Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We The People and the Inaugural Address

That was not the speech I thought the President would give
But, to the delight of  the Progressives where I live,
He stepped up and made the case why We the People should
Get our act together and support the common good.

Only when we come together does the country work
And ('though short on details where the problems always lurk)
Democrats were overjoyed; Republicans are not.
They were hoping they would hear that compromise was sought.

President Obama's speech - a shot across the bow -
Knowing most of us are in agreement with him now,
Called for We the People to speak up and have his back
If we don't approve of a Congressional attack.

Write or call your Congressman or woman...  Send them tweets.
Contact on-line chat-rooms... Organize and hit the streets.
Let's dispense with labels and start spreading it around.
Surely We the People can discover common ground?

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