Friday, June 28, 2013

A Hell of a Week in Boston Sports

What the hell?  (Photo/
For New England sports fans, it has been a shocking week;
Former tight-end for the Pats - shipped up the fabled creek -
As a suspect in a murder, they've denied him bail.
Put cuffs on Hernandez and then hauled him off to jail.

We were all still reeling 'cause we'd lost the Stanley Cup;
Wishing doctors luck as they patched Bergeron back up.
Just begun to overcome the fact the Blackhawks won;
Moving on to baseball after hockey season's done.

Now, instead, there's murder charges... One young man is dead
And I heard, last night, as I was getting in to bed
There were 2 more murders that police have never solved.
Now they're thinking that Hernandez may have been involved.

Then - to add the cherry to this sundae made of crap -
I just heard they blew the Celtics up and I may snap.
Doc and Paul and Kevin gone and all that Boston gets?
Future draft positions? We just gave them to the Nets.

...  You need to beware - 'cause I'm gonna swear  ...

In this blog I try to keep it clean and never swear,
But this music video that I would like to share
Is profane enough to make this former sailor wince,
Yet...  It made me laugh and toes' been tapping ever since.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dr. Seussilitis Does The SCOTUS Blog - DOMA Edition

Photo/© Pete Marovich/ZUMA Press/Corbis.
Feds will have to honor a gay couple's wedding pact
When the 2 are married in a state where it's okay.
Prop 8 failed because they ruled opponents had no say.

Won on technicalities and - though a win's a win
It won't help in states where same-sex marriage is a sin.
Question is; what happens if that same-sex couple moves
To a state whose Legislature strongly disapproves?

Will the U.S. recognize that couple's marriage if
They are in a state where opposition to them's stiff?
There are still too many states where love's against the law.
If States' Rights protect discrimination that's a flaw.

Issue will be back before the Court, I guarantee.
But, this is a major step if you're L.G.B.T.
Come to Massachusetts - you're all welcome here with us.
Marriages are legal 'cause this state is fabulous.

...And just wait until you see the Berkshires!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Bruins... Thank You

Boston Bruins Bruins Logo

 Now that there has been a chance to cool emotions down
And Chicago's Blackhawks got a head-start out of town;
Now the shock of Game 6' final seconds has sunk in;
Now that I am reconciled that my team didn't win,

Thank you Boston Bruins for a most exciting ride,
Even though the Stanley Cup left with the other side.
Bruins were amazing and they did the city proud;
Boston Strong for all of us - not just the hockey crowd.

Hockey players on the ice with broken ribs or legs.
Stitched 'em up and sent 'em back and drained 'em to the dregs.
Trust me, I've got nothing for the Bruins now but love.
Not their fault that Crawford learned (at last) to use his glove.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Election Day

Don't make lame excuses. Go vote!
If you lack a physician's note,
Get up off your bum!
Not voting is dumb.
And, if your guy wins, please don't gloat.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Newburyport Doesn't Rhyme


 Where the cold Atlantic meets the mighty Merrimack,
I drove down to memory lane; went looking for a snack.
I can still remember when we'd all go into town...
Now it's filled with pretty shops; old buildings not knocked down.

They have built a lovely park and brick-lined, winding streets:
Galleries and gift shops, ice cream...  Winfrey's Fudge and sweets.
Went to Michael's Harborside for drinks out on the deck.
Had their famous lobster-roll and I ate every speck.

I spent all my summers on Plum Island as a child.
Saying things have changed a lot since then would be too mild.
Took my brother up to see how much the island's changed;
When I tried describing it he thought I was deranged

He could not believe his eyes - was nearly moved to tears.
Almost all the beach has disappeared in 20 years.
I can just imagine how much worse the guy would feel
If grandmother Lynch had been prepared to take the deal.


Friday, June 21, 2013

The Writing on the Wall is in Spanish


Senate looks like it might pass an Immigration Bill...
Hallelujah! They'll accomplish something on the Hill.
Gang of 8 is hoping to get more than 60 votes.
I wish them success...  Although, my inner cynic notes

Did Republicans see where their opposition led.

And, there's still the House to get through; voting could be tight,
This time though, it looks as if the bill is gonna pass.
GOP's afraid that they'll be voted out en masse.

President Obama says he'll sign it right away.
Thousands of our immigrants will get the chance to stay.
'though it won't solve every problem it still fixes some.
In D.C. you count your wins no matter how they come.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Because It's The Cup

Blackhawks tied the series up last night in overtime.
I cannot be blamed because I didn't write a rhyme.
When I write a rhyme before a Bruins game, they lose.
Then I have to suffer through my sons' and husband's "Boos!"

Game 4 was amazing; final score was 6 to 5.
Both teams at the Garden kicked it in to overdrive.
Each time that the Blackhawks scored the Bruins scored one, too.
It was nearly midnight when the hockey game was through.

Chara and Brad Marchand - he's "The Little Ball of Hate" -
Lucic, Boychuk, Peverley and Bergeron were great.
Tuukka was still very good...  He made outstanding saves
But he had some trouble stopping Seabrook, Kane, and Toews.

Game 5, in Chicago, on the Blackhawks' home town ice,
Both teams knowing that, to hoist the Cup, they must win twice.
I'd be wishing Boston luck if I were not afraid
I would jinx the Bruins before Game 5's even played.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Race for the Senate - Massachusetts Edition

R.D. Sahl moderated this final debate.  (Photo/AP/Meredith Nierman)

Nothing's changed for me; Ed Markey's still my candidate.
I'm an independent, 'though I lean towards Democrat
So, for me, the case that Gomez tries to make falls flat.

I don't want to give Republicans another win...
They refuse to compromise; my patience has worn thin.
If Gomez is someone Mitch McConnell would support,
One more vote for members of the Tea Party to court,

He is not the man who should be representing me.
There's so many issues where we two do not agree...
He's been too aggressive and I haven't liked his tone.
Recent polls show Markey up, so I am not alone.

Plus, Gomez seems unaware of how the Congress works...
I prefer that Markey doesn't  compromise with jerks.
Gomez may be just the guy to have in your lifeboat;
For the U.S. Senate seat?  Ed Markey has my vote.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear Edward Snowden... Put A Cork In It

Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, is popular in his new home town.  Photo/HuffingtonPost

China's had a Field Day with what Snowden's had to say.
(He's the guy who leaked the news about the NSA.)
He is making headlines in the papers over there
But the average Chinese person doesn't seem to care.

They know their own government is checking them each day,
Now they're asking what the big deal is here anyway?
Anything to keep them safe from terrorism, please.

As for Edward Snowden - he has gone too far, I fear.
Thank you for the heads-up kid, but we'll take it from here.
Time to put a cork in it...  Some secrets should be kept.
Putin doesn't need to know we know  he overslept.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Luckier Than Most

Photo: All of us and Dad.

Yesterday was Fathers' Day; we had a party here.
In attendance were the people whom I hold most dear.
Brothers, sisters, sons and husbands, nieces, moms and dad.
When I think of those who don't have this it makes me sad.

Sometimes I forget how very fortunate I am.
I obsess about something that doesn't mean a damn...
What a politician says, elections overseas,
Or the fact I'm getting old and have arthritic knees.

Next time that I'm ranting, feeling mad about the news,
I'll remember someone wishes they were in my shoes.
Member of a close-knit clan and, though I hate to boast,
I need to remind myself; I'm luckier than most.

Friday, June 14, 2013

PSU Freshmen Orientation (Update)

My trip down memory lane leads through Franconia Notch.

Just got back from Plymouth State and, 'though I didn't stay,
And although New Hampshire's sky was overcast and gray;
'though my plans for where to spend the night had fallen through;
'though my son kept ditching me for something else to do,

Staff and students at the school were helpful, fun and kind.
Made us all feel welcome and their speaker was a find.
He helped me to realize - this trip was for my son,
And his mother's presence stood between the kid and fun.

If he felt obliged to hang with me he might miss out
On the whole experience the visit was about.
He'd already met new friends, seemed settled in, and so
It became apparent it was time for me to go.

Hugged and kissed my son good-bye and drove North on Route 3,
All the way to where New Hampshire's Old Man used to be.
Went back to The Woodstock Inn...  It's changed in 30 years;
Still an inn but now it's mostly famous for its beers.

I got back to P.S.U. for Thursday's barbeque
And remain convinced that leaving was the thing to do.
My son had an "awesome time" and, now, can hardly wait
'til the day his college life begins at Plymouth State.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plymouth State University's Freshmen Orientation


Going up to Plymouth State for 2 days with my son.
It's where he'll be going now his high school days are done.
He will meet some faculty and learn his way around.

Parents and new freshmen are supposed to spend the night
But, it seems, my son prefers that I stay out of sight.
He "forgot" to tell the school that I'd be staying, too.
I believe I've been insulted...  Really.  Wouldn't you?

That's okay 'cause there's a lovely inn just down the road.
I'll drop by to pay his bills if there's tuition owed;
I'll try not to be a nudge so he'll be glad I came...
Meanwhile, I'll be at the pool - or bar - to watch the game.

(Let's go Bruins)

Monday, June 10, 2013

The 1st Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Taunt

The Ancient Greeks knew about the sports gods. (Photo/
Lately, Boston sports fans are more fortunate than most.
I'd thank God and Jesus and, of course, the Holy Ghost
If I thought they'd intervened, but I don't think they did.
They've got more important things to occupy them, kid.

That is not to say I don't believe in lesser gods
(Even though that classifies me with the ditzy broads.)
Hovering above the ice; they're, mostly, near the net.
Laughing up their togas at the phrase "It's a sure bet!"

Sports gods are the reason hockey pucks bang off the post.
If a sports fan angers them, their favorite team is toast.
Sports gods don't like taunting or predictions that you'll win,
Therefore, I'm determined to avoid committing sin.

I'm allowed to say the Boston Red Sox have been great
Just as long as I don't tease my Yankees' loving mate.
Sports gods will not mind it if I wish the Bruins luck,
I'm just not supposed to say Chicago's Blackhawks suck.
 So, I'll mind my Ps and Qs in tribute to the s.
When I pray for victories I will remember "Please." 
Just in case I'm right and lesser sports gods do exist
Thank you for our blessings; far too numerous to list.