Monday, November 19, 2012

The New England Patriots - Curse the Luck

Rob Gronkowski SI Cover
Another victim of the Sports Illustrated curse?
Patriots just crushed the Colts and yet the fans are sad;
There was lots of luck around, but much of ours was bad.
'though Defense looked good at last, 1st quarter was a mess.
Colts, thank gods, could  not prevent Tom getting it to Wes.

Due to sports announcer's curse, Gostkowski missed a kick.
I thought the addition of Talib made Defense click.
Luck, their rookie quarterback, who went from bad to worse,
Must have activated the Sports Illustrated curse.

Game had only minutes left; I thought us safe from harm
And then Rob Gronkowski had to go and break his arm.
He'll be out at least  a month - a rotten piece of luck -
And we have to play the Jets on Thursday, which will suck.

New York hates New England and, in truth, we hate the Jets;
Rivalry as nasty as the Sox and Yankees' gets.
Now we'll have to play them with a host of injuries...
I'd be very thankful for a win, dear sports gods...  Please?

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