Thursday, December 18, 2014

Have Yourselves a Merry Christmas


"It's comin' on Christmas; they're cuttin' down trees..."
It's next week and, am I ready for it? Honey, please.
Haven't started decorating, haven't written cards,
Haven't strung a Christmas light (unlike our neighbors's yards.)

I just bought the tree and wreath; they're both completely bare.
Haven't started shopping 'cause it's frightening out there.
I'm supposed to pick our eldest up from Plymouth State;
There's a jack-knifed tractor-trailer on the highway... Great.

You won't see much rhyming from me in the coming days,
(And I bet that you are just as busy anyways)
So, if we don't get the chance again, I'm wishing you
Very Merry Holidays and Happy New Year, too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Problem With Putin

Image result for putin godlike 

Russia's ruble's plummeting because of cheaper oil.
Tensions there are simmering and could come to a boil
As we tighten sanctions further, turning up the heat,
Hoping Russia changes course; that they'll admit defeat.

Problem, as I see it, is that Putin's still in charge
And his cult of personality's grown rather large.
Thanks to Russian media, which Putin now controls,
Most of Russia stands by him, according to the polls.

NATO says that Putin's getting bolder by the day;
Economic sanctions don't appear to hold much sway.
Those may work on other countries and their leaders, but
I've begun to worry Putin really is a nut.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank You Australia

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Pakistani Taliban descended on a school
Where they opened fire and, as blood began to pool,
Hunted down the children so the death toll's very high...
I can't think about it anymore.  It makes me cry.

Hostages in Sydney (to a Muslim with a gun)
Could have led to riots before all was said and done.
'til the offer thousands of Australians all made;
"I'll ride with you" if you're feeling nervous or afraid.

When the tidings of the Season start to make me blue
I'll think of Australia's act of human kindness, too;
Answering a crime of hate with generosity.
And, if you're in Massachusetts, you can ride with me.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Pink Hat and a Tee-Shirt Day

Ladies BCA Knit Hat-White/Pink
I'll be adding another tee-shirt to my collection.
6 straight years of winning their Division for the Pats;
12 of 14 years when they got new tee-shirts and hats.
Seasons of accomplishing what others only tried.
Belichick and Brady fill New Englanders with pride.

Think about the streak of wins the 2 of them are on;
Even now, with stars from older winning seasons gone,
Belichick and Brady keep on adding to their wins...
Like the one from yesterday against Miami's 'phins.

Next week, in New Jersey, they'll be taking on the Jets
Where Division rivalry's as nasty as it gets.
Belichick should focus on just getting out alive.
Keep Tom Brady playing football 'til he's 45.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'll Be Back

Gotta love early morning work shifts! Ha.

I'm sorry; I must be away.
There won't be a new rhyme today,
And, much to my sorrow,
That's still true tomorrow...
But check back on Monday, okay?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"A Rose By Any Other Name..."

Image result for dead rose images

If a rose by any other name still smells as sweet,
With the Senate's CIA reporting now complete,
Techniques of Enhanced Interrogation has the same
Stink as torture... Never mind its legal sounding name.

CIA's attempts to shield their countrymen from harm
Went a whole lot further than a simple twisted arm.
EITs, where Everyone Is Targeted for it,
Stinks of desperation (which can smell a lot like shit.)

I know agents only sought to serve the greater good
When they questioned prisoners in handcuffs and a hood.
They forgot, when torturing the people we oppose,
You can't roll in shit and come up smelling like a rose.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Obama Report

Only 7 shows before the last Colbert Report...
Although I wish Stephen had agreed to do some more,
Last night President Obama did "The Word" so well,
'though he loves his current job I figure, what the hell...

Bill O'Reilly says that, as a pundit who's on FOX,
He has got more power climbing up on his soapbox
Than a politician like the President has got.
Maybe, then, Obama should give Stephen's job a shot.

I cannot imagine, now Republicans have won,
That Obama's last 2 years in office will be fun.
He could live the life o' Reilly; he would have it made
If he just convinces Larry Wilmore he should trade.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Sincere Condolences to Non-Patriots Fans

Patriots Super Bowl Trophy During the patriots-jaguars

Twelve straight years of winning 10 or more...  While others dream.
I feel sorry for the folks who love another team.
Patriots are 10 and 3 and, currently, in 1st;
Even after San Diego's Chargers did their worst.

Defense for New England did their jobs (and even more.)
Jamie Collins in your face can make it hard to score.
Revis shut opponents down and Browner laid them low.
Bad officiating stole a touchdown from us, though.

Browner hit a guy so hard that he coughed up the ball;
Hit was legal but officials made a bullsh!t call.
Browner used his shoulder - which is bound to leave a mark -
In the end, however, that provided us the spark

Which the Offense needed to go out and seal the deal.
Chances we'll go undefeated, here on out, are real.
I don't wish to count my chickens well before they're hatched,
But the teams we've yet to play are badly over-matched.

Friday, December 05, 2014

I Am Chip

 (Warning: Mr. Chappelle's routine contains graphic language.)

Dave Chappelle's a brilliant comic.  Dave Chappelle is black.
Dave did a routine about police a few years back;
Told some stories of past interactions with the cops...
His friend Chip and he involved in minor traffic stops.

Both of them as high as kites (and Chip was driving drunk)
Still, he didn't find himself spread-eagled on his trunk.
Chip received a warning; the exchanges were polite.
Dave was shocked to see how cops treat people who are white.

Wasn't his experience in dealings with the law;
Blacks are frightened by police and that's a fatal flaw.
You'd feel smothered too if cops were breathing down your neck.
If I didn't trust police I'd be a nervous wreck.

Just like Chip, I've always felt policemen were my friends
But, with recent studies showing such disturbing trends,
I would not feel quite so sure if I weren't quite so pale...
Fearful that the slightest thing could land my butt in jail.

We have got to shift perceptions; training is a start
And the body camera idea is also smart.
That way cops can document if people give them lip
And they're motivated to treat everyone like Chip.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Make the Deal

Rabbi Arthur Schneier meets this month with Alan Gross, right, at the Cuban jail where Gross is being held. (Photo/

Alan Gross, a man who worked for USAID,
Still sits in a Cuban jail (the Castros say that he
Tried to build a private network; therefore, he's a spy)
Five years later he's still there; we have to help the guy.

There are rumors Cuba wants to try and make a trade;
Swap him for the Cuban 5.  I hope the deal gets made.
True the Cuban 5 were spies, but I am pretty sure
Gross's actions inside Cuba weren't completely pure.

5 are down to 3 men who've served 16 years in jail.
Send them back and rescue Gross, who's looking very frail.
Whether he's a spy or not is not important now...
Only thing that matters is we bring him home somehow.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Rus Down in Rus-ville Like Putin Alot...


Getting close to Christmas-time and Putin's playing Grinch,
As the price of oil goes down and sanctions start to pinch;
He's cracked down internally on opposition groups.
Meanwhile, in Crimea, he's begun amassing troops.

Yet, the Rus in Russia - unlike Whoville and the Whos -
Still support their President, according to the news.
Putin's heart might be too small; his ego, though, is not...
His ambitions in the region also grew alot.

Though they face recession next year, Russians do not care.
Putin's just as popular as ever over there.
It's as if the Whos decided, late one Christmas night,
They should help to trash their town because the Grinch was right.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Religious Extremists


Ever since the human race conceived of any god
We have used religion as a way for men to prod
People into actions most would, otherwise, not take;
Murders, wars, beheadings - burning "witches" at the stake.

"This is what our god demands," is always the excuse.
Gods who call for that are ones for which I have no use.
If gods have an enemy that they need me to smite
I'd think that's an indication something wasn't right.

Give me One who says that I must love my fellow man;
Who commands that I help them in any way I can.
One who calls for tolerance of other points of view.
One who doesn't judge what you believe, but what you do.

"God is love," the scriptures say - no matter which you read.
God is our support and comfort in our times of need.
God does not demand that unbelievers have to die...
Doing evil unto someone?  That's the other guy.

Monday, December 01, 2014

On To San Diego

New England Patriots' fans should take Aaron's advice. (Courtesy/

There, on Lambeau's frozen field, with just a play or two,
Went New England's winning streak; an outcome Pats' fans knew
Was a possibility we faced when going in...
And, may I congratulate the Packers on their win.

I predict we'll see Green Bay again before we're through
 I have hopes there'll be a different outcome when we do.
Pats are on to San Diego - playing Sunday night.
I don't think we're gonna lose that game, although we might.

I still like New England's chance of going all the way
(Even if we never see another run from Gray)
I believe we'll reach our goal; the Super Bowl or bust.
In Bill Belichick and Brady I've put all my trust.

(Courtesy of/

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Thanksgiving Limerick

Not that we need it at my house.  (Recipe Courtesy of/

I'm thankful for family and friends
And hoping this limerick sends
Good fortune your way
For Thanksgiving Day
(Or else a bartender who blends.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Ferguson

(Cartoon/Courtesy of

Protestors were in the streets of Ferguson last night,
Angry at the failure of Grand Jurors to indite 
Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Some began to riot and set fire to the town.

Liquor stores were looted; there were rocks and bottles thrown
And, despite the pleas for peace, the anger's only grown.
Shots were fired, highways blocked, with multiple arrests.
Tear gas filled the streets patrolled by guys in Teflon vests.

Unlike this Grand Jury, I do not have all the facts.
I just know there are too many senseless, violent acts
Where a young, black man is killed for looking like a threat.
They don't get the benefit of doubt that white kids get.

"He looked like a demon," is what Darren Wilson said.
Now, because that's how he saw him, Michael Brown is dead.
Young, black men know they're perceived with deep mistrust and fear.
How we change those attitudes is not exactly clear.

One thing that I guarantee won't help is rioting.
Fueling racial prejudice will not fix anything.
Criminals demanding justice? That seems pretty strange.
Peaceful demonstrations are the only way things change.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Gloat


As one more Division leader loses to the Pats
All our former critics rush to offer their "Congrats!"
"They just beat the Lions without fielding Jonas Gray."
 "Best team in the NFL," most analysts now say.

Sunday, with a final score of 34 to 9,
(Thanks to the improvement in the Pats' Offensive line
And a brilliant Defense that turned Golden into lead)
I'm afraid New England might let praise go to its head.

Let's not tempt the sports gods now by gloating at our win;
Gloating, just like taunting, is a major sports gods' sin.
We've still got tough games to play before we reach our goal;
One more chance for us to go and win the Super Bowl

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thumbs Up for the President

President Obama made a
If only...  (Photo/

If you were the Emperor of these United States
You could have opponents' heads served up to you on plates.
If you found the arguments they used against you dumb
You could silence critics with a downward twist of thumb.

You could make your Senators (or Congressmen) obey
If you really were the lord of all that you survey.
But, if you're a President who wants to fix a flaw
You must keep your actions in compliance with the law.

You may only act as other Presidents have done;
Setting your priorities so things are smoothly run.
Even though the lions say they'll fight you "tooth and nail"
Leaders do not let our immigration system fail.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Proponents of Keystone


Keystone XL pipeline didn't get the needed votes.
Tar sand oil from Canada comes down, by train to boats
In the Gulf of Mexico, for shipment overseas
Which - they say - is dangerous...  The GOP agrees.

If, in fact, that is the case than we should fix the rails;
Update infrastructure now, before the system fails.
If we really want to slow our global climate change
Building something permanent for oil transport is strange.

It won't help when fossil fuel dependence's in our past.
Let's create some other kind of jobs; the kind that last:
High speed rail or better roads - a wind or solar farm.
Let's invest in jobs without environmental harm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sick AND Tired


I'm so sick of Washington, D.C.; I'm not alone.
Congress is perceived as something corporations own.
Politicians advertise so voters know their name;
It takes lots of money for the "buy-in" to the game.

Those who have a stake in how a vote is gonna go
Know that politicians, for the right amount of dough,
Take the time to listen with a great amount of tact;
Granting them a say in laws that Congress will enact.

Lobbyists and politicians use revolving doors;
Picking which new bills get heard on House and Senate floors.
Leaving the majority, who cannot spare a buck,
Without any power and completely out of luck.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome to 50

Triumphant! (Photo/Kate Corr Walsh)
Happy Birthday brother dearest...  Welcome to the group!
As you're new to 50, thought you'd like to know the scoop.
This, my love, is middle age; for it's official now
(Unless science finds a way to lengthen lives, somehow.)

This is when your body parts will all begin to ache;
When you cannot go too long without a bathroom break.
You'll start hearing "creaking" in your knees and hips and spine.
Do not let it bother you.  I promise, you'll be fine.

There are compensations for the pains of growing old;
You no longer have to do exactly as you're told.
You've got more authority than younger people do;
Who'd do very well by simply emulating you.

You're someone to be admired in so many ways...
I will not go on about it since you don't like praise.
But, you'll make a great addition to the Old Folks' team
As age gives you freedom to pursue the life you dream.

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Lousy Week Redeemed


This has been a lousy week for me - a hectic one.
Two things in its favor though; the first... It's nearly done.
It's almost the weekend, when my phone comes off the hook.
Which is great 'cause; second... Stephen King's released a book.

It came out on Tuesday and, despite so much to do,
I just started reading and I'm more than half-way through.
Only King can make 400 pages seem too short;
His Revival's excellent, I'm happy to report.

It, alone, might - almost - make the awful week I've had
Fade into the background and appear not (quite) so bad.
I have gotta hurry though; my sister wants it next.
If I haven't finished it by Monday she'll be vexed.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poisoning the Well

Seems to me the well's been poisoned for a long time.(

Buckle up your seat-belts, folks...  We face a bumpy ride
('though it's not as if our recent trip has been a glide.)
Lame duck Congress members are preparing for a fight;
Want to make a point instead of doing what is right.

Do not poison future wells, Republicans have said;
While conceding that an Immigration bill is dead.
Even though the system's badly broken, I'm afraid,
They insist Obama break the promises he's made.

If the President does not give in to their demands
Mitch McConnell says the GOP will wash its hands
Of the next two years and let the country go to hell...
Wonder if they'll wash with water from the poisoned well?