Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The New England Patriots - 10 and 3

When teams come to play the Patriots, they come prepared.
We are like their Super Bowl; there is no effort spared.
That was true of Houston, too.  The Texans came to fight;
Putting on a show for football fans on Monday night.

That was what they planned to do...  It didn't quite work out.
Once New England took the field, the game became a rout.
Defense shut down Foster with Vince Wilfork everywhere.
Brady's passes were so hot they sizzled through the air.

Stevan Ridley turned it on; Wes Welker?  Well, okay...
Yes, he may have dropped some balls - but still, the man can play.
Even with so many out, like Edelman and Gronk,
And - despite bad manners when it's your own horn you honk -

I think that New England proved that they're the better team.
Train has left the station and it's fully up to steam.
Look out San Fransisco; Belichick has just one goal,
And you're in his way to, yet another, Super Bowl.

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