Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day - 2014

Bands are playing somewhere, weather's warm, and hearts are light.
Baseball season's starting; it's the first game of the year.
Somewhere fans need sunscreen at the ball park, but not here.

Here the rain is falling and, at times, it's mixed with sleet.
Not the kind of day for watching baseball teams compete.
Red Sox are in Baltimore with Lester on the mound:
Tuesday at the White House, 2 more games, then homeward bound.

Friday is their Opener at Fenway...  If you hold
Tickets for that game, then bundle up. It will be cold.
I have gone to Openers when they're predicting snow.
Fenway can be freezing when those ocean breezes blow.

That will not stop Red Sox fans because we're Boston Strong.
When they wave the banner and start singing Tessie's song,
Even if the sun is shining warmly down elsewhere,
It's the kind of moment Fenway's Faithful want to share.

Friday, March 28, 2014


 sick person : Sick Cartoon Woman

Today I am not feeling swell;
In fact, I am sicker than hell.
I'm taking a med
And going to bed
Until I am, once again, well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stuck on Steinbeck

Thank gods for my library because my Kindle broke,
And my books stored in the cloud have all gone up in smoke.
Now my darlin' husband, who is hooked on Shuffled Row,
Suffers through withdrawal symptoms...  It's a grievous blow.

Warranty's expired so the folks at Amazon
Couldn't do a lot to help - now all those books are gone.
They no longer make the kind of Kindle that I had;
Offered me a discount on their version of i-Pad.

If I want an i-Pad then I'll go get one of those.
From now on I'm buying books with covers I can close.
'though it might be easier to click a link and buy,
They don't do me any good when they're stuck in the sky.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Immodest Proposal


I'm prepared to make a deal regarding birth control;
To provide that coverage insuring employees
(Pregnancy prevention means that women close their knees)

If they want to play it that way, then it's only fair
That the reproductive cost's a burden we all share.
Since it's true that procreation needs a man's erection
I suggest the penis should be subject to inspection.

And why should religious people pay for those poor chumps?
If we want to pick and choose the health care people need
Let's start with the organ that's delivering the seed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vlad the Invader

Another famous Vlad.

Russian people want to know; What's all the fuss about?
All they ever did was help a fellow Russki out.
Russian troops on Ukraine's border aren't meant as a threat.
They have not annexed the East...  At least, they haven't yet.

Hitting them with sanctions will not make them back away;
It's a price the Russian people are prepared to pay.
That is how the situation looks to Russian eyes.
Putin's popularity at home is on the rise.

Even those who do not like him back his latest move.
Since the Soviet collapse they've felt the need to prove
They are still a major force that must be reckoned with.
They view Putin like some figure out of Slavic myth.

I can understand the way the Russian people feel;
Tales of former glories do have romantic appeal.
If, however, your side is the one that lost the fight,
Putin's actions in the region must be viewed with fright.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I Wish the Pats Were More Like the Sox

Making it extremely likely he'll retire here.
Glad they gave him what he asked for; I think it's his due.
Wouldn't want to see him leaving Boston.  How 'bout you?

Good thing that it isn't football that Big Papi plays.
Not a lot of loyalty in Foxborough these days.
We don't pay our stars what they deserve and so they leave us.
Even though I'm thrilled that we are signing Darrelle Revis,

Wilfork wants to be released and  I'm still missing Wes.
Thank gods we kept Edelman.  Does Brady need him?  Yes.
Patriots play hard-ball but I'm glad the Sox did not;

Photo/Courtesy of The Boston Globe

Friday, March 21, 2014

Crimea River

Map courtesy of Wikipedia

Russian troops are in Crimea; they'll be staying there.
We're imposing sanctions on them.  Putin doesn't care.
He will sign their annexation later on today.
Ukraine's lost Crimea now, no matter what we say.

Native Russian speakers voted overwhelmingly,
In a referendum that was neither fair nor free,
They'd prefer to join with Russia - splitting from Ukraine.
Putin said that's fine with him; their loss is Russia's gain.

I don't think that's true; the sanctions haven't bitten yet,
Plus Crimea's very poor and is in massive debt.
Putin may feel cocky now but might, yet, be surprised;
This move could prove costlier than he has realized. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysian Airlines MH370 - An Update

Possible wreckage.

13 days since it took off and started for Beijing
Searchers for the missing aircraft may have found something.
Satellite reconnaissance shows pieces of debris
Floating near Australia and not the China Sea.

"How can we just lose a plane this day and age?" asked I.
Learned it's not impossible, but someone has to try.
Had to know the circuit breakers that they'd have to pull.
Had to plan how they'd subdue a plane that's almost full.

Seemed to know the traffic patterns other aircraft flew.
Tried to hide from radar but it's better than they knew.
Even though they climbed, then dove below 5,000 ft.,
They were not completely hidden from the U.S. fleet.

Satellites show something near where our N.T.S.B.
Said they thought the wreckage of the aircraft had to be.
Even if this is the plane we still may never know
Why someone would choose to strike this devastating blow.

What did all those passengers and loved ones ever do?
Who was flying?  Was it really someone from the crew?
Did they have to do it?  Was a gun held to their head?
Sadly, there's no question - 2 weeks later - they're all dead.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Banned, From Boston?

Could it be I'm banned in Russia?  That would be a coup.
It would mean they've noticed all the Putin rhymes I do.
They're not very flattering; I think the man's a thug...
But it seems that someone there has pulled the Iron Plug.

Blogger breaks it down by countries where my rhymes get read
And, until 2 weeks ago - although the U.S. led -
Russia was my second largest audience, by far...
Now there's not a single hit.  They've dropped the Iron Bar.

Maybe Mr. Putin doesn't like it when he's mocked.
'though I'm only speculating and cannot be certain,
I suspect that Putin has brought down the Iron Curtain.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Modern Irish Blessing

Clicking on the highlighted links will take you to some great Irish pub music.

May the roads rise up to meet you. May the sun shine bright.
May the good Lord keep you safe and sheltered in His sight.
If you want the happiest St. Patrick's Day this year;

Ask before you kiss the Irish - you'll have better luck,
May you find a table, though the line is out the door.
Will you see me out there now? No, nay, never...  No more.

I remember many Drunken Nights out on a binge...
On St. Patrick's Day my face displayed a greenish tinge.
Too old for shenanigans; a glass or 2 - no more -
Lest the road that rose to meet me means I'm on the floor.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear Republican Women... Really?

How is it Republicans aren't overwhelmed with shame;
Treating people as if they're a pawn; their lives a game?
Standing up for corporations, 1 percenters, banks,
Old, white men (I'm shocked when I see women in their ranks.)

Things that women care about, Republicans oppose;
Health-care clinics, food assistance - first things that they close.
Fighting to block overtime reforms, a living wage,
Everything the President proposes at this stage.

Since they're the majority in Congress and they might
Even win the Senate, come the next election night,
While the rich get richer and the poor folk fall behind,
President Obama could be in a nasty bind.

If the Democrats should lose a few more Senate seats
(Which they could, according to the word out on the streets)
Our divided government divides a whole lot more
If we let Republicans control the Senate Floor.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

ACA - You're Funny or You're Dead

Trying to increase enrollment by a younger crowd,
President Obama and his White House staff allowed
People from Between Two Ferns to tape an interview.
Bill O'Reilly says that's something Lincoln wouldn't do.

I would tend to disagree; Old Abe was fond of jokes.
Often got his point across with gentle, comic pokes.
Hard to argue with success - the interview's gone viral.
Int'rest from "Invincibles" is in an upward spiral.

President Obama got to plug the A.C.A.
Traffic at increases every day.
'though the geriatric bunch at FOX may shake their head
With a hip, young crowd you're either funny or you're dead.