Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Free Flowers?

Image result for craftsman rider
We went with a Craftsman from Sears.

Bought a riding mower; it's my husband's latest toy.
We've been cleaning up the yard - a hobby some enjoy.
Working in the garden? I consider it a chore:
Weeding, edging, planting, mulching...  Now my back is sore.

Gardening as relaxation?  Not if you ask me.
Why can't we just think of  weeds as flowers we got free?
Don't we all have better things we'd rather do in May?
Wish I could convince my neighbors to see things that way.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Shove Seen 'round the World

Donald Trump, the President of these United States,
On an - almost - daily basis, clearly demonstrates
He's unfit to lead this country... An embarrassment.
Yesterday, he shoved the Montenegrin President.

That's the newest NATO Member Donald Trump just shoved.
I'm sure that's a video that Putin must have loved.
Some believe it's only right our President went first...
I thought that it showed the world our country at its worst. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tom Brady and The Sports Gods

Image result for madden 18 goat edition

What on earth is Brady thinking? Has he lost his mind?
He's agreed to grace the Madden cover...  Is he blind?
What about poor Rob Gronkowski?  What about the curse?
Now he's making jokes about it? That just makes things worse.

Sure!  It's all just fun and games... Until the sports gods strike.
Just the thought of what could happen makes my heart rate spike.
Please Tom, I am begging you to stop (although you scoff)
If I'm right and there are sports gods, you've just pissed 'em off.