Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Decision Made

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Youngest son has picked a college; he chose Worcester State.
We just took the tour with him and thought the school was great.
It's the perfect place for him; somewhere he can excel...
If he puts the effort in, which only time will tell.

This bright apple of our eye fell not far from the tree.
 I know our son's really smart but he's a lot like me;
I am a procrastinator... Lazier than hell.
I'm afraid he may have those genetic traits, as well.

If so, I don't envy him.  His major, unlike mine,
Takes a lot of planning, work, and math but he'll be fine
If he got a single gene for logic from his dad
He will be the brightest star that Worcester State has had.

Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools?

I've got all my fingers crossed that this will be the day
Most of Donald Trump's supporters laugh at us and say;
"April Fools! We didn't mean it...  This was all a joke.
No one sane would vote for Trump; we've just been blowing smoke."

"Donald Trump for President? Do you all think we're nuts?
"Donald Trump, who's clearly demonstrated he's a putz?
"Ha ha...  We sure fooled you guys.  You really fell for it."
Got me good. Congratulations.  Now, could you please quit?

Joke is over and it isn't funny anymore;
Not with talk of rioting on the Convention floor.
No one's laughing now - not even Democrats like me -
Watching as the Donald tears apart the GOP.