Thursday, July 27, 2017

Resistance Is Futile

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'though the Trump resistance has protested 'til they're hoarse
They can't stop a bully with the power to enforce
His agenda...  All that they can do is slow him down
Since Republicans are choosing to support this clown.

Travel ban is back in place.  Our health care is a mess.
What his ties to Russia are is anybody's guess.
Making policy decisions for the Pentagon
Via tweets... And still supporters back the orange Don.

President's approval ratings matches those of FOX
Viewers of the types of programs where the panel mocks
Those who think that Trump's a con-man and cannot believe
That Americans would prove so easy to deceive.

When the country doesn't share the same reality
"Resistance is futile," say the Borg...  I must agree.
In a time when lines get blurred between what's true or "fake"
I can't see what difference someone like me could make. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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I have reached that stage in diets when the scale seems stuck;
When it feels like all your dietary options suck...
No more soda, ice cream, bread and butter, pasta, fudge -
Yet, despite the sacrifices, stupid scale won't budge.

I might have to exercise to get off this plateau,
But I'm so far out of shape I have to take it slow.
I found my Jane Fonda workout from the days of yore,
Put it on our smart TV and cleared space on the floor...

15 minutes into it and I was out of breath,
Had to quit before I exercised myself to death.
Maybe I'll try yoga, although, flexible, I'm not.
Still, it is a place to start and might be worth a shot.
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Never Again

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Our son's moving to the condo that my husband's had
Since before the days he ever dreamed he'd be a dad.
We lived there together later (when we lived in sin.)
Then we bought a house and married...  My sister moved in.

After she moved out, my brother rented for a while.
Now the place could used fresh paint, a rug, some flooring tile.
But, because the rent is low, our darlin' eldest son
Volunteered to get the needed renovations done.

We just finished our house and, although I like to paint,
I've discovered that I lack the patience of a saint
Which is a requirement for those who'd renovate -
Waiting on a phone call from the flooring guy...  Who's late.

I have learned my lesson from our first reno-go-round,
When the building contractor is nowhere to be found,
I'm too old to deal with that again.  The kid is young.
But, I'm there for painting walls or getting pictures hung.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Senator McCain... Thoughts and Prayers

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Cancer, like Ted Kennedy's, has stricken John McCain.
It was just discovered but would probably explain
Why he seemed confused the day that Comey testified;
Symptoms of this type of cancer seem to coincide.

John McCain was legendary in my Navy days
For the courage, wit, and honor he always displays.
If someone can beat this cancer, John McCain's the guy;
Ask the Hanoi Hilton's staff...  The man's too tough to die.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Unsolicited Advice for the Patriots Organization re: Sports Gods

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I'm afraid the Patriots are angering the gods.
Until a few days ago I liked New England's odds
Of another thrilling season and a Super Bowl.
With this team that seemed to be a reasonable goal.

But it doesn't do to get too cocky early on.
Sports gods disapprove of it and, when that mojo's gone;
Footballs do not spiral through the air the way they should,
Stars get injured, passes dropped, more field goals fall "No good."

When you register a trade-mark on 19 and 0
You insure that's not the way our season's gonna go.
Brady's risked the Madden curse, already,,,  What is next?
Let's not push our luck too far...  We'll make the sports gods vexed.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When The Journey Is Done

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Growing up - becoming adults - means that we divide
Our hearts in to pieces which we scatter far and wide.
We give chunks to parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends
Hoping, if they break the piece we gave them - that it mends.

Sadly, no one gets through life without a crack or three.
Life is like a journey and nobody rides for free.
When the journey's over though, the plain and simple fact
Is the trip was pointless if our hearts are still intact.

Monday, July 17, 2017

In the Dark for Game of Thrones

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We watched Game of Thrones last night, at home, on HBO.
It was strange not knowing where the story-line would go.
In the past, because I'd read the books, I - mostly- knew
What would happen well before my husband had a clue.

Now I don't know anything about what's coming next
For, although the series didn't always match the text,
I still had an inkling of which characters would die...
Now I worry that they're gonna kill my favorite guy.

It's said Martin kills a Stark whenever any fans
Dare to ask about upcoming publication plans...
HBO stopped waiting for him; now I'm in the dark
Only knowing that I wouldn't wanna be a Stark.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Up the Creek

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I feel bad for people on vacation for the week;
Here, in Massachusetts, I'm afraid they're up the creek.
They don't have a paddle either.  Soon they'll have to bail...
It's been raining steadily: there's thunder, lightning, hail.

I've been in that boat before and so I feel their pain;
(Even though an ocean view is gorgeous in the rain)
If you only get a short time off for summer fun
It would stink to pick a week that's so devoid of sun.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Waste of Don Jr.'s Time

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Donald Trump, the younger, who appeared on Hannity
(FOX's spokesman for the far right-wing's insanity)
Said his meeting with a Russian lawyer was okay
Because there was nothing scandalous she had to say.

Don was more than willing to meet someone he believed
Represented Russia, from an e-mail he received.
Called it "opposition research," said it's not a crime.
He was only irritated by his wasted time.

Hannity agreed, of course... Professed to be amazed
By the clamour that the "lame stream media" has raised.
But, Don met a foreign agent, hoping to collude,
Then tried to deny all contacts...  I think Junior's screwed.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

"What's Happening?"

I don't know what's happened to this country that I love.
Cannot understand it...  How, when push came down to shove,
There would be so many of my fellow countrymen
Who'd applaud un-Presidential Twitter tirades when
He goes off on, yet another, narcissistic theme.
(I'm so outraged by his antics that I want to scream.)
But, a large minority of voters think he's great,
Think it's only "sour grapes" when "libtards" demonstrate. 
I thought that, at most, there might be 4 or 5 percent.
It's a shock to see how deep the hidden anger went.
Now it's in the open, unamenable to facts,
Reveling in ugly, "Modern ... Presidential" acts.
"SAD!" to quote the President... "What's happening!?!" scream I.
How can 44% of us support this guy?

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