Friday, June 08, 2012

The Boston Celtics - A Prayer to the Sports Gods

Celtics face game 7 and I'm praying I was wrong;
That the sports gods do not plan to string us fans along.
Hoping that the era of our Big 3 isn't dead;
That the Celtics win the series they so lately led.

Luck will have to favor us to stave off a defeat.
Last night, it was pretty clear, the sports gods chose the Heat.
Nothing seemed to go our way - we couldn't catch a break.
Don't know how much more of this my Celtics' heart can take.

Basketballs can seem to jump through hoops...  But, sometimes not.
Last night, in the Garden, Celtics couldn't make a shot.
Pierce would throw it up and it just rattled off the rim.
Plus, let's not forget LeBron... There was no stopping him.

Garnett, and now Rondo, have both proven that they're tough.
(Have you tried those knuckle push-ups? Trust me, 1's enough.)
Garden fans sent up a cheer that sounded like a prayer;
"Let's Go Celtics!" Please, dear sports gods, help us out down there.

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