Friday, February 27, 2015

Done Procrastinating

Image result for procrastination meme

I am a procrastinator who, for several years,
Has ignored (because of kitchen renovation fears)
Broken drawers and peeling floors - accumulated grime.
Now, despite my nature, I believe it's finally time.

Something in the oven blew...  We heard a muffled whump.
It's the final straw.  I have to renovate this dump.
Builder comes tomorrow; when he's ready we can start.
Then his crew and he will begin tearing things apart.

I need a designer's help with cabinets and floors,
Counter-tops and lighting, choosing which appliance stores.
There's so many choices and decisions to be made...
This is such a daunting task.  No wonder I've delayed.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Defunding DHS?

File:Flag of the United States Department of Homeland Security.png

As the Friday deadline looms to de-fund DHS,
Is the Congress hard at work on compromising? Guess.
If you thought; 'Of course they are... They don't dare drop this ball,'
Sorry to inform you - that was not the proper call.

GOP Conservatives say funding's gonna halt
If they do not get their way, and it's Obama's fault.
All because the President set new priorities
For illegals we deport from our communities.

Focusing on criminals - not kids and moms and dads.
Won't spend shrinking budgets to deport new high-school grads.
That's enraged Republicans enough they say they will
Take a stand on it ('though not an Immigration bill.)

So much for their party's claim of strongest on Defense...
Put us all at risk to build a longer, border fence?
We face bigger threats to our Homeland's Security.
How dare they not pay the folks protecting you and me?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Taken Hostage By Republicans

Design ~ Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Hostage threat's been issued and the terror level's high,
'though you'll be surprised at who the threat's been issued by.
Not the goons of ISIL... They just want to see us dead.
Isn't al-Shabab (though they've made malls a place to dread.)

Boko Haram's hostages are children, sold as slaves.
Threat's not from the people who'd love spitting on our graves.
We've been taken hostage from within.  The GOP
Say that they'll refuse to fund Homeland Security.

In a world where we confront new dangers every day
That's so irresponsible it takes my breath away.
Want to block Obama?  Fine. But pick another bone.
Leave the people working to protect us all alone.

Monday, February 23, 2015

FOX Trolls and Foreign Policy


FOX News brand conservatives have all been up in arms;
Angry at Obama - claiming his discretion harms
Our war on extremists who use violence as their tools.
They insist he use the word "Islamic" but they're fools.

Make this a religious fight and world consensus fades.
Countries in the region, who remember the Crusades,
Want to join a war on terror - not one on Islam.
Why would he offend our strongest ally - the imam?

Most imams say terrorists are  un-Islamic thugs
Murdering in Allah's name... Not worthy of the rugs
Where they kneel for daily prayers or else they would have heard
With their gruesome actions they're perverting Allah's word.

We're all hunting brutal killers, call them what you will.
President Obama's showing diplomatic skill
Using nuanced language to achieve a common goal.
I guess that's too subtle for your average FOX News troll.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Friend In Need Is A Problem

Vladimir Putin turn on meme

President Obama has been trying to decide
If, by sending lethal aid to Ukraine, we will slide
Down the slope that leads to war with Russia.  In the end,
How far should the U.S. go to help support a friend?

Putin seeks a land bridge to Crimea and he'll kill
To get what he's after...  Then he'll stop.  But not until.
Putin's made that clear beyond the shadow of a doubt;
Proving sanctions on his country don't wield any clout.

He's content to wait those out - continuing to lie -
Gambling that NATO forces aren't prepared to die
In a bid to stop him from annexing more Ukraine,
Trying to rebuild the Russia of Joe Stalin's reign.

Since they aren't a NATO member, Putin may be right.
E.U. isn't rushing to join Kiev in its fight.
U.S. lethal aid will just add to the list of dead.
Let's not get involved in places Europe fears to tread.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marie Harf Was Right


There's been recent ridicule because someone from State
Said that jobs can combat ideologies of hate
So attractive to the disaffected, angry boys
Most susceptible to slick ISIL recruitment ploys.

Poverty, corruption, inequality, and grief...
Growing old until death, finally, comes as a relief.
Young men will regret that they've "got but one life to give"
When they can't foresee a future they would wanna live.

ISIL gives them promises of glory - and of pay.
Feeling what they've got to lose ain't worth much anyway
Means we'll keep on whacking moles, but our job won't be done
'til those hopeless, young men's future is a better one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The 114th Congress - Is There A Pill For That?

Happy Pills

I can't seem to focus on domestic politics,
'though aware Republicans are up to their old tricks.
Once again, they voted to repeal Obama Care.
Still not working on the common goals both parties share.

GOP is passing bills the President won't sign,
Parroting their talking points - the Grand Old Party's line:
"This is all Obama's fault. Blame everything on him."
Prospects for a compromise on anything are grim.

So, I've been ignoring them in hopes they'll go away.
Winter blues are setting in; the sky's already gray.
If I paid attention to the antics on The Hill
First I'd need my doctor to prescribe a "happy pill."

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Daily Show with Brian Williams?

brian williams jon stewart

 Must see TV at our home includes The Daily Show
So, the night Jon Stewart said it's time for him to go,
Was a time of deep depression.  First we lost Colbert;
Now where will we find fake news? Unbalanced, yes...  But fair.

Last Week with John Oliver is great, but not enough.
Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show is still a little rough.
Who can take Jon Stewart's place?  I've given it some thought.
I think Brian Williams ought to give the job a shot.

Not to be insulting him by jumping on the pile
But, since Brian Williams won't be busy for a while,
As a guest he's proved that he's a smart and funny guy
I think he should give Jon Stewart's anchor-chair a try.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Florida's Looking Better Every Day

President's Day 2015 Snow, Winchester, MA
(Photo courtesy of Scott Erlich of Winchester, MA/via WCVB ULocal)

I cried "Uncle!" days ago...  We got another storm.
Icicles the size of glaciers have begun to form
On the eaves of houses hidden by the mounds of snow;
So much that we're running out of space for it to go.

Only see my neighbors if they're shoveling their roof
(Not because we're trying to be distant and aloof)
Snowbanks have become so high that people disappear.
You would not believe how much snowfall we've gotten here.

Minus 20 with the wind chill, now; it's bitter cold.
More snow for tomorrow - not a lot, we're being told.
Weekend storm's another matter.  That one could be big.
Never mind our throughway; this is Boston's biggest dig.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Valentine's Blizzard

Image result for hearts in snow images

Valentines in Massachusetts plan on staying home;
Blizzards aren't the best of times for anyone to roam
Far from hearth or home-cooked meal... I'm broiling some fillets.
I just leave my house to shop for groceries these days.

That's not what the local restaurants want to hear, I know...
But, with blizzard warnings up, I've got no urge to go
Anywhere but cuddled up with blankets on our couch
(When it comes to cuddling, my sweetie ain't no slouch.)

Oldest son is coming home.  We've missed him very much.
Happy I'll have my 3 Valentines where I can touch.
Somehow, I have promised, he'll get back to Plymouth State
But, if it's still snowing here, he'll probably be late.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Unsolicited Advice re: ISIL


President Obama says, if we intend to win
In a war with ISIL, some ground forces must go in.
U.S. boots on foreign ground to call in missile strikes;
Hunting down the vermin no one in the region likes.

ISIL threatens more than Middle Eastern countries, too.
Wish we had another choice, but I don't think we do.
When recruits they've trained go home, who knows what they've got planned?
Easier to kill them while they're in a foreign land.

I've got zero sympathy for those who've joined that group;
Don't care if they're stupid kids who ISIL sought to dupe.
Proud to be barbarians; they've advertised the fact...
Now we'll have observers there to catch them in the act.

We can't bomb a movement but adherents we can kill
And, with spotters on the ground, the more of them we will.
ISIL, time and time again, has proven it deserves
Our full force and fury.  I would call up the Reserves.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Piece in Ukraine

Leaders meet in Minsk today, regarding the Ukraine.
You're forgiven if you're thinking 'Here we go again.'
Poroshenko, Merkel, and Hollande will all be there
Hoping there's some way they can appease a Russian bear.

President Obama won't be present for the talks;
He's at home considering our move if Putin balks.
Do we arm Ukraine to fight a war they cannot win
If the Russian bear's decided that he's coming in?

Putin wants a piece, alright... A piece of the Ukraine
And he seems prepared to suffer economic pain.
Even if we arm Ukraine - increasing Putin's dead -
There's no way to stop this Russian bear until he's fed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I'm crying "Uncle" already. and it's just early February (Charlie, Stoneham)
(Photo/Courtesy of Charlie in Stoneham via WCVB's ULocal)

Hearty, old New Englanders like me - 'though born and bred
To the winter season in the region are in dread
Of the 5 day forecast we've been hearing on the news;
It's not good for us or our exhausted snowplow crews.

Thursday into Friday - snow...  More snow Sunday night.
In this tunnel of our winter that oncoming light
Is a train wreck up ahead (if they can clear the tracks.)
No relief in sight for our poor old and aching backs.

I have got a snowbank that's, at least, 1 story high;
Ice dams on our roof have caused a leaky ceiling...  Sigh.
Even old New Englanders (who aren't inclined to whine)
Reach an upper threshold for our winters.  We've passed mine.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Would You Trust This Man?

see more funny vladimir putin memes related vladimir putin jokes ...

Russia has agreed to meet with Germany and France;
Putin's giving Merkel and Hollande another chance
To negotiate a peaceful ending in Ukraine -
Hoping to curtail the numbers of civilians slain. 

But, although I wish them luck on getting this resolved,
Putin, who's denying there are Russian troops involved,
(Even with the evidence from NATO that's a lie)
Doesn't seem like someone bent on giving peace a try...

Not unless Ukraine agrees that Russia play a role
In the Eastern provinces that separatists just stole.
Give him everything he wants and Putin's fine with peace.
Only then - and not before - will war in Ukraine cease.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Putin's Fairytales

15 Sep 2010 | 10 Comments | 

Secretary Kerry's on a visit to Ukraine
Where he'll be a welcome guest when he gets off his plane,
Since Kiev is hoping that he'll promise lethal aid;
Weapons meant to counter recent gains that rebels made.

Eastern Ukraine's rebel forces, armed with Russian guns,
Plus an unknown number of poor Mother Russia's sons,
Started bombing towns - anticipating an attack -
Pushing forward in the knowledge Putin has their back.

Now that he controls what Russian media dares say,
Putin won't let little things like truth get in the way.
He's convinced his population that it's worth the pain
Sanctions are inflicting 'cause they're "rescuing" Ukraine.

Putin says that Russian aid is sent to help the poor;
That the big, bad West is slavering at Russia's door.
This time though, when Kerry's in the Russian news tonight
Putin's story that we're intervening might be right.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Going to the Patriots Parade

(Wish us luck on the trains.)

A short rhyme today...  Gotta run.
I've promised to pick up my son;
Go to the parade
To thank those who played
The Super Bowl New England's won

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hold The Duck Boats

Image result for duck boat parade, pats 2015

So glad the parade's postponed or I'd be out of luck.
I can't even make it up my driveway yet; I'm stuck.
Hoped to use commuter rail for getting into town
But the snow has caused delays and shut the Red Line down.

Even if I made it up my drive before it's dark,
I can't take my car to Boston.  There's no place to park.
Hopefully tomorrow morning's trains are not delayed
And I'll make it into town in time for the parade.

If I cannot make it though, I want the Pats to know
Don't be fooled tomorrow if the turnout's slightly low.
It won't be because New England fans don't love our team;
Likes of which all other NFL fans only dream.

Thank you Malcolm Butler; thanks Tom Brady...  Mr. Kraft.
Thank you Coach Bill Belichick - a master of his craft.
Please believe there's millions who would like to offer thanks
You just might not see us all behind these huge snowbanks.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Congratulations to My World Champion New England Patriots

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(Not mad anymore Bro.)

"Cue the duck boats" and confetti; then strike up the band.
Patriots have just been crowned the best team in the land.
Seahawks made it much too close...  They had it on the 1
But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, they didn't run.

When Seattle's Russell Wilson tried to throw a pass
Butler's goal line interception saved New England's ass.
Vindication for the weeks of listening to crap
Came when Brady took a knee after the final snap.

Ten years since their last parade but this makes number 4
Belichick and Brady won (in case you're keeping score.)
There is joy throughout New England, but there's also snow.
Hope the plows can do their job 'cause we intend to go.