Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Cautionary Tale

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I am not the first to see a cautionary tale
In the recent British vote in which they chose to bail
On the European Union... Donald Trump does, too.
He hopes it's exactly what Americans will do.

Donald wants to close our borders; claims he'll build a wall,
Preying on the prejudice and fears that plague us all.
And, just like in England, he makes up whatever facts
Motivate the populace which, knee-jerk like, reacts.

Now that "Leave" has won, its leaders started walking back
Promises those politicians made for which they lack
Any hope of keeping.  Voters found out much too late.
Now they're learning anger's not what makes a country "Great." 

Let's hope that Americans will notice parallels;
Realize that what the Donald's full of's brown and smells.
Let the UK be a warning; do our research first...
Not after we've voted to let Donald do his worst.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Salute to Senator Lindsey Graham

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Never thought that Lyndsey Graham and I would both agree;
Strange bedfellows brought together by the nominee
Of the party Graham's supported his entire life...
In the spirit of rapprochement, I won't twist the knife,

Lyndsey's said it well enough...  There's not much I could add:
GOP's gone "bat shit crazy," Donald Trump is bad
For the party, for the country.  Donald is unfit.
Graham will not support Trump.  I admire him for it. 

Lyndsey's love of country's trumped his hate for Hillary;
Too bad he's a lonely voice inside the GOP.
Most Republicans are falling neatly into line:
They support their candidate... Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Never mind his bigotry, the awful things he spouts.
They'll ignore his ignorance; they're swallowing their doubts,
Catering to angry voters yearning for the past,
Putting party first, ambition second, country - last.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Look

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One of the earliest known images of "The Look."

Clinton's the presumptive Democratic nominee;
An important moment in the country's history.
This will be the first time that a major party's pick
For the highest office in the land will be a chick.

I think she's the perfect choice to take on Donald Trump.
When he opens up his mouth to take a verbal dump
She'll give him that look all women have...  You know the one;
It's the look you get from Mom for stupid things you've done.

There is not a man alive who can withstand "The Look"
It's not something they can learn from YouTube or a book.
Donald should be careful lest "The Look" become "The Glare."
That one has the power to uncurl his orange hair.

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The Donald tries "The Look" - unsuccessfully.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Unsolicited Advice for Senator Sanders

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I like Sanders very much but do not "Feel the Bern."
I think that, like Hillary before him, it's his turn
To drop out and unify the Democrats behind
Hillary because Republicans have lost their mind.

Just like Trump - although not such a total horse's ass -
Bernie's making promises that Congress wouldn't pass.
We need someone with a chance of getting something done;
Out of all our choices, Hillary's the only one.

She's got the experience; she's been around the block.
Donald Trump... (forgive me, I'm still in a state of shock)
Calls her "crooked" - like the pot that called the kettle black -
Using Bernie Sanders' quotes as part of his attack.

Clinton's clinched the nomination. Bernie needs to quit;
Start supporting Hillary...  Stop acting like a twit.
Nothing matters more than making sure that Donald Trump
Loses in November...  Bernie, please get off the stump.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Walt Disney Made Me Cry, Again

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(I actually started weeping about 5 minutes before this scene.)
Saturday our youngest graduated Chelmsford High.
Band played Pomp and Circumstance and I began to cry,
Watching as his friends and he processed across the floor,
Got diplomas, tossed their caps...  And then I cried some more.

I've been very weepy lately. Watched Toy Story 3;
Mr. S. came in and caught the movie's end with me.
I was sobbing openly; he shed a tear or two.
We're both happy for our son but, still, I'm feeling blue.

He'll be heading off to college and can hardly wait,
Looking forward to his future life at Worcester State;
Making plans and saying his good-byes to all his friends...
While I sit and wonder at how quickly childhood ends.

I've been looking backward to when both our boys were young;
When their Buzz and Woody toys were casually flung
Into corners, under beds... The hours that I spent
Picking up those toys but, now, I wonder where they went.

I know I must look ahead because we can't go back;
Need to force a smile and help my college student pack,
Give him love and confidence so he can seize the day...
Then I might go look for Buzz and make sure he's okay.