Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day

Photo credit:  Getty Images

 I don't envy fathers.  I wouldn't want their jobs
(Meaning those who do it right and not the worthless slobs).
Those who haul their tired butts up off the couch and go
Off to coach their children's teams - despite the ice and snow.

Those who do their part each day to keep the family fed,
Make the efforts to insure that their kids get ahead.
I've been very fortunate; the fathers that I know?
Every day there's something makes my admiration grow.

Husband, brother, father, and my sister's husband, too;
Their kids have it pretty good.  I hope that's true for you...
Hoping that your off-spring wash your car or mow your lawn
Giving you a little peace...  The U.S. Open's on.

Tiger's looking dangerous - I'm sure he'll make the cut.
Bubba and Phil Mickelson are way behind now, but
Watson's a new father and - as fathers can attest -
Best way to be celebrating Sunday?  Get some rest.

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