Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holding My Nose for Trump

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 I am what the media's been calling "the elites:"
Living in my ivory tower on suburban streets,
College-educated, Massachusetts Democrat,
Who - though knowing Trump just won - is still processing that.

Watching as the demonstrators protest through the streets,
Rightly worried over Donald Trump's outrageous Tweets.
Hearing chants of "White Power" as racist bigots gloat, 
Knowing about half of those protesters didn't vote.

When we lose elections we must live with the result
(Unless you're prepared to join some anarchistic cult.)
Seeing electoral maps of red with specks of blue
Tells me that it's only fair to see what Trump will do.

I may be upset but I'm not arrogant enough
To ignore the 60 million for whom times are tough. 
I don't have to like it - and, believe me, I do not -
But that doesn't change the fact that Trump has earned his shot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump

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What is there to say?
I just never realized how mad the middle class
Must have been to vote for Trump, a total horse's ass.
Didn't understand how bad their lives have got to be
If they'd vote for someone as unqualified as he.

I cannot believe that they're all bigots - though there's some
And, though many lack degrees, that doesn't mean they're dumb.
Were they right that Washington, D.C. was broken? Yup.
System didn't work for them and so they blew it up.

For my fellow Clinton voters, still in states of shock,
Knowing Mitch McConnell said Republicans would block
Anything that Clinton tried, perhaps it's just as well...
Roll the dice and pray the country doesn't go to hell.