Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Occupy Wall St.; WTF? (Want To Finance?)

occupy brooklyn bridge wall street march protest
(Photo credit: Sacha Lecca for RollingStone.com)
Heard about an old idea that's morphed to something new,
People helping other people - this is what they do;
Rather than a painful trip to beg some giant bank
For a loan, they're asking strangers.  Internet's to thank.

Someone with a good idea will post the thing on line
Looking for investors and - so far - it's going fine.
Catching on in Europe, where it's known as "Peer to Peer".
Wondering if Occupiers ought to try it here?

I believe the movement, if it wants to change a thing,
Has to now agree upon a single song to sing.
(Maybe it's not peer to peer but fixing our campaigns...
Super PACs are dangerous.) We have to use our brains.

I know smarter folks than I - more actively involved -
Must be trying very hard to get this problem solved.
Hope that they're more organized than first impressions seem;
That the Wall Street Occupiers don't run out of steam.

Pick a single issue.  Stay on message.  Talk it up.
Find a worthy Kool-Aid and then pour us all a cup.
(Want some proof we need to have a single message sent...?
Ask the poor Egyptians how their last election went.)

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