Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Vatican - Are They Crazy?

(Warning: YouTube clip is PG13 and contains
some "Filthy mouths and  bad attitudes.")

First, I'd like to make it clear - I'm not an atheist,
It's only religious dogma I tend to resist.
I believe there's Something...  What It is I cannot tell.
My poor father's pretty sure I'm going straight to Hell.

I was raised a Catholic. I went to Catholic schools.
I'm no longer Catholic; I didn't like their rules.
Why not blame it on the nuns? The Vatican sure does.
Don't like when a Sister will not shut her mouth because

Women are subservient, according to the Church.
Men are meant to rule and nuns are joggling their perch.
I think that's ridiculous. It's past time to ordain
Women. Besides, telling nuns to "Shut up" is insane!

Maybe Rome could look at it like this; As Jesus' spouse,
Nuns should be responsible for cleaning up His House.
It's been looking dirty lately...  Make the Pope a nun.
Give it to a woman when you must get something done.

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  1. Though I knew that Crooks and Liars had a lot of clout,
    Didn't know how much until, this weekend, I found out.
    My blog got a mention and a thousand folks or more
    Visited... I'd never had so many views before.

    Thank you. You've been very kind. I hope you'll come again.
    Every day there's something new I find to say and then
    Dr. Seussilitis hits and turns it into rhyme.
    Hope you didn't find it a complete waste of your time.