I'll continue doing it - 'cause I've got time to waste.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013 vs. The Blizzard of 1978

Hmmm...  Haven't I seen this before?
Battening the hatches down; the winds are gonna blow.
Weathermen predict that Massachusetts will get snow...
Not the kind they're measuring in inches, but in feet.
It could be a week before I make it up my street.

Have to hit the grocery store (again) 'cause I forgot
Only one or two last minute items; not a lot.
These days, any time I hear a blizzard's on the way,
I stock up on everything for an extended stay.

When the winds are howling and it's piling up outside
I feel better knowing that my pantry's well supplied.
Other blizzards came and went in 35 long years;
Back when all I thought to buy was cigarettes and beers.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Across the Pond - Rape


Think rape victims have it bad in these United States;
Stuck with politicians being stupid in debates?
Women in the Middle East and northern Africa,
India and, worst of all, the ones in Syria

Raped as part of strategy in someone's gruesome war
Or, if they report a rape, they're treated like a whore.
Even those who wear a veil - are covered head to toe -
Know that there are places in their countries they can't go,

Like a busy city street or movies with a friend.
Even if you don't get raped they're pinching your rear end.
Treated like an object; just a way to scratch an itch,
Think it's time that women over there began to bitch.

Veils have not protected them from violence and rape.
Women have to organize and help their nations shape
Future legislation guaranteeing rights for girls...
Women need their laws to start protecting them from churls.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Massachusetts Republicans - Screwed?

Thanks, but no thanks?
Massachusetts cannot get Republicans to run;
Scott Brown, Bill Weld - even Tagg (Mitt Romney's eldest son)
All declined to make a try for Kerry's Senate seat...
Do not want to work their toches off for a defeat.

It's an uphill battle for their Party in my state.
Any chances that will change aren't looking really great.
With these major players out, their Party's in a pinch.
Seems Ed Markey only needs to get by Stephen Lynch.

Can't say that I blame Scott Brown - who lost a bruising race -
His decision proves he isn't just a pretty face.
Bet he runs for Governor and I predict he wins.
(We forgive Republicans a multitude of sins

When they're our Republicans - the Massachusetts kind -
Not the ones in Washington, who've clearly lost their mind.
We don't like to give those guys a solitary vote.)
I bet Scott Brown hasn't, yet, retired his barn coat.

Monday, February 04, 2013

The NRA - WTF? (Wants to Forget)

Since the Newtown massacre the NRA has tried
To deflect attention from the numbers who have died.
(Meanwhile we Americans run out and purchase guns...
Makes me want to swear but I am still afraid of nuns.)

This is what a lobbyist can do when they have cash;
Politicians are afraid the NRA will thrash
Anyone who even tries to bring the issue up.
Is the NRA creating paranoia? Yup.

Once they thought that background checks for everyone was cool;
Advocated for a weapons-free zone at a school.
Now  they say that any list allows our government
To disarm its citizens - with little effort spent.

Now  they want to arm our teachers.  My, how things have changed.
Fostering conspiracies appears to be his aim.
Cash is needed if we hope to beat him at his game.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Yarn Junkie

Addiction is a terrible thing.

I've been making blankets lately - I've become obsessed.
Sister taught me to crochet; she does it when she's stressed.
I had never wanted to crochet; I'd rather read.
Sisters all insisted that I learn, so I agreed.

It's been nearly 3 months now and I'm in overdrive.
Started up a new one; this is blanket number 5.
First one that I made was for my darlin' Mr. S.
(Knots were very loose but - overall - 'twas a success.

He calls it his summer blanket.) Now I've got it right.
Since then I have started making all my knotting tight.
Good thing it's my knees and not my hands that have arthritis
Or this could get just as bad as Dr. Seussilitis.