Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

It's October 31st; tonight is Hallowe'en.
We aren't "trick or treating"; my youngest is 15.
Wearing masks and begging candy - cute if you are small -
Not as cute, however, when you're more than 6 feet tall.

He is disappointed; this was, once, his favorite night...
Moonlit leaves that rustled in the wind and caused a fright,
Dressing up and seeing friends in costume on the street.
He is not the only one who's missing "trick or treat."

No one comes to our house; the driveway's dark and long,
Yet I still buy candy bars, although I know it's wrong.
Guess who'll eat the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups tonight.
If you're guessing that it's me, I'm thinking you'd be right.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Sincerest Apologies to The Weather Channel

The Jersey shore is inundated. (Photo/Associated Press)

New York and New Jersey felt the worst of Sandy's wrath.
There's no hell that has the fury Mother Nature hath.
'though some trees and power lines lie scattered on the ground,
Here in Massachusetts we are, mostly, safe and sound.

I still have my power - only lost a tree or 3.
School's been cancelled 2 days now; the boys are home with me.
Weathermen were right and I should learn to shut my mouth.
Thoughts and prayers go out to those not too much farther south.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Don't these people have enough sense to come in out of the rain?

 Northern Massachusetts - So far, Sandy is a bust.
Need to find a weatherman, somewhere, that I can trust.
Not someone who'll hype the storm to keep their ratings high.
Haven't had a lot of luck in locating that guy.

"Frankenstorm" the headlines screamed...  We've barely had a breeze.
They would have you think that Armageddon's coming.  Please.
True that I'm not oceanfront for this approaching storm;
I am in my living room - with power - safe and warm.

Not like those reporters standing in the wind and rain
Blasted by the sea and sand and grimacing in pain.
Thank you for the warning that the wind is gonna blow.
Next time, though, don't scare me...  Don't cry "Blizzard!" when it's snow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The New England Patriots - Across the Pond

Wembley Stadium in London plays host to football on Sunday... The kind with the ball that has pointy ends and where the players don't use their feet
The New England Patriots have flown across the pond,
And I'm worried for this team (of which I'm rather fond).
They have not played very well against the NFC;
Struggling this season, with their record 4 and 3.

They've left me exhausted. There's no way I can relax
Knowing that our Safeties and Defensive Cornerbacks
Always seem to let opposing teams exploit a flaw;
Hitting their Receivers deep...  I really miss Ty Law.

So, in foggy London town, we'll play St. Louis' Rams -
And, with both Hernandez and the Gronk on injured gams,
Hope we'll stick to "dink and dunk" and get the ball to Wes.
If you don't have Randy Moss you need to throw deep less.

When, at last, the whistle blows and there's a final score
That's when I will trust a lead we have, though not before.
Hope that London's fans enjoy the game but, as for me,
Wish I felt more certain of New England's victory.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Race for the White House - The Company We Keep

With friends like these...?

Romney has supporters that no politician wants;
Shameless, self-promoters "Tweeting" nasty , racist's taunts,
Men who say that pregnancies resulting from assualt -
(If the rape's "legitimate")  the baby is  God's fault.

All the lunatics at FOX who've also played their part
Making independent voters stop and question; "Why
Is it that so many crazy people like this guy?"

If we're known to others by the company we keep;
Judging by those kinds of friends - Mitt Romney is a creep.
I'm not buying what he's selling, even were it free.
Anyone Rush Limbaugh hates deserves a vote from me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Did I Live Before My Kindle?

Photo credit/

I've been buying Kindle Singles, thanks to Stephen King;
It's because I am a fan who hates to miss a thing.
In Tall Grass or in The Crowd or at Mile 81...
'though my  Kindle isn't pink, it's still a lot of fun.

They are inexpensive. You don't have to be well-heeled
To discover Hell's address is Tropicana Field.
I thought I'd read everything but, at the author's site,
I discovered my assumption simply wasn't right.

Turns out there are stories that I'd never heard about
Scattered here and there in magazines which, I don't doubt,
Sold some extra copies with their rights to Stephen's work.
Can't believe I thought I'd read it all.  I'm such a jerk.

Amazon could sell them - as a single or a bunch -
Sales would top 10 million or I'll eat my hat for lunch.
Nothing like a scary story right before you sleep...
Stephen King has lots of fans and Kindle's books are cheap.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Race for the White House Looks Across the Pond

Photo credit/ Michael Reynolds, Associated Press
In their 3rd and last debate  - 2 men on a stage -
Topic?  Foreign policy, with both on the same page.
Romney sounded rational, a reassuring change...
Not like recent statements, some of which were pretty strange.

Nothing new that he would do in Syria.  Iran?
Isolating Ahmadinejad?  Is that his plan?
Romney seemed to say he'd give the sanctions time to fail.

Kissing up to Israel (as usual) both men
Do not plan to push for peace...  Though, if not now, then when?
I think that Obama has a chance - however small.

Neither mentioned Europe; jumped on China quite a bit.
Differed on some details but, in truth, the bottom line;
Romney just conceded that Obama's doing fine.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary Beloved

Just a few of the many wonderful things you've given me through the years.  Thank you.

Happy anniversary my darlin'!  Many more.
Hope (like me) you're glad that, back in 1994 -
Standing at the altar, you were kind enough to wait...
Even though your bride was more than half an hour late.

Still, what's 30 minutes from the many in our life?
Clearly you've forgiven your procrastinating wife;
For we're still together, unlike many of our peers.
Thank you for the joys you've given me throughout the years.

Love you...  More.
Your Sweet E

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yankees Swept from ALCS - Is That You, Sports Gods?

Photo credit/Getty Images

Could it be the sports gods are relenting, just a bit?
How else to explain the fact the Yankees couldn't hit?
Not surprising A-Rod was so bad 'cause, after all,
He is always really ineffective in the Fall.

Cannot blame their pitching staff for, up until last night,
They ensured the Yankees had a chance; the games were tight.
But, although the scores were close, they'd lose by 1 or 2.
If Yankees don't hit the ball what can their pitchers do?

Where the heck was Robinson Cano' now Jeter's hurt?
Looked like Red Sox players last year (save the pinstriped shirt.)
Mr. S. is feeling down but I've begun to hope
Sports gods may be smiling on me...  Is that taunting? Nope.

Simply an acknowledgement that, for a Red Sox fan,
Nothing brightens up the day like Yankees losing can.
But, I wouldn't dare to taunt before we play the Jets...
Not when sports gods showed the Seahawks' Sherman what that gets.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Across the Pond - FOX News and the Benghazi Conspiracy

At the next - and last - debate (my anniversary),
I would bet the candidates revisit Benghazi.
I'm not sure, exactly, what the fuss is all about;
Killers of Ambassadors are terrorists.  No doubt.

Who's behind the terrorism doesn't change the fact
President did say it was a terroristic act.
In chaotic aftermaths, in countries far away,
Sorting out the details takes you more than just 1 day.

Just like Mr. Romney's statements (his came out by noon),
President Obama may have spoken up too soon.
Monday morning quarterbacking from the FOX News booth
Claims it was conspiracy to not yet know the truth.

(You won't hear FOX mention the success of that attack
May have been related to a budgetary lack.
Means that there's less money for employing extra guards.)

One thing I am certain of - the President was clear -
We will find the terrorists who did it, never fear.
Spare me the conspiracies; I'll let the crazies rant.
FOX should interview bin Laden...  Oh, that's right.  They can't.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Race for the White House - Shake Up in the Northeast

Photo credit/Associated Press

Did you feel the earthquake we had here in the Northeast?
(Not the little bump we got - a 4.2, at least.
That one had an epicenter somewhere up in Maine.)
Last night's biggest shake-up was New York's and this campaign.

President Obama was prepared and wide awake.
Seemed to realize - at last - how much he had at stake.
Romney seemed belligerent and rude (at least to me).
Frequently went long on time; talked over poor Candy.

Only problem I still have?   The President's not clear
On the course his future Ship of State is gonna steer.
I believe that Romney's math is fuzzy and he's wrong;
But, how will Obama and the Congress get along?

If his plan's to stay the course we're on, then I'm concerned.
His attempts to come together - compromise - were spurned. 
We have issues screaming for bi-partisan reform;
Overhaul the system for the looming fiscal storm...

But, D.C.'s so toxic now the system doesn't work.
Mitch McConnell's evil plan's succeeding (what a jerk).
Playing party politics, he fiddles while we burn;
Can Obama fix that if he gets another turn?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race for the White House - Unsolicited Advice for the 2nd Debate


I sure hope the President is chugging down the Bull;
That his staff ensures his cup of coffee's always full.
Hope his head is in the game - he got a good night's rest.
At tonight's Town Meeting he has got to be his best.

Never mind what Romney says, it's only gonna change.
Romney's not the guy with whom he's having this exchange.
In this type of format they aren't having a debate,
They are being interviewed.  Obama should do great.

Romney's sure to step in it again, and to his loss;
Think his insincerity is bound to come across.
Can't prepare for how he'll stand for where would you begin?
Only thing that Mitt believes is that he oughta win.

Take it to the People, Mr. President... Not Mitt.
If you have a big idea, please, let us in on it.
Good luck Candy Crowley. I don't envy your job, kid.
Hope you have it easier than poor Jim Lehrer did.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The New England Patriots - Why Do The Sports Gods Hate Me?

Be careful Richard Sherman...  The sports gods don't like taunting.

Sports news in New England's been enough to drive me nuts.
I am more than half convinced the sports gods hate our guts.
After all the Red Sox drama I believed the Pats
Offered sanctuary from those dismal, baseball stats.

But, instead, I've watched as they blow leads late in the game.
Yesterday, Tom Brady's passes didn't look the same;
Throws 2 interceptions - throws it at receivers' shoes -
Defense gives up 14 points in minutes and we lose.

I know that the ball was wet and rain was pouring down;
I know that Seattle (mostly) wins in their home town.
Even so, that can't explain why Brady couldn't throw
Or how, yet again, we have a 2 score lead we blow.

Thought I was a sports fan but I guess that I forgot;
I'm a fan of winning and my favorite teams are not.
World-Champ, New York (Football) Giants* won at Candlestick...
Yankees in the play-offs - It's no wonder  that I'm sick.

Not as if it's talent that New England players lack...
Must be something we can do to win the sports gods back.
I'd do almost anything they ask to beat the Jets...
Losing's bad but, to New York?  That's as bad as it gets.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Race for the White House - I Feel Sick

Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

I have not been feeling well; I thought it was a cold,
Plus a massive headache, but I'm no longer sold.
I've begun to think the reason I've been feeling sick?
All these nasty campaign ads I've overdosed on... ick.

Hard to be non-partisan regarding those I've seen -
Massachusetts, democratic liberal's how I lean.
Romney was my Governor; I thought I knew him well
But he's changed so often now I am confused as hell.

My poor head is splitting, spinning - feverish and chilled.
When this whole election thing is over I'll be thrilled.
It is a conundrum though for, should Mitt Romney win,
I will need Obama Care with the state I'll be in

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Darlin' Boy

How did that happen?

Doesn't seem that long ago my youngest joined the scene;
How then is it possible - today he turns 15?
He's the one who looks like me except he's 6 feet 2,
'though he has a baby face he wears a 13 shoe.

He and I are much alike in personality;
Any more laid back you'd need to check morbidity.
He is sweet and sensitive and caring to a fault.
When he sees kids bullying he puts it to a halt.

I pray that he'll stay that way - that life will treat him kind.
Wish that (soon) some girl will realize that he's a find.
Hope that all the things he wants good fortune sends his way
And he knows how much he's loved today and every day.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Race for the White House - Fire John Kerry.


Maybe Mr. Romney thinks that lying's not a sin,
Or else he's concluded it's the only way he'll win.
Critics said Obama seemed lethargic and outgunned -
I thought it looked more like he was absolutely stunned.

How do you debate a man if he's prepared to lie?
Any time you make a point he'll simply just deny
That he ever said the things that you have heard him say.
Try to pin him down and watch him quickly slip away.

I don't think John Kerry is the best way to prepare.
Have to find a sales-man who will lie and doesn't care.
Hire Bernie Madoff to get ready for debates
If Obama wants to win these (dis)United States.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

In the past if someone's horse was suffering - in pain -
They would get a gun and put a bullet through its brain.
These days we use lethal drugs to put a sick horse down
Or, if you're the Red Sox, you just run him out of town.

I won't add my voice to those who'd beat a horse that's dead.
Poor, old Bobby Valentine, who's hanging by a thread,
Must already know it's time to shop his resume'.
I would bet the man is gone by 5 o'clock today.

(Later...  but not much.) 

Didn't even take 'til 5 for Valentine to go.
I'm not sad to see him leaving town, although I know
He is not the only one for Red Sox fans to blame.
Wonder which new, sacrificial lamb the team will name?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Race for the White House - The 1st Debate

Chris Christie

Didn't seem to know his job was sowing seeds of doubt;
Lower expectations for his candidate's debate.
He, instead, predicted that Mitt Romney would be great.

Every single talking head has praised the other guy -
Don't want voters setting the performance bar too high.
Christie went the other route and said the game would change;
Claimed that, Thursday morning, Romney wouldn't seem so strange.

Maybe so...  He's certainly been practicing of late;
Has some "zingers" he's been saving up for this debate.
But, in my opinion, Romney looks like he's in pain
And that grimacing he calls a smile drives me insane.

Yes, I know it's silly to let visuals decide
So I'll try to push facial expressions to the side...
Focus on his arguments and not on how he acts.
Never mind the zingers Mitt...  Let's finally hear some facts

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


NyQuil and Dr. Seussilitis don't play well together.
Sorry folks but, once again, I am not feeling well...
Oh, let's just be honest here; I really feel like hell
And, although debates are coming up, this NyQuil stuff
Makes the task of rhyming things about them much too tough.

I am crawling into bed and going back to sleep.
Sorry, but a rhyme about debates will have to keep.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Coughing Up a Lung

There goes my trip to Brockville... (seamesse) Tags: kleenex teddybear sick flu robitussin medication advil neocitran
Sniff, cough, cough. Ugh.

Don't know what it is I've got, but I'm not feeling good.
Hopefully, not Triple E or West Nile (knock on wood).
Feels as if a nasty cold hooked up with stomach flu.
The result?  This single verse is all I've got for you.