Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Boston Celtics - 0 and 2

I don't think the officials like us very much.  (Photo credit:
  I'm not optimistic for this series with the Heat
After watching last night's painful, overtime defeat.
Don't think the officiating helped us out at all...
But, I must admit, I'm not a fan of basketball.

Yes, I like the Celtics and I'm hoping that they win
(What I'm really praying for is football to begin.)
Basketball's exhausting - watching giant, sweaty men
Racing up and down and back and forth, then down again.

I'm just sitting in a chair and I am out of breath...
Celtics haven't had a rest; they've got to be near death.
'though they've played their hearts out - Rondo's been a joy to see -
I think they'll win 1 or 2.  At most - they might win 3.

Guess I shouldn't count them out.  The struggle will be fierce.
Still, we've got Garnett and Doc, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.
Even though they're tired and despite their nagging hurts
Those are proud and seasoned fighters wearing Celtics shirts.

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