Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Transit of Venus - And Boy, Am I Bummed

Venus is in transit; it will pass across the sun.
More than half the world will get to see before it's done.
If you get a chance to, then you really ought to look.
(Do not use binoculars or else your eyes will cook.)

Those who can are fortunate; but I won't get a glance;
Forecast is for clouds with rain an 80% chance.
Next time Venus transits is a hundred years away...
I'm not gonna make it folks, 'cause I'm already gray.

Transit was when scientists - 300 years ago -
Used triangulation to determine distance... No.
I'm not good enough with math to turn it into rhyme.
Here's the link on how they did it, if you have the time.

Guess I'll have to settle for the pictures on T.V.
But I'm very envious of those who get to see;
Step outside and look up at the early evening skies.
If you do, remember though, be careful of your eyes.


It's started! (Photo credit: Discovery News)

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