Friday, June 29, 2012

SCOTUS and The ACA - Hurrah!... Maybe.

John Roberts
To the surprise of many, Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding vote in favor.
Mandate's constitutional. The A.C.A.* will stand.
There is great rejoicing throughout - at least half - the land.
(Here in Massachusetts we've got health care anyway...
Very much like what the Court approved of yesterday.)

Could have knocked me over with a single feather stroke
Wouldn't call it Commerce; said he viewed it as a tax.
Still, now's not the time to let the Democrats relax.

GOP is fired up and ready for a war.
President Obama has more battles yet in store.
Romney's raising money; coming in hand over fist.
Meanwhile Super PACs were told to not cease and desist.

Wonder if the President now wishes that the Court
Hadn't gone ahead and given Health Care its support?
With donations lagging far behind the GOP
He'd have raised more money if he'd lost it 6 to 3.

* A.C.A. - Affordable Care Act


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    1. If you've felt that you've been followed lately, than you ought.
      It's because I found your blog on Kindle and I bought
      My first, real subscription to an on-line magazine.
      Feel it's only fair to you - that I should just come clean.

      Hope not in a creepy way, but following I am.
      Don't want you to think I'd try to perpetrate a scam.
      Thank you for the lovely introduction, by the way;
      Really helped as I learn how to try and make blogs pay.

      (Haven't figured that part out but, happily, my spouse
      Doesn't seem to mind too much - at least he doesn't grouse.)
      Thank you for the many kindnesses you've shown to me.
      Looking forward to the clever limericks I'll see.