Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear GOP... Where Did You Go To School?

Current student debt stands at $1 trillion. (Photo/

Rates on college student loans could do as much as double...
Meaning current graduating seniors are in trouble.
GOP would tie the rates to markets; experts fear
Their solution could cost kids a thousand bucks a year.

President Obama says he'll veto any move
That does more to harm these kids than it does to improve.
We need college educated people in the States;
Why would we add more financial burdens to their plates?

College can be hard enough without this added debt.
It is in the int'rest of our country that we get:
Future scientists and doctors, teachers, engineers...
Those whose future taxes pay for our declining years.

How are they supposed to pay for us when we get old?
They'll be paying college loans while we're out in the cold.
I think that Republicans should stop and think this through.
Students will remember them when that first bill comes due.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How About Some Real News Coverage (For A Change)?

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz (R) of Texas.  (Photo/TheBlaze)

Scandals plaguing Washington - the media's enthralled.
Budgets don't get ratings; not the way that scandals do.
Don't they think their viewers would be angry if they knew?

Senator from Texas (of the Tea Party) Ted Cruz
Makes sure any reconciliation efforts lose.
Blocked it from Committee 'cause he says he doesn't trust
Any party and, therefore, the budget's gathered dust.

Even some Republicans, like Senator McCain,
Seem to understand this situation is insane.
Congress needs to do its job and get a budget deal
And news media should cover scandals that are real.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Tea Party Darlings

Photo by/

Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann won't be seeking
Re-election.  Sadly, though, she will continue speaking.
I think she and Sarah Palin ought to form a team;
Hit the road together as they spout Tea Party steam.

They both ran for higher office (neither had much luck);
Both of them are more concerned with how to make a buck.
Luckily, they're pretty women - both of them are loud.
They should not have any trouble drawing in a crowd.

They have ammunition now, thanks to the I.R.S.,
I'm sure that they'll both do fine (if they stay on their pills)
Plus, I think Michele will need some cash for legal bills.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thank You Chelmsford Schools

Eldest son is graduating, soon, from Chelmsford High.
This week he'll be telling staff and teachers there good-bye.
He's at Seniors' breakfast now; the prom's tomorrow night.
(Have to go and make sure his tuxedo fits him right.)

Friday's Seniors' banquet; graduation is the 1st.
I am so proud of him I'm afraid I'm gonna burst.
But, as this week rushes by and high school slips away,
There are just a few things that I'd really like to say;

My son's been in Chelmsford schools since he was only 5.
They have taught him everything (excepting how to drive.)
It is thanks to them and all the lessons that he's learned
He will be receiving this diploma that he's earned.

Teachers, Dean, and coaches shaped the boy into a man;
Taught him how to stop and think - then execute a plan.
Gave him all the tools he'll need next year at Plymouth State.
Thank you Chelmsford High School.  Lions aren't just good...  They're great!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Massachusetts Republicans... Can We Talk About Gabriel?

Pond scum.  (Photo/

Candidate for Senate lost his temper; acted dumb.
Gomez called Ed Markey "dirty," said he was "pond scum,"
Says that ads that Markey ran distorted all the facts...
I have met some Senators and that's not how one acts.

Seems to me it's Gomez who's been running dirty ads.
Claiming he was blamed for Newtown takes some huge gonads.
Pointing out Gomez defended OPSEC's ad campaign
Isn't Markey calling him bin Laden...  That's insane.

Just because Conservatives in Massachusetts know
Voters wouldn't like the truth, they shouldn't sink so low.
Why does Gomez not defend positions that he's had?
He should check his mirror and then run a cleaner ad.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's Go Rangers?

Made myself a promise but it's one I couldn't keep -
Not with Boston in New York and trying for the sweep.
Yes, I'm superstitious and I'm not the only one.
Vowed I wouldn't rhyme about the Bruins 'til they'd won.

When I rhyme about a team, it seems to me,  they lose
But, with Dr. Seussilitis, I don't get to choose...
(Fevered brain compels my hand to vomit on the page.
Maybe a dementia I'm acquiring with age.)

So I hope that Boston Bruins' fans will understand
If I give the New York Rangers team a rousing hand.
'cause, just like their manager who said his player stinks,
Anything I have to say is, probably, a jinx.

Can't ask more of Lundqvist, 'though you could ask more from Nash.
Would ask that, this time, they not give Chara's face a slash.
Let's go Rangers!  even though my wish is insincere;
There's a little part of me that wants to beat you here.

(Let's go Bruins!) 


How did this attempt to jinx the Rangers work? Don't ask.
This time, though, it's not my fault. I'm blaming Tuukka Rask.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Gabriel E. Gomez... Thanks, But No Thanks.

The Massachusetts election for U.S. Senate will be held on 25 June 2013.
Here in Massachusetts - the election weeks away -
I've begun to listen to what Gomez has to say.
Heard him pledge allegiance to the flag, heard him complain;
Says Ed Markey's old and runs a negative campaign.

Gomez was a Navy SEAL; a unit I respect
(I was in the Navy, too...  What else would you expect?)
But, although I thank him for his service, he and I
Have too many issues where we don't see eye to eye:

Women's reproductive rights, Obama's health care plan,
Guns and ammo, education, climate, Pakistan.
It appears I'm not alone; he's lagging in the polls.
Markey gets my vote for Senate - Gomez for FOX holes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother Nature is a Bitch

I can't even imagine.

"Oklahoma, where the winds come sweeping down the plain..."
Yesterday the wind did more than sweep - it went insane.
Catastrophic, terrifying, devastating storms
(Hot air met a cold front; it's how a tornado forms);

50 twisters in 2 days, and 1 tore Moore apart.
I can't watch the pictures anymore - they break my heart.
Dazed and battered parents digging blindly, hands for tools,
Trying to uncover children buried in their schools.

One of those tornadoes would convince me not to stay.
I will take a hurricane or blizzard any day.
If I had to live there I would burrow like a gnome.
I might never get to Oz, but I'd still have a home.

Want to know how you can help (besides just thoughts and prayers?)
Something you can do to show the victims someone cares?
Red Cross has a hot line; operators at the switch,
Standing by to help when Mother Nature is a bitch.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The 2nd Term Curse?

What can I say?  I'm a political junkie.

On the Sunday morning shows they talked about a curse;
Said that second terms, for Presidents, are always worse.
Often plagued by scandal - back as far as Jefferson -
Almost makes you think terms should be limited to one.

They could not explain the curse, and yet, it's proven true.
Here's what I don't understand; what did Obama do?
Didn't wire tap our phones nor commandeer our sons.

Didn't change the "talking points" as it was, falsely, claimed.
Guy who ran the I.R.S. was someone George Bush named.
Neither he, nor Eric Holder, hassled the A.P.
Yet, Obama's demonized throughout the G.O.P.

"Ten times worse than Watergate" and Bachmann would impeach.
This all seems political to me - an over-reach. 
Party not in power wants the other side to squirm.
Not the most auspicious way to start a second term.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Across the Pond - China and the Middle East

It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that China wants to play a role in the Middle East.

They are welcome to a role; I don't mind in the least.
I wish them all kinds of luck in brokering a peace.
See if they enjoy the job of being world police.

We could, surely, use a break 'cause it's a thankless job.
Think we've got a deal worked out and then one side will lob
One more precondition or extension of a wall
And the treaty falls apart with no progress at all.

Syria has made the Middle East a powder keg.
Secretary Kerry has done everything but beg,
Looking for assistance.  If the Chinese want a turn
I'd say that's an offer we cannot afford to spurn.

(Cartoon courtesy of

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Olympia Snowe - 2016

I'd vote for Olympia Snowe.
Republicans suffered a blow
When she chose to quit;
Found change in the Senate too slow.

Recently, she wrote a book.
I bought it and then had a look.
She says it's on us
To cut through the fuss
And put government on the hook.

Her argument's fair and well-spoken.
But I think that Congress is broken.
They're not above board.
The people ignored.

A frustrated public who sees
That, not just a slow-down, but freeze
Is now underway
In Congress today...
Won't fix it by just saying "Please."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Across the Pond - Syria and Russia (Still)

A Syrian rebel leader committing cannibalism. (Photo/

Want to help the Syrians, but - wait...  Before we start.
Who is it we're helping?  Rebel ate a soldier's heart,
Then cut out his liver and, it seems, he ate that too.
That is not the kind of guy I want to help.  Do you?

If the U.S. gets involved we'll only make things worse;
That's unless John Kerry gets the Russians to reverse
Their position on Assad and that's not looking good...
Russia says they've caught a spy in Moscow's neighborhood.

He was found with wigs and cash and offers to employ
Someone to spy on the Russian homeland for us.  Boy...
Bet that put a crimp in Secretary Kerry's style.
Getting Putin's help in Syria might take a while.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated?

I.R.S. apologized because the agency
Singled out some Super PACs for extra scrutiny
If their applications for a 501(c)(4)
(That's the tax-free status social-welfare groups are for)

Happened to contain key words like "Patriots" or "Tea",
Thereby compromising donors' anonymity. 
(Which still won't result in any taxes being owed)

But, it's not anonymous and - if you want my guess -
Losing that is why they're angry at the I.R.S.
Social-welfare groups are not supposed to organize
With a single candidate; a party in disguise.

In the current atmosphere; bi-partisan mistrust
I.R.S. has questioned if the social welfare's served.
Frankly, I don't think it is...  So, why am I unnerved?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's Go Leafs?

I've been feeling hesitant to write a Bruins rhyme;
Maybe I should rhyme about the Maple Leafs instead?
Anything to help the Boston Bruins get ahead.

Something has to change because the Bruins cannot score;
Haven't had the kind of luck they used to have before.
We cannot blame Krejci; he's done all that we could ask.
Not the fault of our amazing goalie; Tuukka Rask.

True, Toronto's goalie, Jimmy Reimer, has been great.
Their defensive players are aggressive when they skate.
Maple Leafs are quick and show precision when they pass.
(Phew!  I hope that is enough 'cause I've run out of gas.)

Bruins spent the night up there; they had a broken plane.
Bet they didn't get much sleep. Toronto went insane.
Now they face Game 7, but they'll be on hometown ice.
I'd say that I hope they win, but now I'm thinking twice.

(Let's Go Bruins!)

Later...  Oh! My! God!...  It worked.  Let's Go Rangers!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Future Daughters-in-Law...


Sunday will be Mothers Day; I'm breakfasting in bed.
Pop-Tarts and some orange juice is what I'm, likely, fed.
I'm the mom of teen-age boys who don't know how to cook.
Hope my future daughters-in-law let me off the hook.

My 2 don't know how to clean...  Their rooms?  Disaster sites.
Any modern woman will be well within her rights
If she should decide that she's not all that fond of me.
It will be my fault my sons don't help - Just wait and see.

Good thing they're both handsome, tall, and charming, loving guys.
(Future wives will have to give me credit for those eyes.)
Sorry, 'though they never learned the concept of a chore,
I still think they're wonderful and couldn't love them more.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

The GOP's Benghazi Conspiracy Theory

chaffetz fox
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) gets a skeptical reception on FOX & Friends.

You're in trouble if your Friends on Fox believe you're wrong,
Usually, they're likelier to blindly go along...
They love a conspiracy and never mind the facts.
This time they're aware that's how a crazy person acts.

Questioned Jason Chaffetz, who consistently implied
Clinton and Obama are the reason people died.
He claims they had information Congress people lacked.
That they tried to cover-up that we had been attacked.

He believes that we abandoned U.S. personnel.
Didn't save them once the situation went to hell.
FOX & Friends have realized (although it's overdue)
Even GOP insistence doesn't make it true.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Across the Pond - Kerry's Russian Visit

"Did you guys forget to make the appointment?" (Photo/ABC News)
Kerry met with Putin hoping they could strike some deals.
Putin kept him waiting; Kerry sat and cooled his heels.
Three whole hours Putin made the Secretary wait.
It's been 6 or 7 for some local Heads of State.

But, what else could Kerry do?  It's not like he could leave.
We need Russia to insure Assad will not receive
Weapons that he's using on his people. Kerry must
Just endure these slings and arrows; re-earn Putin's trust.

Clearly, Putin feels the need to prove that he's in charge.
Even his supporters say his ego's pretty large.
Let him win these childish games if that is what it takes.
Secretary Kerry knows he plays for higher stakes.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dear NRA... Glenn Beck? Really?

Glenn Beck, too crazy for FOX but not for the NRA. (Photo/ABCNews)

NRA Convention down in Texas - not for me.
There is almost nothing about guns where we agree.
Plus, their A-List speakers like Santorum, LaPierre,
Sarah Palin (Heck, they even stuck Glenn Beck up there...

I thought he'd been relegated to the loony fringe.)
They make me so angry I can feel my eyebrows singe.
I cannot accept that they believe the things they say;
Really think Obama plans to take their guns away.

That would mean they're stupid - or they're crazy...  Take your pick.
I think it's more cynical than that and rather slick.
When they are successful and make citizens afraid
More of us go purchase guns and that's how they get paid.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Across the Pond - You Gotta Know When to Fold 'em

Israel, on Sunday, proved - again - they never bluff.
Seemingly decided that their hand was strong enough.
Syria had weapons which Assad might choose to share;
Fateh missiles - difficult to shoot out of the air.

'though they won't confirm the rumors, we are pretty sure
Israel bombed Syria - not once, but twice - to cure
Any apprehensions they were feeling towards that threat.
Were I the Iranians, I'd start to hedge my bet.

Israel's not playing 'cause, for them, it's not a game
And they've made it very clear that they would do the same
To Iran as "someone" did to Assad's weapons yards...
If I were the Ayatollah, I would fold my cards.

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Boston Pink Hat* Sports Report

"Do not get your hopes too high this year," sportscasters said.
But, although it's early yet, the Red Sox are ahead.
"This is a rebuilding year...  They'll finish close to last."
Maybe so but, out the gate, they're off and running fast.

Pitching's been amazing; Papi's stats are off the chart.
It's been years since Red Sox fans have seen this kind of start.
Could be, with the pressure off, the Sox are having fun
Then, before they realize it, they've gone out and won.

Celtics play the Knicks tonight; a game we have to win.
I just follow basketball once play-off games begin,
So - I'm not an expert - but I'll put my faith in Pierce
And I guarantee that competition will be fierce.

Bruins won last night; they beat the Maple Leafs by 3.
Boston's TD Banknorth Garden is the place to be.
Seems like every night a play-off game gets underway.
Where, but here, do sports fans get to see such great teams play?

*Pink hat fans are - almost always - women who are drunk.
Give a basic, baseball-knowledge quiz to them - they'd flunk.
They will pick a favorite player based on if he's cute.
Ask them if their team just won - they couldn't give a hoot.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Close Guantanamo

There are several, empty, Super-Max prisons we could be using instead of the politically charged  one at Guantanamo Bay.  (Photo/

Detainees who we are holding at Guantanamo -
There because, right now, there's no where else for them to go -
Have been on a hunger strike and some would now be dead
If there weren't orders they be medically force-fed.

That's another violation of their human rights
As they seek to bring the world's attention to their plights.
Hunger strike is spreading; there's one hundred on it now.
Have to find a way to solve the situation.  How?

They are not the radicals that everybody feared...
Or, at least, they will not be 'cause, after what they've seen,
They have ample motive now to keep their noses clean.

Then we have to close Guantanamo - and, right away.
Something that the Congress should accomplish yesterday.
It's become a symbol; Abu Ghraib on Cuba's shore.
Since that doesn't make us any safer, what's it for?

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's May!

Okay...  I will just do it.  Just.
Hooray! It's May.  I'm going out to play.
Not sad I'm bad.  Golf always makes me glad.
Bet you are blue that you aren't playing too.
Methinks that stinks.  We'll miss you on the links.