Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump Leads in ABC/WaPo Poll? Seriously?

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Donald Trump supporters, in their search for something new,
Want to find a person who will share their point of view.
Since The Donald changes his positions on a whim,
Voters can project their own opinions onto him.

But, with far more disaffected voters than I'd dreamed;
I, who thought that Trump was just a joke - that he'd get creamed
By someone responsible I'd trust to do the job,
Find this vulgar bully playing to an angry mob.

Can't believe they really plan to nominate this jerk...
I can understand some anger; Congress doesn't work.
That's why we need adults who will work across the aisle...
Seems to me, diplomacy is not The Donald's style.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Little Bit Pregnant?

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Never thought I'd grow to miss the Seussilitis bug.
Swore that if the CDC developed some new drug,
I would volunteer for trials pursuant to a cure
Yet, now my obsession's gone, I find I'm not so sure.

It was kinda fun to think my thoughts in metered rhyme,
Didn't mind the fact it was a massive waste of time.
Now that I no longer have the fevered urge I had,
I've been thinking that a relapse wouldn't be so bad.

Maybe just a limerick, a little verse or two.
See if neural pathways will remember what to do.
Right now they are pretty rusty so we'll have to see...
But, if symptoms do return, it still ain't poetry.