Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Making a Comeback

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Have a pair of jeans I struggled getting past my hips...
Put them on this morning and - Voila! The zipper zips.
Now they even seem a little baggy 'round the butt;
Evidence of progress from the calories I've cut.

I've still got a lot to lose before I reach my goal
But at least I'm down to just a single belly roll.
Weight's been piling on for years. It's bound to take a while.
(Probably around the time that disco's back in style.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thoughts and Prayers to Texas

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Floods of Biblical proportions struck the Texas coast.
Rain's still falling; Harvey's back... It looks like Houston's toast.
They've got snakes and alligators swimming up the street.
Rainfall's being measured now in multiples of feet.

People in their thousands fled but have no place to go.
Everybody's offered help (including Mexico.)
If you'd like to join the effort, please donate on-line
Or text "HARVEY" and send to 909-99.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Noooo! Not Edelman.

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I have got this thing for slot-receivers; guys like Jules.
Edelman, who's one of Brady's most essential tools,
Tore his ACL in Friday night's pre-season game.
Out before I even wore my jersey with his name.

It is a replacement for the one I have for Wes.
Welker left because he pissed off Belichick, I guess.
Up until I got their jerseys, both those men were fine.
Maybe I should not buy jerseys? Could this be a sign?

Even without Edelman, New England's looking good.
If nobody else gets injured I believe we should
Make it to another Super Bowl...  But this I swear;
I'll be much more careful of whose jersey that I wear.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Labor Day Classic

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I have not played any golf this summer...  Not one hole.
Haven't even swung a club nor given putts a roll.
But, I'm in a tournament - The Classic - Labor Day.
I'm a former trophy winner, so I have to play.

Do not get the wrong idea. It's a family thing.
I won't be the only person taking their first swing
At the dimpled ball when we are teeing off on 1.
At this invitational, we mostly play for fun.

We'll have lots of "swing oil" with us, ride around in carts,
And I'm sure that we'll play brilliantly - in fits and starts.
It's not really for the trophy that we golfers strive
But that thrilling feeling from one single perfect drive.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Haystacks of Hate

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I think Donald Trump was right when he said he could shoot
Someone and his core supporters wouldn't give a hoot.
All the current polling data fills me with despair...
He just stabbed the country in the heart. They still don't care.

I was so naive to think that this would be the straw -
Charlottesville must break the camel's back, from what I saw.
Yet the polls are showing his supporters think Trump's great,
Even here in Massachusetts' mostly liberal state.

I was proud of Boston's counter-protest Saturday;
More than 40,000 people met the KKK
And the white supremacists who came to make a speech
Back, behind the barricades, and safely out of reach.

From the stage the neo-Nazis uttered not a squeak.
Not one chose to exercise their right to freely speak
But, they're all so brave on-line (or when they have a gun)
Now that there's a President in office like this one.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dear Christopher Cantwell, et al.... Boo Hoo.

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Lots of white supremacists are pretty darn upset
Because their identities are on the internet.
Now they're being ostracized by neighbors who've just learned
Where they went on their vacations, now that they've returned.

One guy, who's from Keene, New Hampshire (which is close to here)
Went on-line to bitch about it...  Even shed a tear.
Oh? Boo hoo, you racist cowards.  What a lot of nerve,
 I have zero sympathy... You got what you deserve.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What's Happening? Part 2

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Every time I tell myself that things could not get worse
Donald Trump insists on demonstrating the reverse;
Drawing an equivalence between "alt-left" and right
Despite white supremacists' intentions to incite.

One does not wear body armor, helmets, jack-boots, guns,
Carry flaming torches, chanting slogans - Nazi ones' - 
Unless one is looking for a fight, it seems to me...
Yet, again, the President and I do not agree.

Trump believes the "alt-left" charged and then the two sides fought.
Neo-Nazis had the permits, those opposed did not.
"Thank you for your courage," tweets Grand Wizard David Duke.
Ku Klux Klan is happy? Great. I think I'm gonna puke.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Basket Overfloweth

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Seems the "basket of deplorables" has overflowed.
Now they're marching through the streets...  They hit the mother-load
When an "alt-right" thug like Bannon found a President
Who'd already demonstrated his own racist bent.

'cause, one thing these "free speech" advocates all have to say
(They'll be here in Boston for a rally Saturday
With their flaming tiki torches waving in the sky,
Wearing Nazi symbols)  Donald Trump's their kinda guy.

I'm a fan of Chomsky's just as much as anyone;
Free speech is imperative...  Yet, when all's said and done,
This could be like screaming "Fire!" in a movie house,
Fanning flames of hatred that are difficult to douse. 

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Losing Sleep

Image result for kim jong un and donald trumpmemes
A nightmare.

Holy crap! The North Koreans have ICBMs
That can reach the USA... It's messing with my REMs.
We are in a pissing contest with a lunatic
And the war of words has escalated pretty quick.

"Power... fire... force, and fury," blustered Donald Trump -
On vacation at his golf course. (White House is "a dump.")
Kim Jong-un then threatened Guam and U.S. bases there.
How can I "sleep easy" with those two guys on a tear?

Anybody else but them and I'd only be tense
Figuring a President would show a little sense,
Not sit back and say that we'll wipe Pyongyang off the map...
Never mind a good night's sleep.  I'm lucky if I nap.

Friday, August 04, 2017

The Sum of My Worst Fears

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Since Inauguration Day I've aged a hundred years.
Donald Trump has proved to be the sum of my worst fears,
Multiplied by endless "tweets" plus Russian scandals, squared...
All of which, together, equals me becoming scared.

When the President's unstable (which Trump surely is)
And we're talking life or death decisions that are his
It's a terrifying thought which keeps me up at night;
We have given launch codes to a guy who's not too bright.

I'm not very good at math myself, but I can add.
Evidence is piling up against him...  It looks bad.
Only way to solve this problem is if we subtract
Trump from the equation via an Impeachment Act.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Happy 40th Birthday to the GOAT

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40 years ago today the Brady's had a son.
At the time I'm sure they didn't know he was the one
Whom the sports gods favored over any other child...
On the day that Tom was born those gods looked down and smiled.

Tom's a gift the sports gods gave to all New England fans;
One that keeps on giving since, apparently, he plans
To go win another ring.  (He'll need a second hand...
Victory parade route is already being planned.)

On this anniversary of that auspicious day,
On behalf of sports fans everywhere, I'd like to say;
Thank you to the sports gods and to Brady's dad and mom.
Thank you to his teams and coaches...  Happy Birthday Tom!