Thursday, June 14, 2012

Race for the White House - Hillary - 2016

WELLESLEY, Mass. — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton poses with a gathering of delegates at the Women in Public Service Institute at Wellesley College Monday. (AP)
Secretary of State Clinton and international delegates to Women in Service Institute at Wellesley. (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Hillary at Wellesley is like Benedict in Rome;
On that lovely campus, Madame Secretary's home.
Wasn't too surprising that they're urging her to run.
In 4 years, after our current President is done,

I would love to see that too. She'd have my full support.
Something that she didn't have, I'm sorry to report.
Thought her choice of husband proved her judgment badly flawed
So, back then I chose, instead, to give Barack the nod.

On his Team of Rivals Mrs. Clinton's headed State;
Where I've gained a great deal of respect for her of late.
Thoughtful and articulate...  She's funny and she's smart.
Guess it's not my problem if her husband broke her heart

Sorry she's retiring but hoping that it means
She intends to use the time to work behind the scenes
Getting ready for a run for President, 'cause then
I'll be voting Hillary - despite her taste in men.

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