Friday, September 30, 2016

Empty Nest Syndrome

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With our sons away at school our home's an empty nest
And, though life is good, it also lacks a certain zest.
Now that it is just we three - my husband and our dog -
You might think that I'd be busy working on my blog.

But, instead, I'll take a nap or read another book
And my only challenge is deciding what to cook.
Lately I've been cleaning closets...  It's a task I hate.
(I'm a sloppy housekeeper.  It's a genetic trait.)

All this free time's made me crazy.  Know how I can tell?
I have felt the urge to clean the basement up, as well.
Ask the folks who know me and I think they'd all agree
Something drastic must be wrong 'cause that is not like me.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sincere Apologies to the World

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I get so embarrassed at the way we're now perceived
Overseas; they marvel at how easily deceived
We Americans are proving many of us are -
Throwing our support to Trump: a loud-mouth TV star.

Just like P.T. Barnum, Trump loves stupid people, too...
Angry people who don't care if what he says is true,
Folks who don't believe that we're, already, pretty great.
Folks who are susceptible to messages of hate.

The whole world is getting nervous that this race is close.
(Global leaders using Xanax have increased their dose.)
How could the Americans be falling for this guy?
Someone whom the Russians have been helping on the sly?

Do they really want proliferation? Are they nuts?
ISIL and the Taliban are laughing in their huts.
Trump - who's what the British call a "bounder and a cad" -
He and his supporters make the rest of us look bad.

Image result for overseas reaction to Trump memes