Friday, August 31, 2012

The New England Patriots - Just Pay The Man

 Rob Gronkowski SI Cover

My New England Patriots played Wednesday - didn't win.
Refs called a receiver out when he was clearly in.
Lost it to World Champions; The New York football Giants.
*(Made a bet with Mr. S. and, therefore, in compliance

With the terms on which we shook, I have to call them that.
If I'd won he had to throw away his Yankees hat.)
Belichick cares more about deciding who to cut.

Doesn't give the game away before the season starts.
'til then all his players are so many moving parts.
Once it counts, this football master plays the game like chess.
I am very confident he'll win a lot, unless...

There is really something to the S.I. cover curse.
Football is so dangerous and bad calls make it worse.
Plus, it isn't only Gronk; there's Madden's cover too.
Time to tell Commissioner Goodell what he should do;

Pity the replacement refs; their jobs can't be much fun.
Sure, it was amusing - once - but now pre-season's done.
Now the games begin to count. Bring back real referees.
Not as if they've asked for much.  Just pay them...  Pretty please?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Race for the White House - Paul Ryan Goes To The Convention

Paul Ryan addresses the convention in Tampa.  (Photo credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

Yesterday I promised I would try to keep it nice;
Said I'd pay attention to my mother's good advice.
Then I watched Paul Ryan's speech and good intentions flew.
Once again Republicans won't tell us what they'll do.

Pundits say the gauntlet's thrown on Medicare...  So what?
Everybody knows it's broken.  Tell me how a cut
In the tax of wealthy folks will help my mom and dad?

Saying that you've built a business doesn't pave the streets;
Doesn't pay for teachers, cops, or any Naval fleets;
Doesn't keep your parents covered now that they are old.
That, my friends, takes government - and, government needs gold.

Loyal opposition is another thing it needs.
Currently, though words are speaking louder than their deeds,
G.O.P. - with faces straight - accuse the President...
Blaming him for failures when that isn't how it went.

I don't see John Boehner having any kind of luck
Leading the Republicans and, thus, Obama's stuck.
They have been disloyal; offered nothing but complaint.
Yes, I know that isn't nice but, hey - I'm not a saint.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Race for the White House - The Republican Convention

Ann Romney at the Republican National Convention. (Photo by CBS News)

Hard to have a party with a hurricane next door.
Florida in August, though? It's what you're asking for.
Wonder how Pat Robertson explains this hurricane?
(Actually, I really don't...  He's clinically insane.)

Last night Mrs. Romney spoke; I found her sweet and warm.
Though I was distracted by the radar of the storm
I still heard enough to know she loves her husband Mitt.
Charming, poised, and elegant - Ann Romney was a hit.

Other speakers didn't come across as well, I thought.
Christie of New Jersey spoke about himself a lot.
Boehner said the patrons of his bar would always throw
People out the door who disagree.  I'd never go.

Ryan has his speech tonight.  It's one you shouldn't miss.
Don't know if I'll rhyme about it - promised mother this;
If I can't say anything that's nice, I wouldn't speak.
Maybe I should just avoid Republicans this week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr. Seussilitis - Blogger and Ad(Non)Sense

Sometimes I am just amazed by ads that Blogger shows.
If they'd ever read my rhymes they'd know that I oppose
More than half the candidates or issues that they pick...
Ads are on my blog that I would never choose to click.

Like if you hate Roe v. Wade. Click here to send us cash.
Help us to continue buying ads and talking trash.
Click if you like Romney...  Over here if you like Brown;
Here if you would like to run Obama out of town.

I support Obama.  I'm a fan of Roe v. Wade.
Think that Google's AdSense screening gets a failing grade.
Maybe I should drop the ads because my mother's sworn
My blog had a link that - with one click - took her to porn.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Reflections From a Pink Hat

Red Sox fans, this morning, are still reeling from the news;
And I don't mean at the fact that our team didn't lose.
I am speaking of the trades...  They've gone and cleared the deck. 
Blew it up in hopes of seeing salvage from the wreck.

Even Pink Hat fans, like me, have given this team up.
Do we think there's more to do to fix the problems? Yup.
Don't know how it happened; who's deserving of the blame...
But the Pesky funeral attendance was a shame.

Papi, Salty, Buchholz and Padilla - those 4 went.
Maybe no-one realized the message that was sent...
In a town like Boston, where a lot of Irish live,
Blowing off a legend is a sin we don't forgive.

Nomar came and Youk sent his regrets...  He had to play.
They displayed the spirit missing from the team today.
Papi seems to have it and I'm sorry that he's hurt.
Season's over anyway. He should hang up his shirt.

Let him rest, then bring him back next year to lead the team.
Hope that he'll step up to be the Keeper of the Dream.
Baseball here in Boston isn't just about the stats...
Not when half your audience is watching in pink hats.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Race for the White House - 50 Shades of Rape?

Fitzsimmons cartoon: Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment

"Forcible""Legitimate"?  The 50 shades of rape?
I would not believe it if I hadn't seen the tape.
I am still incredulous that Akin's staying in;
That he's only 10 points back and has a chance to win.

In the current day and age I thought this battle won,
But that's not the platform the Republicans will run.
Christian Right is organized this time and running hard.
Women voters need to stay aware and be on guard.

Rights to our own bodies that they plan to take away.
They'd deny us birth control...  Viagra?  Then they'll pay.
And, should we get pregnant during rape that's not legit,
Once the child is born, Republicans don't give a  ....  ahem - spit.

Then you're just a welfare mom and you are on your own.
"Sorry sweetie. Out of luck.  Our deficit has grown
After all the subsidies and tax breaks for the rich.
Surely you can understand and not be such a ...  uhh - witch."

Maybe I should wrap this up...  I feel the need to swear.
As I go, I saw a video I thought I'd share.
This girl is terrific and she has a lovely voice.
Have a happy weekend and, remember - Vote for Choice.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 112th Congress - S.O.S.

CBO* is warning there's disaster dead ahead.
Meanwhile all this partisan insanity has spread.
Ship of State we're sailing on is more a leaky skiff
As we hurtle headlong towards a looming fiscal cliff.

Hooligans have boarded us.  They're tossing out the tea
And the baby in the midst of storms across the sea.
(Wow! I've really beaten this whole metaphor to death.
Maybe I should take a moment here to catch my breath...)
January 1st is when the tax cuts will expire;
Automatic spending cuts, lest deficits grow higher,
Leading to recession, say non-partisan reports.
Right now our economists are pooping in their shorts.

But, instead of listening, the Congress battles on.
Any hope of compromise, apparently, is gone.
By the time we know which President will crack the whip
It may be too late - and we all go down with this ship.

*Congressional Budget Office