Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mother Nature is a Witch

Florida got too much rain.  Out West there's not enough.
Seen the pictures on TV? Apocalyptic stuff.
Residents of Florida might need to build an ark.
So much smoke in Colorado, daytime skies are dark.

We have had our share of floods...  My sisters got hit twice.
Watching as the waters slowly rise; it isn't nice.
But, I can't imagine how it feels to watch as flames
Devastate whole neighborhoods. There're no insurance claims

That could ever cover such a terrifying sight.
Country's heart is breaking for the people in this plight.
Puts the whole Supreme Court thing, and Congress in their place.
They're just small potatoes when disaster's face to face.

Student loans, the Health Care Act, the Highway Spending Bill...
Issues we can work out should our Congress find the will.
Mother Nature doesn't care which side you might be on.
When she says "You're out of here" my friends, then you are gone.

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