Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holding My Nose for Trump

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 I am what the media's been calling "the elites:"
Living in my ivory tower on suburban streets,
College-educated, Massachusetts Democrat,
Who - though knowing Trump just won - is still processing that.

Watching as the demonstrators protest through the streets,
Rightly worried over Donald Trump's outrageous Tweets.
Hearing chants of "White Power" as racist bigots gloat, 
Knowing about half of those protesters didn't vote.

When we lose elections we must live with the result
(Unless you're prepared to join some anarchistic cult.)
Seeing electoral maps of red with specks of blue
Tells me that it's only fair to see what Trump will do.

I may be upset but I'm not arrogant enough
To ignore the 60 million for whom times are tough. 
I don't have to like it - and, believe me, I do not -
But that doesn't change the fact that Trump has earned his shot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump

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What is there to say?
I just never realized how mad the middle class
Must have been to vote for Trump, a total horse's ass.
Didn't understand how bad their lives have got to be
If they'd vote for someone as unqualified as he.

I cannot believe that they're all bigots - though there's some
And, though many lack degrees, that doesn't mean they're dumb.
Were they right that Washington, D.C. was broken? Yup.
System didn't work for them and so they blew it up.

For my fellow Clinton voters, still in states of shock,
Knowing Mitch McConnell said Republicans would block
Anything that Clinton tried, perhaps it's just as well...
Roll the dice and pray the country doesn't go to hell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Like Watching Real Housewives

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Mr. S. refuses to watch any more debates:
Says it won't affect his choice between the candidates,
Thinks it's ugly spectacle and his last nerve is frayed,
Doesn't have the will to listen. His decision's made.

We don't watch Survivor or Big Brother on TV,
Neither of us fans of that so-called "reality."
This election's started feeling very much like those,
Sorta like the worst of our least favorite kinda shows.

I can see my husband's point about tonight, I guess.
Still, I've set the DVR's record to PBS.
Just because I wouldn't vote for Donald on a bet
Doesn't mean I want to miss how bad this thing could get.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Don't Blame Cincinnati

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Cincinnati's Bengals played New England yesterday.
'though they lost to us the thing their record doesn't say 
Is that they are very good...  Much better than I thought.
Problem is, with Brady back, they didn't stand a shot.

The first half was worrisome; poor Tom kept getting sacked
'til Hightower's Safety gave the Pats the spark they lacked.
Once you give Tom Brady any time - at all - to throw
It is nearly certain how the game is gonna go.

Bengals don't play like a team whose record's 2 and 4.
They were better than what is reflected by the score.
'though they lost by 18 points, the Bengals came to play.
It's not their fault they were standing in New England's way.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn Days

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There is nothing prettier, to me, than Autumn days
When the sun, from deep blue skies, has set the trees ablaze.
Leaves of scarlet, golden yellows, oranges like flame
Licking at the green of summer it will quickly claim.

In a week these sparks of color will consume the trees
'til the leaves give up and waft away upon a breeze.
Perfect days in Autumn, may seem few and far between
But they are the most amazing thing you've ever seen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trumpettes? Really?

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How are there still women who would vote for Donald Trump?
That thought makes me want to tear my hair out in a clump.
He's a pompous, narcissistic, self-promoting pig...
Have these women missed the news? I'm gonna need a wig.

How could they support this guy? We've all known jerks like him:
Self-entitled SOBs who, when the lights are dim,
Grab or grope or whisper something vulgar in our ear.
Could it be The Trump is sounding...  Armageddon's here?

Otherwise, I can't explain how anyone at all
Still supports The Donald...  It's the middle of the Fall.
I'm not scared of Halloween but this Election Day
I'll be voting Hillary then go to church and pray. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy 19th Birthday Darlin'

My handsome, smart, funny, youngest son and his dad.
This birthday's the last one I'm the mother of a teen;
19 years ago our son arrived upon the scene...
We thought he was perfect then and, frequently, still do.
I cannot believe - next year - his age will start with 2.

Our poor son will always be my little boy to me,
Never mind the fact that he's already 6 foot 3
(Plus, I swear, the boy's still growing taller everyday)
And the brownish hair I had is now completely gray.

Evidence the years are quickly passing I ignore
Even as I wish our son a happy hundred more.
But, if I should live to see that, hope it won't annoy
Him to learn that, even then, he'll be my little boy.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Lesson Learned

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Yesterday, to my dismay, New England lost their game
And, if we are being honest, I'm the one to blame.
'though I knew I, foolishly, continued on undaunted
Violating two sports gods commandments 'cause I taunted.

I confess to gloating, too.  My sins led to our loss.
Patriots were doomed right from the starting coin toss.
Football games take more than skill. You need a lot of luck.
Now I know how Jets fans feel all year... That's gotta suck.

Sorry! Please forgive me sports gods.  I was out of line.
Let the penalty for taunting Jets fans be just mine.
I won't even gloat now that Tom Brady has returned...
I've no wish to risk your wrath.  My lesson has been learned.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Empty Nest Syndrome

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With our sons away at school our home's an empty nest
And, though life is good, it also lacks a certain zest.
Now that it is just we three - my husband and our dog -
You might think that I'd be busy working on my blog.

But, instead, I'll take a nap or read another book
And my only challenge is deciding what to cook.
Lately I've been cleaning closets...  It's a task I hate.
(I'm a sloppy housekeeper.  It's a genetic trait.)

All this free time's made me crazy.  Know how I can tell?
I have felt the urge to clean the basement up, as well.
Ask the folks who know me and I think they'd all agree
Something drastic must be wrong 'cause that is not like me.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sincere Apologies to the World

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I get so embarrassed at the way we're now perceived
Overseas; they marvel at how easily deceived
We Americans are proving many of us are -
Throwing our support to Trump: a loud-mouth TV star.

Just like P.T. Barnum, Trump loves stupid people, too...
Angry people who don't care if what he says is true,
Folks who don't believe that we're, already, pretty great.
Folks who are susceptible to messages of hate.

The whole world is getting nervous that this race is close.
(Global leaders using Xanax have increased their dose.)
How could the Americans be falling for this guy?
Someone whom the Russians have been helping on the sly?

Do they really want proliferation? Are they nuts?
ISIL and the Taliban are laughing in their huts.
Trump - who's what the British call a "bounder and a cad" -
He and his supporters make the rest of us look bad.

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday Darlin'

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Oldest son turned twenty-one today.  That went by fast!
Something I did not believe when told so in the past.
Pregnancy felt endless and my labor longer still...
(Obstetrician would have died that day if looks could kill.)

It seems only yesterday they placed him in my arms,
When I swore that we would keep him safe from any harms.
'though we swiftly learned that life, sometimes, won't go to plan
It's not long, at all, from child to boy to fine, young man.

Happy Birthday darlin'.  Now that drinking is allowed
I know you'll remember all you've learned and make us proud:
Nothing's less attractive than some loud, obnoxious drunks
Except for the aftermath...  On knees and blowing chunks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Cautionary Tale

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I am not the first to see a cautionary tale
In the recent British vote in which they chose to bail
On the European Union... Donald Trump does, too.
He hopes it's exactly what Americans will do.

Donald wants to close our borders; claims he'll build a wall,
Preying on the prejudice and fears that plague us all.
And, just like in England, he makes up whatever facts
Motivate the populace which, knee-jerk like, reacts.

Now that "Leave" has won, its leaders started walking back
Promises those politicians made for which they lack
Any hope of keeping.  Voters found out much too late.
Now they're learning anger's not what makes a country "Great." 

Let's hope that Americans will notice parallels;
Realize that what the Donald's full of's brown and smells.
Let the UK be a warning; do our research first...
Not after we've voted to let Donald do his worst.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Salute to Senator Lindsey Graham

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Never thought that Lyndsey Graham and I would both agree;
Strange bedfellows brought together by the nominee
Of the party Graham's supported his entire life...
In the spirit of rapprochement, I won't twist the knife,

Lyndsey's said it well enough...  There's not much I could add:
GOP's gone "bat shit crazy," Donald Trump is bad
For the party, for the country.  Donald is unfit.
Graham will not support Trump.  I admire him for it. 

Lyndsey's love of country's trumped his hate for Hillary;
Too bad he's a lonely voice inside the GOP.
Most Republicans are falling neatly into line:
They support their candidate... Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Never mind his bigotry, the awful things he spouts.
They'll ignore his ignorance; they're swallowing their doubts,
Catering to angry voters yearning for the past,
Putting party first, ambition second, country - last.