Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Alex Jones, et al. - Really?

Alex Jones, guru to crazy people, hints at government conspiracy in ...
(Alex Jones)

Gun enthusiasts - afraid we'll take away their guns...
So far out of touch that their obtuseness simply stuns -
Threatened that they'd go to war in case Obama tries.
Why on earth would anyone sell weapons to these guys?

They're the kind of people who, I think, should be disarmed.
Add them to a registry before someone gets harmed.
Not that it would matter. They could purchase guns at shows.
They won't need a background check...  Thus, on and on it goes.

It's been said; "If everyone is armed we're more polite."
Look across the pond and you'll discover that's not right.
Too late now, that genie's out and it's not going back;
But, we must try something to prevent the next attack.

I don't want to take your guns, but - high round magazines?
They're the kind you often find at massive murder scenes.
Keep the bullet count to 15 lives some killer wrecks,
And we should require universal background checks.

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