Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#Resist - Count Me Out

Image result for hiding under the blankets meme
(Courtesy of J.L. Thibeault)

Saturday will mark 100 days since Donald Trump
Took the Oath of Office, sending me into a slump.
I have lost the urge to rhyme the news.  I've grown depressed.
I cannot remember when I last felt so distressed.

Every day it's something else: another crazy Tweet,
Threatening the North Koreans with a naval fleet,
Presidential interviews that don't make any sense...
Trump's so unpredictable he makes our allies tense.

Trump supporters do not understand why I'm afraid.
95% of them still like the choice they made.
And it's no good arguing with them by using facts
If they aren't already worried by the way he acts.

Since Americans cannot agree on what is true
I don't know what good a demonstration's gonna do.
My plan is to wallow in my misery...  Alone
Hiding 'neath my blankets.  Sorry folks. You're on your own.