Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Across the Pond - Syria. Stop the Presses!

Syrian President Bashar Assad

Stop the presses! Assad says that Syria's at war.
After 16 months of heavy shelling I'd have swore
Anyone who's paid attention has to recognize
That Assad's announcement isn't much of a surprise.

He insists that terrorists who want him overthrown
Are behind the killings, yet protests have only grown.
Just shot down a Turkish jet...  That sounds like war to me.
Assad's on a pace to top his father's killing spree.

Now the Russians want to meet - including with Iran -
Turkey, the United States; discuss the Annan plan.
Problem is that they insist Assad should get to stay;
Something opposition fighters won't accept.  No way.

There's been too much killing.  There's too many babies dead.
No-one can forgive the way Bashar Assad has led...
Greeted Arab Spring by using bullets and some tanks.
If Assad's a precondition, have to say - "No, thanks."

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