Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Coach Belichick... Unsolicited Advice Regarding Your Tim Tebow Dilemma

Should he stay or should he go now? (Photo/

Hey, I like Tim Tebow...  I've been told he's very nice.
Watched him in the game last night; he threw for touchdowns twice.
But, that doesn't mean that he deserves a roster spot.
Some teams need 3 quarterbacks.  The Patriots do not.

Yes, I know that isn't very Christian of me but
Tebow holds the ball too long.  He shouldn't make the cut...
Not unless you put a person's character in play.
I bet you that Myra Kraft would want Tebow to stay.

Culture of the Patriots has changed, said Rolling Stone.
Not the kind of team that Bob and Myra used to own.
Back when they would cut a guy because he beat his wife.
Nowadays we hire guys who live the "gangsta" life.

Maybe, then, a dose of Tim is what New England needs;
Someone who sets good examples by his words and deeds.
Maybe Tim deserves a spot 'cause maybe he'll mature.
Part of me says cut him; the majority's unsure.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear President Obama... The Reviews Are In

On the very steps where Dr. King described his dream
Fifty years before (although, to me, it doesn't seem
All that long ago...  I still remember black and white.)
President Obama gave a speech.  He did alright.

It must be a daunting task to follow Martin's speech;
As an ordained minister, the man knew how to preach.
But Obama pulled it off; he's proved a worthy heir.
Dr. King would have rejoiced at seeing him up there.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boston Red Sox - The Best Worst Team

Red Sox are 2.5 games ahead in the A.L. East. (Photo/

Give the team a year or two, the Red Sox owners pled.
Boston is rebuilding, all the sports announcers said.
Do not be surprised if they should finish tied for last.
No one thought John Farrell could turn things around so fast.

Now it's almost Labor Day and, in the A.L. East,
Boston's Red Sox hold the lead...  They're up 2 games (at least.)
Last night, Dirty Water filled the seats at Fenway Park.
Expectations for the team already passed the mark.

Thank Shane Victorino, thank Pedroia and Ortiz,
Not forgetting Napoli and Lackey, if you please.
And, let's thank the sports gods...  Cover all our bases, 'cause
As of now, the Red Sox are the best worst team there was.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Packing Blues

Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH

Summer's almost over and the nights are growing cool.
In a week my eldest son will leave to go to school.
Hasn't finished packing yet; he hasn't even started.
Even though his other friends have almost all departed,

There are always more farewells that he has got to make.
Doesn't seem concerned (at all) about what he should take.
Plans to bring his T.V. set, his X-Box and guitar.
Sunday night he'll probably just cram things in the car.

Needs to find the other things he'll take to Plymouth State.
Wish that he'd get organized; the hour groweth late...
Guess I shouldn't worry; he's just 90 miles away.
I can always make it there - and back - in half a day.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria - Can It Get Any Worse?

Syrian parents are living in a nightmare. (Photo/The Guardian)

Watching as civilians thrashed then died - my stomach turned.
But, I don't know what to do where Syria's concerned.
Some have called this apathy...  In fact, it's the reverse;
I am too afraid that we will only make things worse.

How much worse, you wonder, could this situation get?
First of all, the Russians have continued saying "Nyet!"
They will use their UN veto; blocking any vote
Even if there's evidence of gas, and that's a quote.

Syria is friendly with Iranians, as well...
Now that hopes and dreams for Arab Spring are shot to hell
Judging by the chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq,
Pakistan - with Yemen fearing imminent attack

Why are we assuming if we start another fight
We have any guarantees, this time, we'll get it right?
Yes, we must do something! Let's help fleeing refugees.
Look before we leap into another quagmire, please.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The New England Patriots - Ouch!

Final score: Lions 40 - Patriots 9. (Photo/

New England got slaughtered by the Lions in Detroit.
Patriots' performance, as a team, was not adroit;
Fumble, interception, two more fumbles, and some drops.
We got beat so badly someone should have called the cops.

Danny Amendola didn't dress because he's hurt...
What a shock!  (says someone who's still wearing Welker's shirt.)
Thank gods it's pre-season so the drubbing doesn't count.
Only demonstrates we've got some problems to surmount. 

Airplane home is not a trip that I'd wish to be on.
Belichick will want them all at practice - crack of dawn.
Rookies may be promising but, if you want my guess,
Brady would be happier if we'd held on to Wes.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bradley (Or is it Chelsea?) Manning

Bradley Manning came out as a trans-gender person this morning. She has been sentenced to the next 35 years in prison for leaking thousands of documents to Wiki-leaks founder, Julian Assange...  Just another woman he's screwed. (Photo/

Private Bradley Manning heard her sentence yesterday
And this Wiki-Leaker's in for quite a lengthy stay.
Judge decided 35 - She'll probably serve 10.
Military doesn't want this happening again.

Manning's lawyer says he'll try to get the sentence dropped,
Arguing his client tried to see injustice stopped.
Plans to ask the President to pardon Manning's crime;
Says that, in the last 3 years, Bradley has served her time.

I think it's unlikely Manning's lawyer meets success.
I don't have much sympathy for "Chelsea" I confess.
All that information gathered by the NSA?
Don't want other soldiers leaking that around someday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Trump

Ted Cruz gets a rousing introduction from another Tea Party darling...  I wonder if Mrs. Palin can see Canada from her house, too. (Photo/

Hoisted on their own petard by Senator Ted Cruz
Who has got some options on which passport he can use.
Where is all the outrage from the Birther movement now?
Why is it that Tea Party supporters wonder how

They can get around what is the inconvenient fact;
All their moral outrage about Kenyans was an act?
President Obama is a U.S. citizen
And yet, Trump was cautious about Cruz's problem when

He was asked if he'd support Ted Cruz for President.
Said he'd have to wait and see exactly how things went.
Cruz has been the darling of the Right Wing loony fringe.
Learning he's Canadian has got to make them cringe.

Born across the border to his mom and Cuban dad,
Cruz cannot be President.  Don't like it?  That's too bad.
U.S. Constitution says he's not allowed to run.
When it comes to passports, Presidents get only one.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Unsolicited Advice for Scott Brown - Don't Do It

Doesn't seem to know that, as a Massachusetts' son,
National Republicans will always think that he
Is a closet liberal who doesn't drink the Tea.

Cruz and Paul and Bachmann are the kind of folks they'll choose.
I think I would reconsider were I in his shoes.
Brown should stick to Governor; at least he has a shot...
GOP's new nominee - post Romney? He does not.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Golf Limerick


It's simply too nice of a day
For me to not go out and play.
I'm hitting the links
'cause, 'though my game stinks,
Golf's more fun than work either way.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Egypt - Call Me Cassandra

The Egyptian military has imposed a month long State of Emergency following yesterday's massacre of pro-Morsi demonstrators. (Photo/

6 weeks after Egypt's coup, cops fired on the crowd
Saying Muslim Brotherhood protesters weren't allowed
To continue demonstrating out in Cairo's streets.

Islamists felt victimized and took it to the square
(It's become the custom to hold demonstrations there)
Said it's illegitimate to overthrow a man
Just because you disagree... Only elections can.

Seems to me they had a point and, 'though I don't agree
With the Muslim Brotherhood, elections there were free.
Thousands wounded, hundreds dead, Vice President resigned
And the former President's still very hard to find.

There will be no compromises now - Not after this.
Population's fracturing.  The cracks are hard to miss.
Now, with mounting bloodshed, Egypt's in a downward spin.
It's a situation where America can't win.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The New England Patriots - In Bill We Trust... But

Ouch!  God, this hurts.

Here, around New England, in Bill Belichick we trust;
Confident the Hall of Fame will, one day, house his bust.
Belichick has earned our trust because he - mostly - wins,
Not through personality or warm and sunny grins.

Not through charming interviews he's given to the press.
Belichick is not a guy with whom you want to mess.
Let's go ask Wes Welker what his sense of humor's like...
Oh, that's right.  We can't... since Bill told Wes to take a hike.

We lost Wes to Denver 'cause he took a little poke
And, although I trust in Bill, he cannot take a joke.
Brady threw to Welker more than any other guy.
I bet Peyton Manning's on a Rocky Mountain high.